The beginning of a new chapter for chakor (Episode 2)

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hi everyone thank you for the support that everyone gave me and i hope you guys also enjoy this episode

precap, chakor wins the asian games and vows to end kamal naryan’s torture

ranjana, ranjana tum kaho ho? kamal narayan was screaming around the whole havali to notify ranjana that chakor is back. tejswani was laughing at kamal because of the way he was scared. kya hoa daar gai? tejwani screamed at kamal for the 25 years of marrige that iv been with not once did i ever stop supporting you but you, you left me for ranjana who was your brothers widow how can you do this to me and now you are scared becasue one of the many people that can defeat you and is coming back to avenge azaadganj and dont forget that my share of sorrow will also incuded when chakor will send you to jail. you may have snatched my son away from me but once you are behind bars you will be worth nothing.

kamal naryan gets anxious and rasies his hand on tejwani. rok jaaw… the wind blows vivaan takes of his sun glasses and stops kamal just then ranjana comes and gets angry becasue of vivaan interfering. thum beech mai maat bolow vivaan. vivaan says you dont interfere the day you married this man you left me and the only support that i had was this women. kamal sees the time and thinks the time is very less i need to call raichand saab. just then tina and richand enter. tina mutters i dont want to get married. richand says you are a disgrace you lost the biggest race of your life and now you will get married. aaye aaye raichand jee aaaye. before kamal finished greeting raichand says that tina is ready for the marrige is suraj i dont have time to chit chat. kamal agrees that suraj is ready but tejwani said have you even asked him. kamal says huume yeh rishta manzoor hai.

the wind blows… a car stops right were the sign azaadganj is. chakor steps out her hair is flying and hoslo ki uraan hai plays. hum aagye waabas aur hum kamal naryan ko zaroor sazzah milingye. suraj babu hamara duppta paas giya. imli duppta got stuck in the car and she is asking for help from suraj. the wind blows… suraj looks and his watch and says thier is no time for me to sit in the car im going to take my bike. suraj bahu humari baat.. suraj walks of and imli screams app humara pyaar hai please come back for 10 years since didi left me for her slefish motives iv only had you as my whole world and have loved you for ever.

chakor calls the chief minister and the media and says the time is hear. chakoe does not realise that she is walking on the middle of the road. suraj is on his bike and as soon as he noticed he saw a girl right infront of his car and immedietly puts the brakes. chakor falls on the floor and suraj gets of the bike. suraj says dek kiy nahi chaal sakti. chakor gets up and shouts hello mister instead of helping me after nearly killing me you are blaming me for the situation i dont have time for this. suraj says whaterver even i dont have time for this. both walked past each other but chakor heel broke and she falls again but suraj catches her, he takes of his sun glasses and they have an eye lock more piyaa plays suraj stares at chakor and is lost for words chakor pushes him and walks past him chakor hair flies on suraj face and suraj is dazzaled by chakor beauty. yeh larki quaan hai. suraj thinks iv never seen true beauty like this ever.

the chief minster comes and sees chakor they head to the havali. hum aagye kaha ho thum kamal narayan. kamal drops the glass on the floor and turns around he sees chakor and runs towards her. chipkali aaj hum thumhe maar dalenge. kamal strangles chakor but the minister and media come recording the whole thing. kamal gets shocked and lies about the whole situation saying chakor is trying to frame him. yeh hai iski assliyat chakor speaks out and tells the world how the whole of azzadganj and bundwa including herself shes shows her muhaar and says this man did this to me she grabbed a man wokring in the havali look even this man has it everyone in the village has it. since the age of 7 this mean being has done so much crimes against me he tried to kill me bury me alive tied me in chains and much more. the chief minsiter arrests kamal and kamal says i will be back to attack chakor says im ready for you. the media and the chief minister praise chakor and chant chakor chakor you are one fearless girl who dealt with a monster like him after all the truth always prevalis. chakor goes and ranjana stops her and screams badamiz budhwa. chakor screams im not a bundwa and leave my hand. ranjana says you think you have won dont worry watch what happens. chakor says iv been watching and waiting for 10 years for this day to come. vivaan sees chakor and runs towards her he hugs chakor and says were have you been for 10 years iv missed you. chakor hugs vivaan and says i can believe its you we need catching up but now i need to go back home to see my mai baapu. chakor runs in excitement and enter her house. she is crying with joy and says mai kaustri gets up and cries and hugs chakor bhavan comes and drops his tiffin they both hug chakor and says we missed you.

chakor says i did it mai living away for 10 years was hard but i fulfilled my biggest goal which was to put kamal in jail kaustri and bhavan are in shock and say what is it true chakor nods. kaustri and bhavan go all around the village screaming we are azaad we are free the villgers are happy with joy. imli comes and kaustri tries telling her what happened imli says i dont have time for this, i asked kaka’s daughter to come to our house to speak to me imli thinks in her head this girl’s brother tried to harm my suraj babu i will kidnap her and make sure she suffers kaustri says yes but imli walks of the villgers are chanting azzad but kaustri was trying to tell imli that the girl is gone becasue you were not home.

imli creeps up from behind and suffercates a girl with some medcine. she calls her men and tells them to tie this girl up. imli thinks suraj babu will be proud of me and maybe will give me an innaam maybe he will love me. the goons pick the girl up. imli reaches the havali and says that i should tie this girl in suraj babu room so that he can kill her. the girl hand is tied and imli shouts at the goons to hurry up and hide the girl under the blanket instead of placing her in the chair. vivaan sees imli and asks have you seen… imli says vivaan babu i have no time to talk i nned to call suraj bahu viaan says but imli walks of vivaan thinks about chakor and was gonna ask imli were she went as they wanted to catch up.

precap suraj sees someone on his bed and takes his gun out he opens the blanket and slips on top of the girl and screams thum. chakor screams in pain as her face is tied suraj opens it and stares into her eyes moore piyaa plays

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  1. Philomina

    amazing tippu well written
    waiting for ur next part eagerly
    precap is awesome
    pls post it soon

  2. Nce. keep writing ur ff is just mind blowing.

  3. Philomina

    love ur story very much tippu
    but i have doubt does vivaan loves chakor ? ( i would be very happy if this happens i am dying to see jealous suraj )
    waiting for ur next part eagerly (very much,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,)
    when will u post it?
    will it be as big as this?

  4. Annabeth

    Its awesome tippu nd such a long one thnx 4 putting in so much hardwork

  5. Realy amazing dear.i can’t xpres my hapyness.waiting for next plese post soon if u can.

  6. episode was beyond d horizon …..I’m completely blank to give u an appreciation……. btw will kn be back ….I noe I noe I’ve to wait … plz post ssssoooonnnn

  7. Great episode, eagerly waiting for the next update.

  8. Shreya.

    Amazing dr, eagerly waiting for d next part…

  9. Great story. Loved it. Plz update as soon as u can .

  10. Sukorlover

    Amazing update

  11. Awesome. plz write next parts fast.plz…plz

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