How They Become Kaanchi? Episode 13 (Kabir’s past revelations continued)

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Hi guys here is present another part of Kabir’s past revelations please guys after reading leave your comments below I really want to know how much you like it. plz guys plz drops comments.
Dearest silent readers you too, do comments. It’s a humble request from you guys.
And Sundari, swettiltli, vasundra where are you guys I really miss your lovely comments.
Thanks to all my daily readers and commenters love you all.
So without wasting of time let’s start.

……………………………………………..Episode 13………………………………………………………………….

We were happiest family but one day the black day was come in our life later than our life was completely changed (she inaudible).
Saanchi: what was happened that day? Aunty ji.
Flashback starts
Kabir called to his father for coming in his school when he free from school then they were go to shopping for buying something for Kabir. Mr. kapoor said ok beta I’ll come then we will go to market.
Kabir said ok papa.
It was noon 2:00pm

Kabir Stood at school’s gate he was waiting for his dad.
Then he saw his dad is coming towards him he was also ran towards him his dad arose hand and gave him sign to stop I’ll come there, Kabir saw red signal turned into green his father was other side of the road he was just coming towards him. He just starting zebra crossing unexpectedly the truck was came on the road and hit him. Kabir was dumbstruck to saw that. Mr. kapoor met with an badly deadly accident, he was rolled on road blood was bleeding then Spreads on the road. Kabir ran he was weeping, shouting peoples were gathered around them he was as appealed for help to everyone but nobody was helped him. He put his father’s head into his lap and said.
Kabir: papa kuch nhi hoga aap ko main hun na?

Kabir seeking helps for everyone then he was stood said to someone please help me. Then someone called the ambulance they were reached hospital doctors said to Kabir blood was pouring from his head. Immediately we have to do treatment of him. First of all you call mother or elders.
Kabir called me I was reached the hospital where he was sat on the chair his hands were on his face tears rolled from his eyes I was began to walk quickly. He said me “Maa papa”.
Doctor came out from ward I asked him how is he? Doctor
Doctor said “his condition is very critical we have to do operation within 24 hours you have to immediately submit operation fee.
Kabir: doctor, don’t worries about fees just start operation, I’ll organize fees, you with just execute operation swiftly.
I asked how much fees we needed.

Doctor said “25,000,00 rupees Asap!
I was dumbstruck 2500000 rupees.
Kabir said “yes doctor we organize you start operation.
Doctor said “first summit fees then we will start operation go and manage the fees first.
Kabir asked from me “Maa how much we have cash in hand?
I said “approximately 5, 000, 00.
Kabir said “it’s very less amount we need more.
I suggested to him “we have to sale our house to get more money.

First Kabir was refused that in last he was agreed to do that. We were reached at land loader with legal papers of house, to sell our house. But there Kabir’s uncle (chacha ji) was came there who told us “I don’t allow to you that you sell the house because in this house I also had equal right so if you want to sell it then give me my half percentage in the money means 50/50.
I said him “bhayia ji we need money coz your brother in the hospital please for god sake help us”.
Chacha ji: No matter of mine, he did married with you without my permission and I was broke all relations with him. So I don’t care about him jeye ya mare.

Kabir shouted on him, he was grabbed his collar. I was calm down him. Then we agreed to sale house on his conditions. We got 28, 00000 from the house but 1400000 were come in our hands. Now, we had 500000+ 1400000= 1900000 rupees cash in hand on that time. Now still we want 600000 rupees. I gave him my jewelry as usual first he was denied then agreed. We were goes to jeweler shop we sold my jewelry we got 400000 rupees from there. We reached hospital with money doctors said “still 200000 rupees are less from amount you need to submit full amount then we start operation. We were worried no option remained Mr. kapoor’s condition went to more critical than before. Kavya was crying I was tried to stop her. Kavya Kabir’s younger sister.
Me and kavya prayed from god, Kabir tried to gets money, he reached mr. kapoor’s friends ,one of them was helped him who gave him 20,0000 rupees Kabir took sign of relief. Then he was reached at the Hospital. Cash fell down from his hand he was dumbstruck to hear from doctor that his father is no more. He was sat down within shock. He saw us we were weeping badly, and then doctor said “Aap body Ko le ja sakte hain.

Kabir stood and grabbed his collar then shouted “he is not body you damn it, he is my father, father you got it.
Then other doctors and peoples who were stood there were freed doctor from him.
After one month:
Kabir was decided to leaves his ambitions, he will become good doctor; he decided that those he was faced in his life he will never want to other peoples will face same in their lives due to heavy charges of the hospital.
He was abandoned his singing career, he did hard work to become a good doctor.
Flashback ends

Tears rolls from Saanchi’s eyes she is thinking “so this was dark past story of Kabir sir”.
Kusum: Saanchi is the best doctor for the world but for me he is my wahi bachpan wala child my son but his happiness were lost from that day. He is live beta but not live the life. I wish someone will in his come in his life that will provide him all happiness that he actually deserves. He was bear lots of in his life. Saanchi my Kabir in not sadu akdu, he is very soft by heart .then Kabir came there.

Then screen freezes on Saanchi and kokum’s face.

Precap: New girl comes Hospital to meet with Kabir………………Saanchi is shock to see her.

So guys how was that I did very hard work on it I leave no stone unturned to hooked viewers from my ff. but guys please tell me how was that through your valuable comments that’s really means a lot for me.
I’m eagerly waiting for your comments.

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  1. Moonlight25

    It was awesome…and I think the girl who came to meet him is his sister Kayva I guess…maybe…kabir sure did have a dark your next part soon

    1. Anee

      thankuu dear I feel glad that you like kabir’s pat revelations.

  2. first of all Anee dear, a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi to u………
    coming to the episode, it was too emotional one……….i literally started crying…………… I think the new girl is Kavya…… it???????? eagerly waiting for the nxt update………….

    1. Anee

      Thankuu Riya fo liked it. well she will be kavya or not that you will get to know in my next updates.

  3. Awesome I think the girl is kavya kabir sister update soon now I can’t wait

    1. Anee

      thankuu Divya and yaa sure.

  4. It is really good nd feel so ttyl for kabeer for his past nd I m with moonlight that the girl is kabeer’s sister but plzz post soon dear.

    1. Anee

      thanks dear.

  5. RuCh23

    Past story was great and so emotional ??? even I agree with others new girl might be Kavya ???

    1. Anee

      hey ruCh thankx for coment and it will be kavya or nor that you will get to know in my next updats.

  6. OMG it was so heart touching Kabirs dark past I made me cry where did you get the idea it was amazing and I think it be kavya

    1. Anee

      Thankuu Ashnita for a lovely comments and it was only my thought that i shared with you in the form of kabir’s past revelations.

  7. Happy ganesh chithirthi.very sad episode

    1. Anee

      Anu don’t worry next will be very intersting.

  8. Happy ganesh chithirthi.very sad episode Past story was great and so emotional ??? even I agree with others new girl might be Kavya ???

    1. Anee

      thanku kaanchi.

  9. Superb ff please post next one soon and happy ganesh chaturthi anee and all readers

    1. Anee

      same to u dear and thakuu so much.

  10. You are killing the English language. It gives me an headache reading it. It’s freaking horrible. If you are comfortable in your mother tongue, then use it. Its not necessary to use the english language to express your feelings.The spellings have totally gone haywire.

    1. Anee

      Hey Angelina where from you? If you got headache during reading than I would like to saying you please don’t not read again my ff coz your health is more than my ff. One more thing my mother tongue is Chinese. Its my ff so it’s my wish whatever I do with it. I hope you understand.

  11. Poor kabir? his past only contains painful memory which he still didn’t able overcome…..I think that girl will be kavya

    1. Anee

      hi sana you thinking rightactually my motive was also that you understand. it wil be kavya or not you will get to know in my next updats.

  12. Hema69

    superb yaar its so emotional

  13. Awesome update soon

  14. Anee I know it’s a silly question but I wanted to ask that who would be playing role of kavya and please don’t mind if you would not like to answer and your writing skills are awesome ???

    1. Anee

      Dear prachi I don’t mind on ur question but dear here I keep little suspense that not reveal yet. surely you will like her entry that i will reveal soon.

  15. Abhilasha

    Amazing…. Awesome…. Even I got emotional on reading kabir’s past yr… Superb… Sorry for cmnting late!

    1. Anee

      it’s okk dear and I’m gald that you liked kabir’s past story.

  16. I mean to ask that like the role of saachi is played by swarda so who will play the role of kavya

    1. Anee

      yes, my dear prachi i understand your question earlier ok now if you want to know that i say you it will be played by helly shah.

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