Begusarai 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Lakhan’s men are packing drugs, Dotl is with Lakhan, Dolt says have you started using drugs? Lakhan says its my new business, Dolt says you will be rich soon, Pandey is called there, Lakhan says you are not allowing us to do drug business, Pandey says you know Phulan doesnt allow this business in his area, i stopped drugs business because of him too, Lakhan says he said no so you stopped, i am saying to start again so do again, Pandey says i cant, Dolt says how dare you say no to Lakhan, Lakhan says if you are with us then Phulan will kill you and if you dont take our side then.. he shows him his family in his custody, he says to Pandey that you help me in my drug business and your family will be safe and if this thing is told to Phulan then you will not get bodies of your to burn, he leaves. Dolt says to Lakhan that i got to now about your and Poonam’s break up, you should marry my sister Poonam only, Lakhan says i will marry her only, i will do drug business, will earn more money than Phuakn and power too then i wil marry Pooam infront of him and he wont be ale to do anything, Poonam will be mine only.

Scene 2
Poonam comesback to Begusarai, Nanda ask her should i drop you? Poonam says no i have body guard with me, you drop Najma, Najma says i thought i will get answers from you, it will confuse you if you run from questions, Poonam says its nothing like that, Najma says when its not like that then why your face looks pale when we talk about Priyom? its because you are hiding something, find it, Poonam says i am fine, my face is not pale, Najma says bye, she leaves, Poonam says Najma have gone mad, i and Priyom.. Priyom comes there on bike, he ask what are you talking about me? Poonam says i didnt ssay anything, Priyom says liar, you were taking my name, tell clearly, you were missing me? i went to bring bike, sit, she says i dont wanna sit on your bike, she ask guard to bring car, he says i have brought it, Priyom says sit on my bike, i will drop you in 5minutes, Poonam says i get vitamin D by standing in sunlight, Priyom says sit, Poonam curtly says i told you that i dont wanna go with you, Priyom is surprised and says why are you shouting? Ponam says when did i shout, Priyom says now you are too slow now, Priyom comes to her, he smiles at her and says i can say with surety that something has happend to you after coming from Patna, Poonam says are you a doctor, Priyom says i am phD in love, tell me if you gave heart to some guy, Poonam is stunned, Priyom says you are breathless so there is some truth in ti, Poonam says i am angry on you, Priyom says you are human, your heart can beat for someone too, Poonam ask him to shut up and leave, i dont wanna go with you, he says fine, come yourself, he leaves, Poonam says i dont need you, he leaves, Poonam says i have gone mad, dont know what i am saying but he is mad, if i am really in love with him? no we are just friends, i have no feelings for him.
Priyom comesback Haveli, Drugah ask what happened, did you love someone in Patna? Priyom says my heart is stone now, did you forget Phulan asked to come to work and i ran away to Patna, now he will punish me, Drugah says Phulan have gone to Dehli, he will come after 10 days, Priyom says great, Bindya see him and says my Priyom has come, he will go mad for me now, Poonam comes in lounge and waits for Priyom, Priyom comes in, ignores her and leaves to his room, Bindya is stunned, Ghungroo says seem like beauty is not working, he says game is not so easy, Bindya says just see this Priyom will come to me with his will, Ghungroo ask if you started magic too? Bindya smirks.

Scene 3
Poonam is going home in jeep, Lakhan comes on same street, Poonam recalls how Najma said you were going mad for Priyom today, you have fought with him many a time but i have not seen you like this, you were going crazy for him, you were crying for him, this is love, ask your heart that if you are just his good friend or have started loving him, your friendship have gone to next level and that is love, Lakhan’s jeep come sin parallel with Poonam’s jeep, Lakhan looks at her, she is shocked seeing him.
Poonam comes back her home, she finds Lakhan in his jeep too, Lakhan calls her, he says i saw your face, wanted to listen your voice, that i listened now.

PRECAP- Badi Amma says to Priyom that you have to earn 100rs per day and give it to me only then you will get food and room in Haveli. later Priyom holds Poonam’s hand, she is tensed, Priyom says you are my friend please bring food for me, Poonam slaps him hard.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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