Begusarai 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha gives Shagun to Poonam, Choti Amma comes there and ask what you are doing? Rekha says giving shagun, i cant be away from my daughter in law now, i will make sure that marriage happen in this month only, all are stunned, Priyom listens this and is shocked too, he looks at Poonam and recalls how Poonam said that there is atleast 3 years in her marriage as Lakhan ash agreed for marriage.
Guddi comes back home and is about to tell news of marriage to Badi Amma but Bindya comes there and says i will tell you, there is a very big news, you will give me reward, Lakhan’s mother has given shagun to Poonam and has decided to do marriage this month only, Badi Amma is stunned, Bindya says wherever i go, happiness comes there, i will take reward for telling this news and i will dance in their marriage, all are stunned, Badi Amma throws money bundle on her, Bindya is happy and says give advance for dance in marriage too, Badi Amma says we have seen your dance, you are stale now, now pack your stuff and leave for Patna, Bindya says you are joking, Badi Amma ask to bring gun, Bindya says no no, i will pack my stuff, Badi Amma says dont comeback here again, Bindya nods and leaves.
Ghungroo says to Bindya that your time is up, we have to leave now, Bndya says you dont me, i will do something that old lady wont be able to throw me out of Begusarai.

Scene 2
Phulan gets Badi Amma’s call, she tells him about shagun thing, Bhushan says i dont know why Rekha is hurrying so much for marriage, she has gone mad, how can she do it when you and Badi Amma are alive to take such decisions, i will talk to her, he leaves, Lakhan comes there but Phulan ignores him and leaves. Lakhan comes to Mitlaish and ask where did Phulan go? i need his sign on contract, Mitlaish says you dont need these small contracts now, you are going to be our partner of 10% now, Lakhan ask what you mean? Mitlaish says atleast use your mind sometime, i will tell you, here my father gave 10% partnership to Manjeeta and there your mother without asking anyone, without telling anyone went to Poonam and gave Shugun for marriage, now you understand? this is limit of lust, Lakhan is embarrassed.
Poonam’s mother says that i am very much happy that the moment has finally come, Poonam is sad, Priyom comes there, he greets them, he looks at sad Poonam, he says see your daughter, she is about to cry, she doesnt want to marry now, mother looks at her.
Lakhan and Bhushan comes to Rekha, Bhushan says you didnt talk to Phulan and Badi Amma before going for shugan, Rekha says did they ask us before forcing Lakhan to marry that servant’s daughter, i did all this to make you father in law, for you my every talk is bitter, now i have decided marriage, Phulan is elder so we will give 1st card to him, we will give him front seat in mandap but we will marry our son with our will, Lakhan says this is your will or lust for money?

Scene 3
Priyom says Poonam want to study and then marry, Lakhan agreed to it and now this, mother says girls know this that they have to marry one day and once Shagun comes, girls start dreaming about marriage, you dont know girls’ heart, i know my daughter is happy, he makes Priyom eat sweets, Priyom ask for tea, mother leave to make it, Poonam comes to Priyom and says i said my heart thing to you and you said it infront of Maa, Priyom says i will pacify Rekha to stop this marriage, you wanna study so dont worry, Poonam says i didnt say to stop my marriage for studies, Priyom says i will talk to Manjeeta too, Poonam says dont talk to anyone, i am happy, you dont understand anything, if Maa is saying then i am happy, Priyom says you were saying that i understand girls and now saying i dont understand you, Poonam says it was my thought that i will get married after 3 years, but if getting married then its fine too and if you say my things to others liek this then i will not tell you anything, now eat these sweets and leaves, Priyom says when you have problem, you run behind me and now asking me to leave, now i will not solve your problems, go and get married, i dont wann eat sweets, he leaves.

Scene 4
Bhushan ask Lakhan wha are you saying? Lakhan says Rekha was against marriage uptill now when Phulan announced to give 10% to Manjeeta, she went to give shagun, what she think, they will not understand? Mitlaish understood this in one second, Rekha starts acting and says what Mitlaish said this? she cries and says why i didnt die before listening this, Mitlaish my child called me greedy, what is my fault if Manjeeta got 10%, Lakhan marriage with Poonam was fixed 8 years back only, all will call me greedy whenever marriage happens, she cires, Lakhan and Bhushan are irritated, Rekah says from today i will not wear any jewelry, she says my son whom i gave birht listened all this silently, i am leaving everything, she locks herslef in room, Bhusna ask to open door else, Rekha says dont break the door, door will be opened after my death only or else ask Mitlaish to come and say sorry himself, Bhushan is shocked.
Bindya comes to Mitlaish, she says my charm vanished in one might only? Mitlaish says charm increases after meeting me. Rekha is eating sweets in room, she laughs and says i learned something reading Ramayan, i will open this door when my son will wear turban for marriage and i will get 10%. Mitlaish ask Bindya why did you come here? i told you that i will come at night, Bindya says i was not able to wait, i have that much right on you? she comes closer to him, she says Badi Amma said to me that return to Patna but Amma doesnt know that after that night, i cant spend my life without you, she hugs him, he hugs her back, she says you are king of here, do something, Mitlaish ask when are you leaving? Bindya says sh said to leave from tomorrow’s train, Mitlaish says dont worry, i will not send you by train, will book airplane ticket, Bindya is stunned and looks at him.

PRECAP- Poonam says Bindya that there should be no place for you in Begusarai, Bindya gets angry on her and says you do ti while wearing shalwar kameez so its fine but if wear ghagra choli and flirt so its sin? you have Lakhan on one side and Priyom on other side.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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