Begusarai 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Guddi tells everything to Priyom about letter and how Majeeta decided to call people for Poonam’s marriage, he comes down to find Manjeeta with Badi Amma, Manjeeta says to Badi Amma that Poonam will be alleged for her broken marriage so we want to settle her asap, Priyom says people like to bark but that doesnt mean you have to change your way, Badi Amma ask him to be silent, Badi Amma says i understand responsibility of a girl, as father you have right to decide about her life, you bring proposal, we will meet guy and check about him then marriage will be fixed, Manjeeta thanks her, she leaves, Poonam is sad, all leaves, Priyom sadly looks at Poonam, she in tears look at him, Bindya sees all this from far and says to Ghungroo that now Poonam is gone, Priyom will come to me, she leaves too. Poonam looks at Priyom and thinks that Najma says i love you but you are just a friend or more than.. but why i am feeling so restless with marriage’s name, you always solve my problem then why silent today, i have started loving you? please speak up, Priyom starts approaching her but Guddi comes and says Badi Amma is calling you Priyom, he looks at Poonam and leaves, Guddi notices Poonam tensed and leaves too.
Lakhan is busy in body building, Rekha is happy to see lot of money in house, Dolt comes there and informs about family coming to see Poonam for marriage, Lakhan gets angry and shouts, Rekha thinks now dont know who will die.

Scene 2
Birla makes Poonam ready, she says you are looking very nice, she leaves, Poonam recalls how Najma said that she loves Priyom, how she hugged Priyom, how she got worried for Priyom, how they rode bicycle.
Manjeeta says to Birla that i have sent Dolt to bring family. Dolt is with Lakhan, he calls family and says i am waiting for you on border of Begusarai, come here.
Priyom comes to Poonam’s room, she says i am imagining him again, he is not here, Priyom ask have you gone mad? i will bring you in senses, he starts opening button of his shirt, Poonam closes her eyes and says i have started thinking about him alot, she is about to trip but Priyom holds her in arms, she smiles at him, she says you are here truly? she gets up and ask him to close button of shirt else all will think wrong, he says people will say that something is going on between us and the family who is bringing proposal for you will go away, you dont wanna marry? right? Poonam ask how you know? Priyom says i can see everything in your heart, he holds her hand in his hand and says we will go like this infront of family and will say that we have started loving each other but they will not accept it easily so we have to make full proof story, we will say that we started loving each other in Patna, Poonam stares at him, he says we will say that first we thought its friendship but then realized its love, he ask how is my cooked love story? Poonam curtly looks at him.

Scene 3
The family is coming near border, Dolt stops them, Lakhan is there too, Dolt meets them, Lakhan comes to family and ask you have mobile? father says yes. Manjeeta gets a call from family and informs Birla that family is not coming today, they have some urgent work.
Priyom says to Poonam that keep looking at me like this infront of guy’s family, i see true love in your eyes, Poonam looks down, she ask why you are doing all this? why you wanna stop my marriage? he says you because you dont wanna marry, she says only for this reason? Priyom says there is one selfish reason, i am habituated to you, my day is not complete without listening your voice, when you dont fight with me, i feel sad, if you go away, i will miss you alot, Poonam says i will miss you too, without you.. Birla comes there, she ask Priyom when did you come? Priyom says i was talking to Poonam, Birla says guy’s family is not coming today they have some work, she leaves, Priyom says our love story couldnt complete, he leaves, Poonam is hurt, she thinks if Priyom feel same like i do for him?
Lakhan’s men have pointed gun at guy’s family, father says to Lakhan taht forgive us, we will not think about getting my son married to Poonam, Lakhan says but i have to set example so others should also not look at Poonam, family ask to pardon them, they are killed by Lakhan’s men.
Servant comes to Manjeeta’s house. one servant comes to Priyom and ask him to come fast, he takes Priyom and shows him deadbodies, servant says they are same people who were coming for Poonam’s marriage. Poonam and Birla comes in balcony and sees deadbodies too, Priyom curtly says Lakhan


Update Credit to: Atiba

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