Begusarai 14th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Shakti pulls Ananya towards him, Ananya looks at him, Soni hides, shakti stares her, Ananya asks what happened? Badi amma says what is this Shakti? Ananya is doing pooja for Bindya, why did you stop her? Shakti says one minute, i will tell you, he looks at ananya and checks her necklace, he is stunned to see Ananya wearing it, he thinks that i got locket at site then how she is wearing? Ananya asks what happened? Bindya asks whats going on here? Shakti says i had misunderstanding but now its clear, he glares ananya and leaves, Bindya thinks what has happened to him? he asked about Ananya on phone and now behaving like this, ananya touches Bindya’s feet and gives her parsad, Bindya looks ather angrily, ananya says i prayed to God for your good health and long life,take it, Bindya doesnt take parsad and leaves, Ananya thinks that she will get real parsad when i will be successful in my mission, i believe my God.
Soni says to Ananya that this duplicate locket saved you, what if Shakti had caught you? Ananya says he will not sit quietly, he has doubt on me but we will fulfill our mission, we have to be careful of Shakti.
Shakti looks at locket and says its same,if this is of Ananya then how Ananya is wearing same locket? this cant be coincidence, Bindya comes and says i am thinking same, my son lied to me two times for a girl and this cant be coincidence, i can see that you have forgotten Ananya, Bindya says to Shakti that you still have place for Ananya in your heart, Shakti says you are thinking wrong, i feel she helped Bhavna, Bindya says you think that i am mad? why will she help unknown girl?i saw her in mandir,Shakti says sometimes our eyes see things which doesnt exist in real, he shows her locket and says i found it where Bhavna was staying, Ananya was wearing same locket,Bindya says it can be coincidence, Shakti says i dont believe in coincidence,she is lying to us, Bindya says she is trying to destroy work? i doubted my son because of her, how dare she? now i will show her what real mother in law is.
Ananya comes to Adarsh’s room, he looks around and says you shouldnt have come here at this time, he lets her in and closes door, he says if anyone knows that you are here then i will be in trouble, Ananya says i have promised to be with you in troubles, where is Bhavna? Adarsh says she is safe,we have to find solution, Ananya says you have to make Bindya agree that she is daughter in law of this house, she should get her rights, should i talk to Bindya maa? Adarsh says have you gone mad? you didnt see your situation? its not easy to get rights for women in this house, Ananya says you are losing battle before fighting for it, Adarsh says its not easy, i should kill person who has given contract to kill Bhavna, Ananya says i thought you were different from your brothers, violence is not solution, they listen some noise,Adarsh says someone is outside, Ananya says what if they had listened our talk? Adarsh says dont worry, i will check,he opens door and goes to check.its Garv outside, Ananya hides in washroom. Garv comes in room and doesnt see Adarsh there, he says i should take advantage.He goes in washroom and says i should take bath before he comes.Ananya hides behind curtain,Garv takes off his clothes and starts taking shower, Ananya closes her eyes, Garv says water is coming in his washroom. Garv applies soap on his body and face,water goes off, he says what will i do now? Adarsh comes to his room and sees it locked, he says who is inside? Shakti comes there and says what happened? Adarsh says door is not opening, Shakti tries to open it. Garv tries to find towel, anany pushes towel towards him,Garv wipes his face,wears clothes and leaves. Shower gets open by Ananya mistakenly and she gets drenched in water, Garv comes there, Garv says to Ananya that you were inside? it means you saw me taking bath? both are embarrassed, ananya says nothing like what you are thinking. They come in room. Shakti and Adarsh comes there and sees them wet, Shakti is jealous, Adarsh is stunned, Adarsh asks Ananya what you are doing here? i told you to take my dirty clothes and you started taking bath? Ananya says i went to washroom to take your clothes but Garv came there and everything happened fast, Adarsh says okay, take my clothes and dry clean them, first go and dry yourself else you will catch cold, she leaves, Garv smirks at Shakti, Adarsh says will you both keep staring each other? we have to find girl too.
Shakti comes to Ananya’s room, Ananya is drying her hair,Shakti says i know what you are hiding, Ananya thinks what if he had listened my and Adarsh’s talks? its good that you came yourself, i have to protect myself from you? Shakti says you thought that you will get close to Garv and i will get jealous? Ananya says you came to say this? you have started praising me alot but let me tell you that even if you are last man on world even then i would not have interest in you, you thought that i would use nice person like Garv to make you jealous? Shakti says i will bring your real face infront of all, Ananya says okay then you do your work,i will do mine, good luck, shakti leaves.
Adarsh is going out.Ananya comes behind him and asks where are you going? Adrash says Bhavna is not taking call, i think our men have kidnapped her,Ananya says call me when you find her, Adarsh leaves, Ananya prays for Bhavna. Ananya says i have to do something before Bindya finds Bhavna. Bindya gets call from her manager and says what you found that girl? i will come tomorrow with my sons and will finish that girl, ananya listens this and is stunned, Bindya says keep her in farmhouse, and she is very clever, dont let her run. Ananya thinks that its is same farmhouse in which Shakti kept me. She says i have to tell Adarsh,she calls Adarsh but he doesnt pick up,she says i cant let Bindya kill Bhavna,i have to go to farmhouse.

PRECAP- Ananya comes to farmhouse. She sees lady covered in sheet,she thinks its Bhavna. Shakti, Adarsh and Garv comes there, Shakti points gun at lady, Ananya comes forward and says i wont anyone touch Bhavna, lady takes off sheet and its Bindya not Bhavna, she slaps Ananya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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