Begusarai 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ananya starts leaving but shakti holds her saree pallu,she is stunned,she turns and looks at him, she recalls how he proposed her,how he made her confess her love, how they hugged each other, she stares him and looks away, she recalls how he cheated her,how he made her marry his brothers,she holds her saree and pulls it from his hand, she is in tears,she composes herself and leaves from there,Shakti looks on.
Its morning, man calls his boss and says i have given work to maa thakurain, she will kill that girl, man ends call. Man sees someone following him and wearing mask.Man stops car and comes out, he sees no one there,he says it might my imagination, he leaves, it was Adarsh who was following man, Adarsh says i will find out why his boss wants to kill bhavna.
Bindya asks Adarsh what was the need to follow man? Adarsh says you taught me to not kill any innocent,Bindya says you are worrying for unknown girl? Adarsh says i was trying to find truth before doing my work, bindya says just find that girl and kill her, she leaves, Adarsh recalls Ananya’s words that girl should hide in safe place and her lover should save her, Adarsh thinks that i have do save her.
Adarsh comes in godown and says to Bhavna that we have to leave from here. Ananya hides and sees them, she says how to help them? shakti comes there, Adarsh has covered his face with cloth, Shakti beats Adarsh,Adarsh asks Bhavna to run, she says i wont go, he says you have swear on me,go, girl hides,Shakti shoots at Adarsh but Adarsh hides, Ananya sees this and thinks what if Shakti kills his brother only? i have to do something.She makes noise, Shakti says who is there? Adarsh and Bhavna runs from there, Shakti asks his men to go behind them.Ananya tries to run from there but Shakti points gun at her head, he is behind her and says your game is finishes Bhavna so turn towards me, turn else i will shoot you rightnow,Ananya is tensed. Man comes to Shakti and says girl and boy ranaway,Shakti says what Bhavna ranaway? he asks Ananya to turn and show her face till he counts 3.. ananya thinks that maybe i was alive to save Adarsh and his wife only, take care baba, Shakti counts 1.. 2.. 3.. ananya closes her eyes. Shakti shoots gun but there is no bullet in it, shakti says no bullets? he starts checking gun, Ananya throws mud in his eyes and runs from there. shakti sees her running away and says where will she go? he runs behind her. Someone comes bike there,Ananya sits on bike and goes from there. Shakti says i couldnt even see her face, shakti sees her necklace there and recalls how he snatched it from Ananya,how she got it back from him, he says ananya? no,maa has not allowed her to come out of house alone,she cant come here, i have to talk to Maa. Shakti calls Bindya and says girl ranaway, our men are behind her, Bindya says i have taken money for this,its about my respect, Shakti says i saw boy with her, i couldnt see his face. Shakti asks Bindya if Ananya is at home? he asks her to check if Ananya is at home? she says what?he says just check if she is at home, Bindya comes to mandir in house and sees someone standing and praying there, its Soni who is standing there, Bindya says she is at home only, Shakti says okay and ends call. Bindya says why he was asking about Ananya? there is something wrong, she starts coming near Soni, Badi Amma comes there and says Ananya lets do aarti, Bindya stops behind her, Badi amma says to Bindya that lets do aarti with me and Ananya, Bindya says no i have work,she leaves.
Its Adarsh who took Ananya on bike. He stops bike and asks what she was doing there? Ananya says i know your and bhavna’s truth, what do you want? Ananya says why did you save me? Adarsh says i saved you as if you had get caught then my secret would have been revealed, what you want? Ananya says i have seen that you are good person,you love Bhavna alot,you never touched me, Adarsh says you are in problem, what will you for me? Ananya says i am alone and you are alone too so i will help you.Ananya says if we both stand together then.. Adarsh says you are choosing death path, Ananya says what happened with my life was not less than death, whatever will happen with me is my choice but i cant see wrong happening with any girl. Adarsh says i will take Bhavna to safe place, you go home, Ananya starts leaving,Adarsh stops her and says thank you, he leaves, Ananya smiles, she sees her locket missing and gets tensed.
Badi Amma and Soni are tensed in home.shakti comes home and thinks that i am sure,it was Ananya only. Badi Amma sees Shakti coming there and gets tensed. Shakti comes in mandir, he pulls girl standing there and its Ananya not Soni, Soni hides behind pillar,Shakti stares Ananya.

PRECAP- Bindya says to Shakti that you have place for Ananya in your heart, Shakti says you are thinking wrong, he shows her locket and says i found it where Bhavna was staying, Bindya says she is trying to destroy work? how dare she? now i will show her what real mother in law is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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