Begusarai 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Begusarai 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Poonam is calling, he is not picking up, Poonam ask Guddi about him, Guddi says he is wind, nobody can catch him, she ask Poonam how as your first day at college? Poonam is in tension and doesnt answer her, Guddi ask what happened?
the man(Chuna yaadav) who informed Lakhan about ragging is now himself with ragging guy in hospital, he says nobody can do anything, he says to father of ragging guy who is Tiwari(partner of Mitlaish) that you have bear all this, we cant do anything, Mitlaish comes there so he changes his statement and says it must be your son’s mistake that Lakhan beat him, he greets Mitlaish and says i was telling Tiwari that Lakhan must have reason to beat the guy, Tiwari says it was wrong, we have business relation and what Lakhan did to my son, Mitlaish says your son is loin, its small wounds, Tiwari says i have respect too in Begu Sarai, he is my son, it feels Pain to see him in this condition, Lakhan have to ask sorry coming here, Mitlaish angrily looks at him and says we respect you but that doesnt mean we will insult ourselves, have you ever listened Thakur family saying sorry to anyone and you are asking me to change our history, he ask about bill of hospital, Tiwari says 50,000/0-, Mitlaish says i am giving you 5 lacs, go to honeymoon with your wife, Tiwari says you are joking in this situation, Mitliash says just trying to lighten the mood but the bottom line is Lakhan will not say sorry, he says to ragging guy that you should thank that it was Lakhan only, if i was in his place then i would have cut your body in pieces for teasing daughter in law of Thakurs, he is about to leave but Chuna says that Poonam had no problem with ragging, Chuna says to Mitlaish that Poonam should have told the ragging group about she being daughter in law of Thakur family but she didnt and instead she sang song and enjoyed it, it was not mistake of Tiwari’s son or Lakhan’s mistake, Poonam should have told about her identity.

Scene 2
Poonam is still trying to contact Priyom. Priyom brings Bindya to his secret home, he flirts with Bindya, he finds Poonam’s call on phone and says she must be calling to tell about first day at college and doesnt pick the call, he ask Bindya to come, we will practice, she ask what practice, he brings her closer and says we will do dance practice.
he brings in home, its a messy room, he says this is my dream home, Bindya doesnt like it but says its romantic, Priyom says no one can come here without my permission, Piddi comes there, he ask Priyom to come out, he wanna talk, Priyom ask him to go as he is busy, Piddi says no i wanna talk, Bindya says go with the child, maybe its something important, Piddi says i am not child, i will show soon, Priyom says you are talking too much, he leaves with Piddi.
Poonam is calling Priyom, her friend comes there and says Mitlaish went to hospital, i got to know that ragging guy is Tiwari’s son, Guddi sys he is business partner of Mitlaish, now things have gone serious, only Priyom can handle situation, she ask Poonam to call him again.

Scene 3
Priyom ask Piddi what happened, Piddi says you betrayed me, you asked me to ignore her and now you are enjoying with her, its my bday and you are enjoying, i will see her dance first, Priyom says you are kid, Piddi says you have so many girlfriends and still flirting with my find Bindya.
Ghungroo comes to Bindya, Bindya says that see Priyom is in my love, Ghungroo says he is just a flirt, Bindya says he cant run away from me, she finds Priyom’s phone there and sees call of Poonam, she attends call and says to Poonam that Piryom is busy, i call him Pri with love, Poonam ask who are you? his new girlfriend, Poonam ask Bindya to give call to Priyom, Bindya says he is saying that he is busy, Poonam says tell him that talk to me once, Bindya says he is saying, he is busy, will talk to you later, she cuts the call, Poonam is tensed.
Priyom comes to Bindya, he gets closer with her. Chuna says to Lakhan that you did good by beating that guy, he says work is not going good, Lakhan says you are not getting contracts so saying this, Chuna says great Thakur killed my father and made me servant but i am your friend, its Phulan’s rule here but have you thought about your business? Lakhan says Mitlaish have given me some contract, Chuna says this business of Phulan Thakur and you are a mere worker, Lakhan gets angry, Chuna says you should start your business, Mitlaish comes there so Chuna leaves, Mitlaish takes Lakhan from there, Chuna looks at them and smirks, he says swear to my late father that i will destroy brotherhood of thakur family.

Scene 4
Badi Amma ask Piddi what happened? Piddi says nobody say anything to Priyom, Maya ask what happened? Piddi says i am worried about Priyom, Priyom is roaming around with Bindya, Bindya will detroy Priyom, Badi Amma laughs and says that Priyom is cutting cake of your bady so you are jealous, Piddi says nobody loves me, he leaves.
Mitlaish brings Lakhan to port, he ask Lakhan to sit on his seat, Lakhan says how can i sit on your chair, Mitlaish says you wish to sit on it so sit now, Lakhan doesnt sit, Mitlaish ask him to control your anger, you wanna show Phulan thakur that i am not capable of handling my younger brothers and that i dont deserve this seat, he ask Lakhan did you beat Tiwari’s son? he is asking for an apology, should i make you say sorry? Tiwari gives us contracts and now all contracts are gone. Lakhan says then kill Tiwari, we will get contracts from other officer who will be appointed after Tiwari’s death, Mitlaish says dont pressurize your mind as it affect us, i have handled things now, i had to give 5lacs so that you dont have to apologize, you cant even earn this much money in your whole life, i dont care whats going on in your personal life but this time it has affected my business, Lakhan says he teased Poonam, what should i have done then? Mitlaish says nobody was teasing her, she was standing with him with her own will, she was singing chirpily, she had no problem, i have found about it, Lakhan is stunned, Mitlaish says to Lakhan that you cant even handle your would be wife then how will you handle our work? Lakhan looks down., so i am taking contract back from you which i had given to you, Lakhan is shocked, Mitlaish says its rule that girl should not affect business, first go and handle your wife then we will talk, he leaves, Lakhan gets angry on Poonam, Manjeeta listened all and is tensed for Poonam.

PRECAP- Lakhan says to Poonam that you are enjoying in college, you like to get attention so i thought to give some attention too, he ask her to sing and smile infront of him too, he says you have done shameful act, i had to beat guys because of you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. heart healer karan

    I think this guy is taking some kind of revenge,anyways I liked shewtas acting ,very natural

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