Begusarai 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom says to his girlfriend that i have fallen in love of Bindya, i have promised her to marry her, Jaya says you will marry that dancer? Priyom says you know i respect every girl, Jaya says it was my mistake to love you, you cant be of anyone, she leaves, servants ask why did you lie about bindya? Priyom says i had to do it as she was falling in my love and it would pain her only so i want her to curse me and forget about me instead of crying in my love. Poonam eats the laddos which has bhaang in it, Rekha is happy thinking now game will start. Bindya is dancing, Poonam’s earring falls so she gets up to find it, Rekha thinks she will start dancing, Poonam finds it and sit back, Rekha is stunned and says why bhaang is not affecting her, Badi Amma has plate of same sweets, she has eaten Bhaang sweets and starts doing dance steps seeing Bindya, Choti Amma ask her to sit, all are seeing you, Badi Amma says i dance better than Bindya, Rekha thinks what happened, she recalls how she brought plate to Poonam which had no bhaang in it and it was Badi Amma who had eaten then bhaang laddos, she says i am gone now, my dream of getting 2 crores is gone now. Binda’s dance from last episode still continues. there is firing going on in function when a bullet hits Manjeeta, he falls on ground, Poonam shouts baba, all looks at Manjeeta and are shocked, all gathers around him, Phulan comes there too, Poonam ask Manjeeta to wake up, she finds blood coming out of his hand and is stunned, she cries, Phulan shouts to be silent, he shouts who dared to fire at him? he ask his men who fired that bullet? Bindya is in shock too, he says to his men that tell me else i will kill you all, all are silent, he says ok you will not tell, he ask them to load their guns, all does so, he ask them to put Gun in their mouths, all silently does so, Phulan ask them to fire now, all men are ready to kill themselves when Manjeeta becomes conscious, he stands up, Priyom says Bullet just touched him, he became unconscious because of hit on his head, he is fine now, Phulan angrily leaves from there, Priyom says i will take you home, Manjeeta says i have got many bullets on my body, i am fine now, he finds Poonam there and says why did you come to men side? your mother is still on women’s side, you forgot your limits with one bullet? remember life can be gone but respect should not, Priyom looks at her, Manjeeta leaves from there, servant says today we saw real Thakur, he is calm from outside but volcano from inside, Priyom listens this.

Scene 2
Thakur says to Manjeeta that today i thought for a second that i lost you, Manjeeta says death will come one day, Phulan says i am not afraid of death but i am afraid fro my family, what will happen to them, when i saw your daughter and wife, i saw fear on their faces that what will happen to them after you leave, Manjeeta says you are with them, you made servant’s daughter, a daughter in law of thakurs, made my son study in Patna, its my family but you take care of them, i will not mind giving up my life for you, Phulan smiles and says i am afraid for my family, i am worried about Begusarai, what if anything happens to me, its definite that we will die so i want to secure my family before dying, gather everyone in house and tell them that i want to talk to them, Manjeeta leaves.
Poonam is still crying, Guddi ask will you bring storm crying so much, Poonam’s friend ask her to calm down, your father is fine, Priyom comes there, Guddi says i am trying to make her laugh but she is crying, Priyom says how much she screamed today, he ask Guddi and friend to leave, they leave, Priyom says to Poonam that i am still angry with you, the way you insulted me in college, you should have come to me to say sorry but i am here consoling you, he says how can you love Manjeeta kaka so much, he looks scary, Poonam says dare you say anything about my father, he says atleast you spoke something, her mother comes there and says Phulan thakur has called everyone.

Scene 3
Choti Amma ask Badi Amma to drink black coffee, hangover will go away, Badi Amma drinks it. Badi Amma says once i get to know who mixed bhaang in my sweets then i will not leave him, Rekha gets tensed, she is about to go but Badi Amma stops her, she ask what you are doing here now? go back to your house, Bhushan says Phulan has called us here.
Bindya comes to Ghungroo, he is packing stuff, she ask what happened? Ghungroo says were you dancing with blindfold, didnt you see that Phulan thakur’s anger, she shows him money which she earned in function, she says i got 2 lacs first time in my life, he says life comes first, Ghungroo says i am not staying here, Bindya says lets set limit, we will run away from here after getting 1 crore.
Manjeeta informs Phulan that all family members are waiting for you but think before doing anything, Phulan says i have taken my decision, someone likes it or not but this decision will not change.

PRECAP- Priyom gets a call from Bindya, he says i am coming, Piddi listens this and thinks to go before Priyom to Bindya. Bindya’s door is knocked, she thinks it Priyom and opens the door saying i am miffed with you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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