Begusarai 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya is leaving Haveli, she sees Garv and says you? Garv says its not good that Thakurain goes out of house at this time,go and sleep, Ananya thinks that i have to go out,Garv says i praise your guts but guards are active, no one can come in or go out of Haveli like this,i will take you to your room, he starts walking with Ananya, Ananya thinks how i will help Bhavna? Garv says your room have come,good night,she says good night, Garv says listen, she looks at him, Garv eyes her greedily and says close door nicely thieves can come, Ananya nods and closes door, Bindya calls Garv’s name, he leaves, Ananya opens door and sees Garv gone,she says this is right time, Ananya comes out of her room and leaves.
Ananya comes to farmhouse and sees Bindya’s men outside.She says how i will go inside? i have to do something.She takes wooden stick and throws it away, guards go to check who made noise, Ananya stealthily goes in house. Its all dark,she gets hurt on head too by door. She sees someone tied to chair and covered with sheet, she says Bhavna? she says dont worry, i will take you from here, sh tries to free lady but lights are switched on, she sees Amar,Shakti, Garv there, they smirk at her,Adarsh comes there too, Ananya says no one can touch Bhavna till i am here, she turns to lady and says Bhavna.. Shakti points gun at her, lady gets up from chair. lady takes off sheet and its Bindya not Bhavna, she slaps Ananya, Garv and Amar smirks while Shakti and Adarsh stands there expressionless, Bindya says Shakti drag her to haveli back, Adarsh thinks that i got late to come here, i wish i could have told you that it was all Bindya Maa’s plan to get to know your reality, Ananya looks at Shakti,he holdsher hand and drags her from there.

Scene 2
Shakti brings Ananya to haveli and throws her on ground,Badi Amma asks why did you drag her, what did she do? Bindya comes there and sits infront of Ananya, Ananya is lying on ground,Bindya asks why you wanted to save that girl? what is your relation with her? Ananya doesnt answer, Bindya grabs her face and says you do pooja for this house and then you try to save unknown girl by going against your family only? you are trying to destroy my work? she slaps Ananya, Garv and Adarsh are stunned this time,Bindya asks why you are doing all this? Bindya gets up and says if you dont tell me then.. she kicks Ananya, Ananya says i will tell you,Adarsh is tensed seeing all this,Ananya says whatever i did was for my family,i didnt want my family member to murder anyone,i listened that day that you got contract to kill a girl, after that i listened that all brothers are going to farmhouse to kill bhavna, i couldnt hold back so i went there, Adarsh thinks that Ananya could have told my and Bhavna’s truth and saved herself but she didnt, Ananya says i did all that for humanity sake, Bindya says you think i will be fooled by your crocodile’s tears? you can fool everyone here but not me, i know how to bring truth out. Bindya asks Amar to her hunter, Amar does, Shakti gets tensed, Ananya is afraid, Adarsh takes hunter from Amar’s hand, Bindya shouts Adarsh, Adarsh says i think this girl have learnt lesson, she wont do this again,forgive her, Bindya says now you have started to take her side too? what she made you drink? give me hunter,she snatches hunter from Adarsh’s hands and says today she will tell truth, Bindya holds hunter and is about to hit Ananya with it but Badi amma holds hunter from behind, Shakti has closed his eyes, Bindya turns to see Badi amma holding hunter,she is shocked, Badi Amma comes to bindya,Bindya says now you will take her side too? Badi Amma says i was on your side and still on your side,today i am taking side of girl who fast for your safety,forgive her, dont become sinner, Bindya says what you think that she will fast for me so only then i will live? Badi amma says i have seen her praying for you,Bindya says this is her drama to be away from my sons, Bindya says to Badi Amma that you dont believe me right but what if this girl tells you herself? today this Ananya will tell herself if this fast for me is true or just fake, Ananya gets tensed, Bindya tries to hit her with hunter but Shakti says no maa please dont, Garv says no maa please, Bindya says only you two were remaining to speak, Garv says anything for your life maa, Shakti says if her fast has anything to do with your life then kwe cant take risk, leave her, bindya says now you believe her drama more than me? Garv says he didnt mean it,you are everything for us, we cant take risk you, Badi Amma says your sons understood it but you are not believing it Bindya, Bindya says you want me to forgive her just for fast drama? Amar says Badi dadi is right,please accept, Shakti, Adarsh and Garv folds hand and says please, Bindya angrily leaves from there, Badi Amma smiles at Ananya who is in tears.
Bindya thinks that this girl is playing game but i am not able to do anything,i took her lightly, she is very clever, she took everyone on her side, she is doing drama of keeping fast for me and taking my family on her side but now i will use her fast drama on her only and will test her, now i will show you what i can do.

PRECAP- Man calls Adarsh and says i saw a new girl in beggars line today. Shakti comes to site, man says we saw new girl in beggars line,one beggar says to Adarsh that girl ranaway, Adarsh thinks that Bhavna shouldnt have runaway from here, she can get caught by my brothers now. Bhavna is running on road while shakti,Garv are searching her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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