Begusarai 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya opens door of her house to see Shakti standing outside, he says you forgot something, i came to return it, he shows her jewelry, she takes it from him, she says thank you and looks down, she says i have lost many other things too, how will you return it? Shakti says you are right, i have destroyed everything then how will return it? if you give me chance then i will try to bind it together, Ananya says we cant get what is lost, Shakti says i know you i have lost you, i know i have hurt you, you loved me but i just hurt you, Shakti says now situation is like that where i cant even hope a chance from you but i cant stay silent anymore, i have to confess it, Ananya says i am leaving Begusarai forever today only, Shakti is shocked and hurt, he says why? ananya says there is no reason to stay, Shakti says am i not reason? i have listened that once love happens, it doesnt wipe out, it gets bitter-sweet with time, i started love drama with you but i fell in love with you, you had to bear pain in that house but i was in pain too, i couldnt show it, i am asking last chance, i will change myself, i will be with you, dont leave Begusarai, give me one chance, Ananya closes door and sighs, she opens her eyes to see Ramakant standing there. He says i told you that if something is snatched from you then it comes back to you, we just have to be ready to accept it, if life gives you another chance then there is no bad in accepting it, Ananya hugs him, Ramakant says last decision will be yours, he leaves, Ananya is confused.
Bindya comes in one room, its all dark, Badi Amma comes there too, they look around, Badi Amma says after so many years you have opened this room, Bindya says after 25years, i closed all memories here, she opens a trunk and finds box, she opens box and sees her pocket knife, she says i used to use it for my protection, i used to protect myself from drunkards, i was born in this house but i was stuck in dance bar, i used to dance for penny, she looks at Priyom’s picture and recalls their moments together, how he had put sindoor on her forehead, she says he loved me so much that he took away my pain, he changed my life, i doubted him alot, i never liked his closeness with Ponam but his love proved that nobody could snatch him from me, sameway Lakhan’s love proved that he is of Poonam, he accepted her finally, we had to bear so much, we had to bear pain but we were united like a family and when everything was starting to get fine then that Komal came in our lives. Brothers come there, Bindya says i have nothing except these 5sons now, i never wanted to lose them thats why i closed all pain and fear in this house but my hatred started burning my own sons, i become Maa Thakurain, you were right Badi Amma only maa can protect her sons not maa thakurain, i will be their mother now not Maa Thakurain, brothers hug her, she smiles.

After some months
Amar brings Soni home, she is injured but fine now. Badi Amma hugs her, Bindya comes there with teddy bear, she smiles at Soni, Soni comes to her and takes takes teddy bear, she hugs Bindya, Bindya donates money for her and says i pray that God keeps you and your unborn baby safe from all evil eyes.
Mayank is sitting sadly in jail, Ramakant comes to his cell, he looks at him.

Scene 2
Ananya comes to school, kids come to her and points in direction. Someone is sitting with red and white heart shaped balloons in his hands, she is not able to see his face, Ananya goes towards man and removes balloons from her way, she sees Shakti holding them, she makes straight face, Tose Naina jab se miley song plays, shakti says i know i cant get forgiveness for what i did but i did mistake, i am sorry, Ananya says you can never change because you are mad, she smiles at him, he gives her balloons, they both smile at each other, Ananya leaves balloons in air, Shakti caresses her face.


Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Begusarai has ended.?howww

    1. it ended as it is described in the above way

  2. How so short it looks like a ff

  3. Oye idiot jaise hona chaiye ta waise h .
    Or kaise…
    Well.I am verrrrrrry happy that this show finally gone off air.
    Its the time to party hard guys..

  4. Ended y y did it have such an abrupt ending thats not fair

  5. bakwas serial went off air.thank god now vishal ll come with better show.


    Show ended its good…. but ended with many loop holes…..

  7. Mona146

    hey guys can someone tell me what happened to Mayank?

  8. Went to jail yaar….

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