Begusarai 21st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya recalls neha telling her about the importance of that gun from which Mitlesh fired the shot. Sh says for Priyom I will find that gun. She goes in Maya’s room. Maya says what you think after all this I will keep the gun here? I have placed it somewhere. Bindya says I will find it one way or other.

Next morning, Badi amma does the pooja and gives parsad to maya. Maya says its hearing time. Badi amma doesn’t give parsad to poonam. Bindya says because of me they are against you. Poonam says God is with us. Getting or not getting parsad doesn’t matter. I want everything to be fair. Bindya says so do I. Lakhan says I am taking out the jeep poonam. Poonam says I am coming. Poonam says help me God.
Bindya goes out. A servant says to Poonam Lakhan is calling

you in garage. She says okay. he follows her. she says where is lakhan? he shoves her and locks the door.
Lakhan comes with jeep and asks the servant where is Poonam? He says she left with Bindya. Lakhan comes inside and looks for Poonam. The servant says she has left. Lakhan leaves as well.

The hearing starts. Judge says there was no report in the forensic report. The bullet was burnt completely. Bindya and Neha are dazed.
Dadda ji called the laboratory where it was being tested and asked them to exchange reports. Judge says you can call your witnesses in. Rai says my first witness is badi amma. Rai asks where were you when Priyom met the accident. Neha says objection it was murder not accident. Rai says the bullet is proved nothing yet they say its a murder. Judge overrules her. Badi amma says we were all in haveli celebrating Priyom’s birthday when the news came that Priyom met an accident. He asks where was mitlesh at that time? Badi amma says he was in haveli with us. Rai says point to be noted when Mitlesh was in house how can he shoot mitlesh somewhere outside.
He says to Neha you can ask her whatever you want. Neha says to badi amma are you priyom’s mom? She says no I am his grandma. Neha says oh so dadi mama how much did you love priyom? Badi amma says he was part of me. I could do anything if that brings her back. She says how can you not want justice for him then? Rai says she is manipulating my witness. Bhushan says the same thing. Neha says I would like to have Lakhan in witness box. Lakhan says I will say the truth. Neha asks where were you when Priyom was murdered and what happened there? Lakhan says priyom had a bullet. I brought him home. Rai says he hated priyom because he loved his wife Poonam. And now he wants to be bahu bali so he is trying to cash priyom’s death. Lakhan gets mad and says dont dare taking my wife’s name. Neha says i would like to call Poonam who is eye witness of the murder. Poonam is nowhere. Bindya says where are you poonam?

Precap-Judge says you have 20 minutes or the decision will be in favor of mitlesh. Poonam runs from the garage.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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