Begusarai 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Birla has bought rat killer, Priyom servants see this. Priyom is in his room, doctor is treating his wounds, Poonam, Guudi, Maya are crying for him, Priyom is in pain, Poonam cant see this and leaves from there, Guddi goes behind her.
Choti Amma says to Badi Amma that we have to do something about this Lakhan, BAdi Amma says first we have to see what is in Poonam’s heart, the way she stood infront of Lakhan for Priyom, what if Poonam and Priyom.. they find Poonam crying in corner, Guddi ask Poonam what happened, why are you crying, Poonam is inconsolable, Guddi says Priyom is fine, why are you crying so much? why did you enter the fight, what if Phulan would have not come, Poonam says that time i had to save Priyom, i was not thinking about my life, Guddi says what if he had killed you? Poonam says i dont wanna live without my Priyom, Guddi is stunned, she ask what? Poonam says i cant live without him as i have started loving him, Guddi is shocked, Poonam says when he is sad, i cry, when he laughs, i get happy, i love to fight with him, but today i felt like losing him so i didnt think about my life, yes yes maybe this is love, Guddi says but Poonam.. Poonam ask her to no tell this to anyone.

Scene 2
Birla is coocking and recalls Bindya’s words that no one will marry Poonam now, she mixes rat killer in food. Poonam says to guddi that i didnt do all this deliberately, i loved him dont know when, Guddi says you didnt do anything wrong, Poonam cries, Guddi hugs her, Poonam gets Birla’s call, she ask her to come home fast, Poonam goes.
Poonam comes home, Birla says i have made laddos as parsad, you eat one and i will eat too then all problems will be finished, Poonam is confused.
Priyom is injured, Maya serves him water. servants come there with rat killer bottle, they says Birla bought it for her house os we bought for Haveli too, Priyom is confused about it, servant says she was hiding it but we saw it in her hands, Maya says such big incident happened and all she think is about rats, Priyom understands, he gets up in injured state, Maya ask him to keep resting.
Poonam says to Birla you called me eat this parsad? Birla says yes, it is blessing of God, eat fast, Poonam looks at her, Priyom cant walk but is going to Poonam’s house. Poonam is about to eat, she says to Birla why i feel you are hiding something, Birla looks at her emotionally and says you ask questions alot, eat first then we will talk, eat, Poonam is about to eat but Priyom comes and throws it away, Birla starts crying, Priyom ask why? you didnt trust us? you wanted to poison Poonam and yourself? Poonam ask why? Birla says i had no way, Lakhan would not let us peacefully, we saw today what he did you innocent family,n what was their fault? that they were comign to see Poonam, no one will marry her now, Lakhan will not let that happen, her future has ended, so i thought to kill us both, that way brothers will not fight too, Priyom says dont think like this ever, i give you my words, i will stand for Poonam’s respect, nobody can touch her till i am with her, Phulan comes there with Badi Amma and says what are you thinking Birla? my son jokes but he has Thakur blood, if he has given word then he will follow it, now the proposal which will come for Poonam, Lakhan wont be able to stop it because it will come from Thakur house, it will be Priyom Thakur proposal for Poonam, Priyom and Poonam are stunned, Phulan says Poonam will be bride of Priyom, will be daughter in law of Phulan’s house, i will do their marriage, they know each other from childhood, they can spend life with each other, their marriage will be successful, he blesses them.
at night, Badi Amma is in thoughts, Choti Amma ask what are you thinking? Badi Amma says same old story of land, money, and girl, i never thought Poonam will become that girl for which my sons will fight, Choti Amma says so you think Phulan’s decision is wrong? Badi Amma says no it is justified but this decision has to go from dangerous path, i am afraid if it hurts my family, Phulan listens this.


Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Precap- Lakhan tells I bought 10bullets with names of phalans family embers names and tells that if Poonam doesn’t become mine he will kill everyone.
    Priyam tells he have to cross him before reading poonam

  2. Thanx lytanya. Tdyzz update faster plzzz

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