Begusarai 27th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 27th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mitlaish says to Bindya that dont worry, i will not send you to Patna from train, will arrange taxi for you, bindya says you will not stop me? you will not talk to Badi Amma, Mitaish says no one can change Badi Amma’s decision, we dont talk infront of her, i am not feeling good that you are going so we should make most out of this time, he brings Bindya in car and takes off his shirt, Bindya thinks that this Mitlaish is useless.
Priym is sadly sitting, he recalls how Poonam said that she has no problem in marrying soon, he gets call from Priya, his new girlfriend, his servants Drugha and sipahi ask him to take call, Priyom says if you want to remain happy then be away from girls, drugha ask why? Priyom says these girls say something else and want something else, sipahi says only one girl can make you worried and that is Poonam, Priyom says correct, i understand her heart thing but this time i am not able to understand her, i said to her that i will stop her marriage for now but she said that she is happy with marriage, i can see sadness on her face, Drugha says every girl gets sad thinking she will leave her house and will go to other house, every girl have to go through this, Priyom says why you didnt tell me this point before, i fought with Poonam, only one month is remaining in her marriage and i wasted one day fighting with her, i will go and talk to her.

Scene 2
Badi Amma says to Bhushan that your wife is doing everything on her own, she could have talked to us, we could have gone to Poonam with Shagun, we have divided assets of house but not family, where is she? Lakhan says she has locked herself in room and keep saying that she is not greedy for 10%, Badi Amma says who told her that she is greedy, Lakhan says Mitlaish said this to me and i told her, Mitlaish comes and says did i say something wrong? Rekha never gave 10rs to Poonam and now gave shagun to her, she didnt even tell us before going there, this is all not coincidence, i am ready to listen, explain me, Phulan says enough, i am alive to understand all this, if some elder behad some younger in our family then younger one just bow his head and you are aleegin an elder person of house, go and say sorry to her, Mitlaish is shocked, Phulan says she is elder to you, Mitlaish says ok.
Bindya is crying, Ghungroo is packing stuff and says we will leave tomorrow, i told you you cant lure these Thakurs, they are of no one, see they have thrown you out, Bindya comes out of room in anger. Ghungroo says she will cut someone today. Bindya leaves from there.
Poonam comes to her mother, mother says that Priyom is your good friend, you told him your heart thing but.. Poonam says he will not say to anyone, mother says if Lakhan gets to know about it then.. these men interpret things in their own way, silence is necessary in husband wife relation, just acept to what they say, Poonam nods, she says i said so much to Priyom, i should go to say sorry to him, mother says return before your father comes back.

Scene 3
Bindya comes in haveli, she looks at Badi Amma and says she is on death bed and still ruling the whole house, i will kill her, she takes one show piece in her hand and says i will kill her and will say to others that she wanted me stay here, she is about to his Badi Amma when Poonam comes with bhindi subzi, Poonam says to Maya that i brought this for Priyom, Maya says you fought with him again? Badi Amma says she doesnt open her mouth infront of anyone and fight with Poonam, she calls Poonam and blesses her, she says your mother in law is lil weird, do you have problem with early marriage? Poonam says no, Badi Amma says if Rekha irritates you after marriage then tell me, i will set her right, remember one thing, you are lovable kid of this house, all cares for you alot, you will remain happy, Bindya thinks that this Poonam can help me, she is would be daughter in law of house after all, Poonam leaves, Bindya goes behind her.
Rekha is enjoying sweets, she says why sweetness is not coming in my life, door knocks, she hides sweets, Bhushan, Lakhan and Mitlaish comes in, Bhushan ask her to open room, Mitlaish has come to say sorry, Rekha is puking due to excessive eating, she is worried if they come in.
Bindya stops Poonam and congrats her for marriage, Poonam starts leaving, Bindya says you didnt say thank you, arent you happy with marriage, i mean girls do get sad leaving her house, i am feeling same, i have come in Begusarai 4 days back but now i am attached to this house but Badi Amma wants me to leave, they listen to you so do something that i stay here, say to them that you will not marry if i dont dance in your marriage, please address my case to Badi Amma, Poonam doesnt say anything and is leaving, she recalls how Maya takes care of everyone, how much she loves Mitlaish, they have 2 kids, she is serving her marriage for 7 years, works day and night in house, bindya ask what are you thinking, if you think that much then that old lady will throw me, i mean Badi Amma, please talk in my favor, Poonam stops her and says arent you ashamed of trapping Mitlaish, giving pain to Maya, there should be no place for you in Begusarai, Bindya gets angry on her and says you seem innocent but hurt people well, you do it while wearing shalwar kameez so its fine but if wear ghagra choli and flirt so its sin? you do it on terrace so friendship, if i do it in room then flirtatious, you have Lakhan on one side and Priyom on other side, with Lakhan you have relation and with Priyom you are doing time pass, you bow down to Lakhan and look in eyes of Priyom, Lakhan also gets hungry but you make food for Priyom, what you think that we cant see anything? dont say like heroines that we are just friends, trapping men is my work but why do it? you are playing good game more than me as you wear decent dress, Poonam points finger at her, Bindya puts it down and says you saw you cant talk infront of me, you call me dirt so if you throw stone in dirt then dirt will come on you only, she ask her to go and make Halwa for Priyom, she leaves, Poonam is in shock.

PRECAP- Priyom is knocking Poonam’s door but she is not opening door, he ask her to open door else he will get miffed with her again and this time he will not talk to her ever, Poonam is stunned. Later Badi Amma says to Priyom that we all know Ponam takes care of you but you have to change that habit now as she is getting married, Priyom is stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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