Begusarai 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Bindya says Mitlaish is behind me, i was running away from him but today he came here and beat me when i said no, its enough, i have only two ways, either submit myself to him or to tell truth to Phulan, if i agree to Mitlaish then i will get in dirt again and if i tell Phulan then it will bring problem in haveli, i called you but you didnt come, he said he will come tonight, you stopped brothers from fighting earlier, save my life this time too.
Dolt says to Lakhan that what if Poonam gets to know that we are making her friend Najma’s brother Rizwan puff drugs, Lakhan says who will tell her, Dolt says you are right, he ask why you are making him habituated to drugs, Lakhan says human and money have one habit, they deceive you but both shows loyalty towards drugs, they will be forced to come here to have drugs and will become our servants, Lakhan says to Rizwan what will you tell people if they know about drugs? Rizwan says i will say i got it from bin, Lakhan says i swear on my love, i will inject poison in this city, i will take revenge from Phulan by destroying his city, these drug addicts will call me king.
Mitlaish says Bindya stooped low again, she is calling me to her room, he finds Priyom’s voice from Bindya’s room, Priyom is drunk and says to Bindya that you are so much beautiful that i think i did mistake by letting you go to Mitliash, i should have put stamp on you of my name, Mitlaish comes and ask what are you doing here Priyom?, Priyom says what a young boy should do when he meets young girl, Mitlaish says you know that she is in my care, Priyom says your name is not written on her, she is dancer, sometime yours, sometime mine, Mitlaish says i understand you are drunk but dont misbehave, Priyom says ok i will call Phulan, he has ordered you to be away from Bindya but i didnt get order like that, Mitlaish says you are blackmailing me? Priyom says just telling you truth, i am bachelor but you are not, i can call Phulan, Mitlaish says you are no in senses, i will talk to you when your hangover goes, he leaves, it turns out that Priyom was acting as drunk, Bindya thanks him, she says you saved my respect, you fought with your brother for me, i will never forget that, Priyom says you saved Pinto’s life, i got to listen that you are living respectful life, its good, if you keep on this path then i will be with you otherwise.. Mitlaish raised hand on you, i am sorry for that but dont tell this to Phulan as he will punish Mitlaish and Maya bhabhi will be hurt, Bindya says dont worry, it will not go out from this room but i am afraid, what if Mitlaish comes back, you be here for tonight, Priyom says my phone is on, if he comes then give me a call, i will come, he leaves, Bindya says one day you will stay with me, goodness is your strength and i will take advantage of that.

Scene 2
Poonam have plate of food but not eating, Birla ask why you are not eating? Poonam says i will eat, she is about to eat but recalls how Priyom was asking food, then how she slapped him, Poonam says dont know why i am not able to eat, this Priyom have made me mad, i will eat…. no i will not eat.. Birla ask with whom you are talking too? Poonam says i will eat one more roti, Birla ask what happened to you after you came from Patna, did someone do magic on you? Poonam says everything is normal, i will eat, he could work and earn food but no he has to make me worry, keep hungry but i will eat, she gets Najma’s call, she takes her call and says i will not talk about love and all, Najma tells her something, Poonam stunned.
Priyom is hungry, he drinks water. Choti Amma and Maya are sad for him, Maya says this is not good, Choti Amma says dont even think of going against Badi Amma, they leave. Poonam comes on terrace with food plate, she thinks i am taking food for him as he is my friend and hungry, nothing else. she jumps her balcony and doesnt find Priyom on terrace, he suddenly comes there, she says i got afraid, you are roaming here like ghost, i was finding you, Priyom says why? you wanna slap me again? Poonam says i raised hand by mistake, Priyom says be away from me, Poonam says i also dont want to get closer to you, i brought food for you, Priyom says you are going against Badi Amma, how you got so much guts? you seem changed after you have returned from Patna, whats the matter, Poonam says nothing, i have brought food for you and you are questioning me only, if you dont wanna eat then i will take it back, she turns and is shocked to see Badi Amma there, Badi Amma sternly looks at her and says how dare you overrule my order, Priyom says she brought food but i didnt eat, let her go, Badi Amma says i have seen Poonam from childhood, i have not seen any mistake done by her but why she did it today? Poonam says i didnt do any mistake, you asked Priyom to earn 100rs and he has earned it, Badi Amma ask then where it is? Poonam says i never lie you know that, Najma have seen Priyom working and putting things in godown, Priyom is stunned, Poonam says he got money for that but .. she tells her how Priyom got money but he gave money to worker’s son and said that this is shagun, my father says 1st salary should be applied in good work and i am doing that only, get food for your son from this money, i will think that i succeed, Poonam says if Priyom had told this to you, you would have not believed him, so he didnt tell you, Badi Amma says you understand him well, Poonam says i know him from childhood, he shows that he is careless but he worries for everyone, Badi Amma says i am strong i wil not cry for him, i will punish him for not telling me truth, she ask Poonam to feed him so he can work tomorrow too, she says to Priyom that what you did today, it seems like you are shadow of Phulan Thakur, Poonam smiles at Priyom, Badi Amma leaves, Poonam looks at Priyom and smiles broadly.

PRECAP- Pinto and Soni have made painting of Haveli, Mitlaish ask whom you made sit on throne of Begusarai? Pinto says its Priyom, he is king and you are his minister, Mitlaish is shocked. Poonam is leaving, Priyom holds her from arm, brings her closer, turns her face towards him, she looks at him shyly.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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