The beginning of a new chapter for chakor (Episode 3)

precap kamal naryan ends up in jail

kausri goes inside to call chakor. chakoria thum kaha hu? kaustri gets worried and cannot find chakor anywhere she informs bhuvan who says that chakor must have gone out for a stroll. the vliaggers gather around chakors house and ask where is she they all chant chakor chakor. bhavan informs the villagers that chakor is gone out for a stroll and will be back soon il inform you guys when shes back. tejwanani phones suraj and tells him that kamal has arranged his marriage and his engagment is within 3 days suraj sasys how is this possible i want to talk to papa. tejwanai informs suraj that kamal got arrested. suraj hangs up and runs to see kamal. tejwanai says but suraj listen chakor is back and she sent him to jail but he had already cut of the phone. vivaan is looking at chakor’s picture and similes he kisses her photo and says today i will announce my love for you iv kept it in for 10 whole years he shouts i love you chakor.

suraj reaches the jail and sees kamal narayan. papa yeh saab kusne kiya. kamal was filled with anger and his eyes were dark red. kamal says humari bundwa chakor. suraj gets shocked and says papa yoy killed and buired her alive how is that possible. kamal screams that she escaped she is now educated and was raised in mumbai she is the famous runner 501 ek. suraj gets shocked and says what. kamal says she has past me she has a much higher rank in society than i will ever have. suraj says as much as an enemy she is to you she is the same for me i will avenge you. suraj says but papa i dont want to get married i want to marry someone of my choice im sorry but i cant follow your command this time. kamal is shocked hearing this and grabs suraj neck. kamal says what did you say repeat it no one dares to go against me im kamal narayan how dare you disobey me. suraj gets angry and pushes him. baas papa baas. suraj says iv done everything you have asked me to do iv humiliated people made many people bundhwa all on your saying. have you ever stopped and asked me what i would want to do or grow up. even i had dreams even i wanted to do something since the age of 6 you gave me a gun and would slap me so hard becasue i was not able to shoot. all you have done is used me you made my hands dirty. all i was to you was your ghulaam i was nothing more than a bundhwa to you. maybe what chakor did to you was right a person like you that has done so much hathiyachaar to me to the baasti and to my mother there is no better place for you accept the jail. kamal gets angry and says you chuwa your going agianst me i will not spare anyone not you and not that chipkali. suraj laughs and says goodbye and il see you try. kamal bangs the walls and requests the police officer to let him phone someone because it is urgent the police say ok kamal laught(evil kamal laugh) and smirks.

suraj reaches home and sees the wedding preparations going on he tells all the workers to stop and says there will not be a wedding. the workers say paar malik.. suraj says what malik he is in jail and now im the malik everything will happen when i say so i will rule the havali and the whole of azaadganj im now the malik. vivaan comes and shouts im also the son of this family i also get a share. suraj ignores vivaan and walks past. imli thinking that today iv done a good job suraj babu will get happy and give me an inaam i hope he loves me. imli sees suraj and follows him she says suraj babu today iv… suraj slams his bedroom door and ignores imli. imli does not mind as she is happy that suraj will be proud of her.

suraj sees someone on his bed and takes his gun out. he creeps slowly towards his bed and opens the blanket. suraj shouts thum! suraj falls on top of chakor. chakor screams in pain suraj removes the cloth around her face. chakor’s hair flies on suraj, suraj touches her hair they have an eyelock. chakor pushes suraj and says how dare you kidnapp me. suraj laughs and says what are you talking about. first you come under my bike and now you jump straight on to my bed you jungli billie. chakor gets angry and says how dare you call me a junglie billie you kidnapped me and now your putting the blame on me you hypocrite. suraj grabs chakors hand and says how dare you call me a hypocrite if i was to kidnapp you why would i place you in my room chakor pushes suraj and runs out suraj smerks.

imli sees chakor running out and pulls out her gun. imli screams today you cant escape what your bother did to my suraj babu you are going to pay the price today suraj babu will kill you. chakor gets confused and says i dont have any brothers i only have one sister… imli says quiet and shoots her gun. chakor looks around and is shocked that she is at the havali. vivaan sees chakor and runs towards her. vivaan shouts at imli and says how dare you treat chakor like that imli and chakor get shocked and imli says didi? chakor has tears in her eyes and says imlu she hugs imli but imli pushes and realises that it was chakor who she kidnapped. imli says your selfish and left me becasue all you think about is you. chakor says no imlu your wrong i care about you and what are you doing leave the gun what happened to you my imlu was innocent and now your threating people with guns. imli calls the goons and tells them to tie chakor up. vivaan shouts and imli tells him to be quiet as this matter is between to sisters. imli goes by suraj, suraj is day dreaming and smiling about chakor. suraj snaps out and sees imli he goes by her and shouts saying im not a coward im suraj if i ever attack someone its from the front not the back and dont try to do something like that again. imli brings in chakor and tells suraj that chakor is back. suraj turns around and the goons drop chakor on suraj’s foot. suraj picks chakor up and they both stare at each other.

suraj tells imli to leave the room. imli says but suraj babu suraj shouts and imli leaves. suraj sits on the chair. he says wow since the moment i first saw you i knew we had an old connection. suraj gets up and touches chakors hair he says the city air has changed you i noticed you were not from azaadganj your a very classy lady. suraj says we both are doshmaan and today we finally meet eye to eye. chakor steps on suraj foot breaks the rope and leaves the room suraj says jangli billie we will meet again. chakor runs out and vivaan sees her he asks if she is ok and chakor says she is alright. vivaan says to chakor that i was trying to find but all along you were in my house they both laugh. vivaan says this time i will not let you go we have alot of catching up to do they both walk off. imli runs in suraj room and asks what happened. suraj says chakor has changed shes a pataaka wow suraj walks of smiling. imli is shattered and is very anxious and says noo i have to do somthing suraj babu is only mine.

chakor and vivaan are walking in the gardern vivaan says to chakor alot has changed in 10 years chakor you are now a sports star chakor. vivaan says i missed you alot for 10 years there was not a day i would not think about you. you are my best friend this time you wont leave me will you. chakor says i had to be away becasue i had to focus on freeing azaadganj and my goal is complete. i will never leave this place or by best friend. vivaan thinks this is the perfect time to express his love. vivaan goes on his knees and grabs chakors hand vivaan says for 10 whole years, since the day you left i felt incomplete thier was not a day that would go by and not think of you chakor i love you your my best friend and i want to change this i want you to be my soulmate. vivaan hugs chakor. chakor is shocked and confused about vivaan proposing vivaan tells chakor that he will ask for her hand tonight and will be coming at her house. suraj sees vivaan and chakor hugging he gets angry and shout imli were is my gun! vivaan sees suraj and lets go of chakor imli comes running and says here suraj babu. suraj leaves in anger. vivaan tells chakor to be ready and leaves. chakor says but vivaan humari baat sunoo…

its evening imli is happy to know that vivaan is hugging she decorates the whole house and hugs chakor. chakor is confused and imli says she is really happy for chakor. imli thinks now i will definitely get suraj babu he is only mine. i have to be nice to didi as i want her to marry vivaan babu. vivaan comes and they all sit down. chakor day dreams about the incident with suraj. kaustri and bhavan are very happy for chakor. vivaan asks chakor hand in marriage. bhavan agrees everyone is happy and feed each other jalabee. chakor snaps out and sees everyone happy shes thinks to herself that she does not want her mai bapu to be sad becuase of her and maybe vivaan’s love is enough for both of them. vivaan hugs chakor who is seen depressed about the whole situation.

vivaan comes running home and brings the pandit with him. the pandit says the shoubmoorat for the engagement is in 3 days. suraj gets angry hearing this and announces that he is ready to marry tina and his engangemt is also in 3 days time. vivaan shouts let the preparations begin. vivaan hugs suraj and says congratulations even though we both dont meet eye to eye im really happy for you. suraj walks out. suraj is shown in his jeep he is drinking and keeps thinking about vivaan hugging chakor. vivaan phones kaustri to inform that the engagement is set 3 days later everyone gets shocked and say that theres less time to prepare. vivaan tells them not to worry and says the engagement will be held at the havali. imli is very happy hearing this and starts dancing chakor is tensed and says im going out for a jog. kaustri and bhvan see chakor depressed and think what if chakor is not happy imli sees them and says didi is shy many girls get shy kaustri says imli is right and they all dance.

suraj stops his car and some goons start to attack him.chakor is running and hears someone getting beaten up. chakor grabs the stick and hits the 2 goons on there heads. the goons fall down. chakor grabs suraj they both hide behind a hunt. chakor asks are you alright and turns around. chakor trips and falls on suraj they both have an eyelock. chakor gets up and says thum. ever since i came back to azaadganj i always keep bumping into you. suraj grabs chakor and says why did you save me im your enemy and anyways you should be preparing for your engagement what are you doing out here in the night it is not safe for you go back home. chakor says why are you drinking and its not safe for you if i was not out here who would save you you are too drunk to defend yourself. chakor helps suraj up and finds a shack. chakor makes suraj sit down she goes outside and finds a paste she puts the paste on suraj’s wound. chakor’s hair flies and suraj stares at chakor. chakor says you are now stable and gets up shes tells him to take care of himself. suraj gets up and pulls chakor. chakor falls on suraj. chakor says let me go. suraj says no first tell me why did you save me. chakor pushes suraj and says i did not know it was you i did what i had and instead of thanking me your questioning me chakor leaves and goes back home. suraj also goes back home. suraj thinks about chakor and smilies.

precap it is the day of the engagement imli is furious to know that suraj is also getting married. chakor gets ready. suraj comes into chakor’s room from the window he grabs her hand chakor is shocked and scared if someone sees her with suraj. she tells suraj to let go. suraj says no and picks chakor up.

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  2. Hey guys thank you for the love and support if you have any ideas or wanna see anything else in the ff please share your thoughts and ideas and my mid term holidays are over so i cant write an article everyday but dont worry i will try posting ad much as i can

  3. Amazing update, liked how chakor saved suraj. Looking forward to the engagement day.

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    1. I wrote about it and when i refreshed the page everything got deleted and thank you everyone for the support it really motivates me

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