How They Become Kaanchi? Episode 12 (Kabir’s past revelations)

Hello friends first of all thankuu so much for appreciations, I have limited episodes coz I already decided my story’s end. After that I will post my OS that I prepared for you.

Saanchi : you know guys I was met with dr. Kabir’s childhood friend Vivak guess guys dr. Kabir he is looking like Hitler but actually not like that infect he was so fun loving.

Isha: ohh so what happened with him in the past? Why he become so rude arrogant and Khaduss.

Saanchi: (thinks) I don’t know.

Pragya: Jo bhi yaar what going our in this, go get sleep.

Saanchi; goes on bed she off lights thinking about Kabir’s rude behavior.

At Kabir’s house:

Kabir reaches home he calls his moms

Kabir: mom where are you?

Kusum: what happens? Golu, why are you shouting?

Kabir: Mom first of all closes your eyes.

Kusum: What Golu but why?

Kabir: Maa I say you close your eyes that means close your eyes ok. (Make naughty face)

Kusum: (smiles) Ok but…

Kabir: Maa no argue do as I say.

Kusum: close her eyes after five minutes Kabir utter her to open her eyes. Then kusum opens her eyes and watches so many toys, plaything, game, ornament etc. around her.

Kusum: (laughs) Kabir what is this beta? Why are you bought these commodities?

Kabir: Maa you likes na? That’s why.

Kusum: (laughs) Golu you are so innocent beta I bought toys just for children of orphanage and other things also.Beta I’m not kid and you know sometimes I bought toys for my upcoming granddaughter and grandson.

Kabir: ohh but I thought you liked that.

Kusum: yes beta I like it so much don’t be upset ok.

Kusum: Maa this is also for you.

Kabir gives box of sari to kusum she is happy to see something more.

Kabir: Maa unwrap it tell me how that is?

Kusum: excitingly asking! Ab yeh kiya hai golu?

Kabir: khol ke dekhen maa.

Kusum opens the box and wide smile spread on her face to see sari.

Kusum: wow golu yeh toh boht sundar hai (wow this is so beautiful.) now I understand baccuu toh tu yeh lene gaya tha shopping mall?

Kabir: Maa you like it?

Kusum: why not this is so beautiful why I do not like?

Kabir: Maa this sari is chosen by Saanchi.

Kusum: (shockingly glares to him and asking) what? This is Saanchi’s choice.

Kabir: yes Maa.

Kusum: (starring to sari) I knew it. Saanchi‘s choice is very good.

Kabir: (smiles) Maa are you delight?

Kusum: So much.

Kabir: that’s great I want just your happiness that’s enough for me.

He keeps kusum hand in his hand.

Kusum: Golu beta I’m glad that I have son like you. You are my whole world beta.

Kabir: Maa I love you so much and please always be happy.

Kusum: love u to beta.

Kusum hugs Kabir.

Next morning in the hospital:

Saanchi seems veer, he is also staring to Saanchi, Saanchi tries to avoid him but this is veer he never leave chance to talk with her. He comes to talk with Saanchi.

Veer: Saanchi listen to me please I want to talk with you Saanchi please.

Saanchi: veer please leave my way, I don’t want to talk with you I have lots of work to do.

Saanchi tries to moves but her feet sleep she is sleeping on that time veer holds her. Kabir is passing from there he see Saanchi in veer’s arms he feel hurt then leaves from there.

Then Riya comes here and says.

Riya: Perfectttt.

Both glare to her then parted ways.

Riya: (smirks).

Veer: Shut up Riya.

Riya: Wahh bhai you scold me. But I’m to your side na? Not you see? (Smirks)

Veer: shut up Riya just shut up.

Riya; ohh, now Dr. Saanchi tries to breaking Brother Sister Relationship? Now let me leave

Riya: yaa sure.

At Kabir’s cabin:

Saanchi: knock knock!

Kabir: yes come in.

Saanchi: yes sir, are you called me?

Kabir remembers scene which was happened few minutes ago where Saanchi was in veer’s arms.

Saanchi: sir I’m talking with you. What are you thinking?

Kabir: Nothing important and yes I called you coz I want to inform you that after surgery we will go to kapoor’s mention to meet mom (rudely).

Saanchi: (whispers) how rude?

Kabir: kuch kaha kiya?

Saanchi: Nods negatively, No

Kabir: mujhy eisa kiun laga jese tum ne kuch kaha?

Saanchi: no sir I not told anything. (She thinks) sorry Kabir sir ap se jhoot kahne ke liye sach bhi toh nhi kehsakti.

Kabir: hmm

Saanchi: ok sir after surgery I will be ready.

Kabir: Good, now get ready for surgery. I’ll meet you in OT.

Saanchi: (nodded positively) she leaves.

Kabir: starring her when she was going.

Kabir: thinks, What Kabir? What is this? You can’t talk with her like this. What was happened to you?

As usual Surgery completed successfully they both comes out from OT.

Kabir: Good job Dr. Saanchi now gets ready we have to go.

Saanchi: with smile, thankuu sir and yes I’ll be ready.

Kabir: Good.

Saanchi: hmm

Kabir: waiting for Saanchi in his car. Saanchi comes there veer watch them and thinking.

Veer: where she is going?

Saanchi: sits in Kabir’s car.

Veer shocks and thinking, Saanchi with Dr. Kabir? What’s going on between them?

Kabir says to Saanchi, now you learn how to tie seatbelt?

Saanchi: replies Sir are you teasing me?

Kabir: No, I’m just asking from you.

Saanchi: Honestly sir, even I not understand how I tie seatbelt (she bit her tongh).

Kabir: (smiles) you are really mysterious.

Saanchi: So sir, Can you help me?

Kabir: off-course why not?

Kabir comes close to her and instructs Saanchi about tying seatbelt Saanchi do as Kabir says then finally Saanchi learned how to tie seatbelt.

That is so sweet moment when Kabir instructs Saanchi learns.

They both reach kapoor’s mention. They come out from the car. They comes inside the house where kusum welcomes her with excitement. He is feeling so happy to see Saanchi in her house.

Kusum: areey Saanchi beta welcome, welcome.

Saanchi touches her feet for sake of take blessings.

Kusum: says to Saanchi arreu arrey bus beta. Your place is not in my feet’s your place in my heart beta god bless you.

She hugs her.

Kusum brings Saanchi to inside the home while Kabir also comes behind her.

Kusum: you do good to come here I really want to meet you. I really miss you.

Saanchi: me too aunty ji,

Kabir gets urgent call from the hospital

Kabir: excuse me you carry on, I’ll comes soon.

Saanchi and kusum nods.

Kusum: sit down beta.

Saanchi: (smiles) Aur bataye aunty ji, Are you taking care of yourself?

Kusum: now I see you I’m absolutely fine.

Saanchi smiles and start watching around her she watch the wall in which so many degree achievements, medals are attached on the wall trophies are showcased in the showcase.

She stands going towards them and asks from kusum.

Saanchi: Aunty ji this all achievements of Kabir sir.

Kusum: comes there and says yes, yeh sab Kabir k hain.
Kabir achieves so many tasks in his life and the result you can see. Then suddenly Saanchi see child’s photo on the wall in which the child was holds guitar in his hand.

Saanchi frankly asks from kusum, Aunty ji who is he? I think he is Kabir sir.

Kusum: Well guess, yes he is Kabir. He was liked singing.

Saanchi moves towards her and asking, was liked means not now?

Kusum: hmm.

Saanchi: but why aunty ji? Why sir leaves singing if he liked.

Kusum: (seriously) Saanchi, I’m going to tell you Kabir’s past story listen carefully. (She moves and starts uttering)

Saanchi when he was in 10 standard then he was so fun loving boy he was loves singing he was participate in his school’s every singing competition he wants to becomes good singer. He loves his father so much he was playing games with him he was too close with his father we were very happy family u know we are not much rich, but we were happy family, one day, the black day came in our life and that day destroy our life completely.

Precap: Saanchi meets with Kabir’s emotional side…

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