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Begusarai 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya says to bindya that i didnt break your family, it started breaking when Adarsh married without telling you, your wrong thinking broke your family, you said that women break house but see today your thinking broke your house, Bindya says my sons have listened what i used to tell them, mother tells them what she sees in life, you have poisoned their minds, you have trapped them thinking that i am wrong, Ananya says i have just showed them truth, Bindya says you will bear consequences, Ananya says i am not afraid of anyone, i will always be with truth, its still time, get on right path else you will loose everyone, Bindya says now you will teach me what is right and what is wrong? Ananya says i am suggesting you, family is run by love, you cant keep your family in fear, just once try to behave with them with love, you will get same happiness which i am getting today by reuniting Bhavna and Adarsh, Bindya says dont be happy, soon i will prove that you are wrong and i am right, Garv is emotional, ananya says accept it, Adarsh has taken side of right path, soon other sons will realize it too then you will know that the women you think can break house, other people call them mother and respect them, bindya says stop this philosophical talks, ananya says even philosophical talks are inspred by real life too, when woman was insulted then Mahabharat started and when she got respect, she was given name Devi, when woman was oppressed, she fought with evils, you will understand all this, i promise you that being your daughter in law, Bindya stands there in tears and anger, Ananya leaves, Bindya recalls her words that she will loose her family, she looks at Shakti who is smiling and in admiration, she looks at Garv who is emotional, she gets angry.
Bindya comes home and recalls how Adarsh left with Bhavna, she says i called his name so many times but he didnt even turn to me, Samar, Amar and Mayank are there, Bindya say i wont spare Ananya, Mayank asks her to calm down, Bindya sys its time to take revenge, Ananya have challenged me again, she has snatched my son from me, i wont spare her, she will see my anger now, she tried to separate me from my son, she will have to bear punishment, Mayank says just order me then i will handle everything, Bindya says good i had this expectation from you, i wish my sons had loyalty like you.

Scene 2
Its morning. Garv, Shakti are driving in jeep. Shakti says finally Adarsh listened to his heart but when will i tell her about my heart? Garv stops car, he angrily looks at him, he comes to Shakti and brings him out of jeep, he punches Shakti, Shakti says why you are beating? Garv says so that you speak up, tell whats in your heart, Shakti starts beating him, Garv beats him, they both have fight, they hold each others neck, both falls on ground, Garv starts laughing, Shakti starts laughing too, Shakti says i understood what you wanted to listen, Garv says say whats in your heart, Shakti says i love her alot, i love her truly from bottom of my heart, Garv smiles at him, Shakti asks you? Garv says me? i can love anyone, he looks down, he says if i knew that you love her so much then i wouldnt have eyed her, i did mistakes, you can beat me more, Shakti says no. He recalls how ananya took care of him, how she confessed her love, how she hugged him, he smiles, he recalls their marriage alongwith other brothers, how he cheated her, how he broke her heart, he says will she love me? i mean what i did with her after that she will only hate me, i cant love me, Garv says there is saying, great hate follows great love, where there is hate, there is love too, she has loved you with all her heart, once you finish this hate then you will get everything, lets go now, shakti says you have moved my jaws by punching me so hard.
Adarsh and Bhavna are at bus-stand, Ananya comes there and says where are you running away? i promised you that i will take Bhavna to Haveli then why you are taking her away? Adarsh says there is no need to stay here, life in Haveli is fake, i want to forget it, i want to start afresh with Bhavna and my baby, ananya says what will you tell your baby that he doesnt have any relative? Adarsh says its better, ananya says Bindya thinks that her son is snatched away, we have to tell her that her son is changed a little bit and he loves his wife too, Adarsh says she will never accept us, Ananya says every mother has difficulty in accepting her daughter in law but she wants her son to be happy, atleast try, Shakti and Garv comes and says accept it brother, you are not alone this time, we all are with you, someone told me that not everyone gets their love, i got it but i never valued it, i kept doing mistakes, ananya silently listens it, Shakti says i hurt the person whom i loved and when i realized it then i got to know that my love is far away now, Adarsh says this is all fear, we all fear to loose our love but we forget that our lover loves us too, its just about moving forward and ask forgiveness, just say sorry once, dont loose hope, Ananya says some mistakes are unforgivable, lets go home, Adarsh smiles, Garv comes and says when all are getting forgiveness then give me some too, Adarsh says what for? they laugh. Ananya gets call and says what? she ends call, Adarsh asks what happened? Ananya says we have to go home now, they leave.
Ramakant is sitting in Bindya’s feet, she says its time to do this work, Mayank should do it only, Badi Amma is there too. Soni and Maya are tensed. Bindya gives gun to Mayank and asks him to do it, Mayank points gun at Ramakant, Ramakanat says you should ashamed, i spit on you, its better to not have any son than having son like you, its better that son like you doesnt give fire to my pyre, shame on you, Mayank says you never gave me anything in life but i will fulfill your last wish, i will not fire your pyre, happy now? he loads gun, he is about to shoot him but Ananya comes there and says what are you doing bhai? shakti, Garv, Adarsh comes there too, Bhavna is shocked, Bindya says come Ananya, you have come on right time, did you like new twist in story? Ananya is disgusted.


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