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Hello everyone!!!

I am new to this page. Basically I never watched Manmarziyan while it aired on star plus. However, I had heard of it’s huge fan following so just thought of giving it a try. I recently finished reading all the updates on TU, and I was amazed but also a bit sad that I could never watch this serial on TV. Had to resort to hotstar. But just fell in love with it. ?

I have previously written an ff on ek mutthi aasmaan but had to end it abruptly due to the very few comments on it. I hope to get some comments here. They will really encourage me. ☺

Ok, so much of this nonsense. Will start writing now.
Also, I will try my best to comment on all your FFs, but now my end semester exams are going to begin so forgive me if I don’t comment. It won’t make your FFs less good. And yeah, just to tell you, read a few FFs, you all are just superb!!!! How I wish MMZ had never ended. Or maybe SP should bring back MMZ 2 with ardhika and nesam.

So here I start, and please forgive me for any typos.?


Radhika gazed out of the window. She wondered what her mother Mala was up to. She had, after all, not allowed her to come downstairs, telling her that a surprise awaited her. However, Radhika could not understand the reason behind the “surprise”. Her birthday had already passed, and nor had she recently won any award. Sighing, she pulled out her phone and called up her best friend, Samaira.

Sam was in the gym. She had her headphones on so could not hear the phone ringing. By the time she was over with her exercises, she had 22 missed calls from Radhika. She wondered what had happened.

Here, Radhika was given a dress by her mother and asked to come downstairs when asked to. She did not know how to react to the news of a boy’s family coming with a marriage proposal. Could her apprehension be true? Did he still remember her? As in, could the family be his? No. Radhika did not even want to think about it. She heard her phone ringing and automatically said, “Hi Sam, had been trying to contact you for so long. Are you crazy? You scared me like hell. What do you think of yourself? Where are you?”

Radhika heard a deep throaty laugh at the other end. The call was cut. But she could not muster enough courage to look at the number. She knew it had been him. She could recognise his voice from a distance of a thousand miles.

She finally willed herself to look at the number. She felt lifeless. The soul had been sucked out of her body. “NO!!!!!!” She screamed. She felt as if she would faint the very next moment. No, this could not be happening.

Or maybe it was. Yes, he was coming. He was coming for her. And this time, it was for ever. He had kept his promise of torturing her for all her life. Radhika knew what this phone call meant.

For her, it meant the beginning of a life of destruction. For him, she was his trophy, and he had once said he hated losing. Yes, he had been right. He was going to win this battle too. He was going to make her life miserable as hell.



So, how was it? Please please please comment, your one comment can help encourage someone to write! Do tell me how is it? And also, positive criticism is welcome too.

Till then, bye and take care.

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  1. arti viswanathan

    Excellent episode jeall dear… Why so short episode…. So write long episode dear… I loved it.. Who is coming in radhika i hope its not that bl…dy saral in her life….. And plz bring arjun soon dear….

    1. Jeall

      Hi arti, thank you for commenting! Sorry but next time I will post a longer episode. ☺

      And yeah, let the story unfold! You will know who this guy is.

      Keep commenting.

  2. Superb….. Pls continue…

    1. Jeall

      Yes Saran, sure.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. interesting….plzz continue….nd post next soon….

    1. Jeall

      Sure. Will try to post soon. Keep commenting.☺

  4. Brin

    Good start, story is very interesting, waiting for the next update. ?

    1. Jeall

      Thank you Brin!!!!! Never thought you would comment. But seriously thanks a ton!!!!

  5. Fanficoholic

    Amazing episode jeall. I think this is jst inteo. I jst loved it. U wl surely get good number of comments here as ppl here r really sweet and encouraging. So dnt worry. U hav very good writing skills. So plz continue this ff. Post longer episodes. I am sure ur ff wll be a hit????

    1. Jeall

      Thank you so much for your valuable comment, Fanficoholic.

      And yeah this was like a prologue.☺

  6. nice attempt. good work.

    1. Jeall

      Thanks a ton Moni!!!! Keep commenting. ☺

  7. This was so awesome,,plz plz plz update fast n yes longer one plz

    1. Jeall

      Will try to update by tomorrow. And thanks!

  8. Nice plot ! Plz continue . Will be waiting for the next chapter.

    1. Jeall

      Thank you. Keep commenting. ☺

  9. hai..jeall.very intresting.plzz update the next soon…

    1. Jeall

      Hey Maddy! Your name just reminded me of R. Madhavan☺☺☺

      And will try to update soon.

  10. A nice spin to the story

    1. Jeall

      Thanks a lot!

  11. Good start dear.. Next time long chappy please?

    1. Jeall

      Thanks you dear, and yeah sure. Will try my best!

  12. nice start 🙂

    1. Jeall

      Thanks neetz. Keep commenting. ☺

  13. of luck for your semester

    1. Jeall

      Thank you chashni!!! Did you keep that name bcz of Radhika?

      Coz I remember Radhika was called as chashni by Sam and Neil!

  14. Superb very interesting best of luck for your semester

    1. Jeall

      Lol….. Double comment??? Now worries I will thank you once again then!!!

      Tysm☺☺☺ keep reading.

  15. Good start..waiting on next ..thank u

    1. Jeall

      Hey thanks for your comment!!!!☺

  16. Jeall

    P.s. thanks to the TU team for the cover pic of this FF. I was dying thinking that it might be just Radhika on the cover page. Thank you for the pic of ardhika!!! That too a still from the best episode.

    Love you TU team. ???

  17. Dev

    Nc openin jeall…welcom 2 mmz family….n al d bst 4 ur xams n ff

    1. Jeall

      Thank you for your wishes Dev!!!

  18. Myra

    okay, I have this gut feeling that this is going to be one of the best ff, we gonna have…like, we really are a quite sizable community…aren’t we?
    the way, you took off, made me your fan instantly…
    man, your writing style and the imagination…..that phone call, was a master stroke….I don’t even know whether you yourself realise that…
    all the best, dear
    update asap….I am surely looking forward to it…

    1. Jeall

      Oh God Myra….. To be honest, now I am a fan of yours. This comment left me smiling from ear to ear.

      And thanks but I seriously think this is too much praise. ☺☺☺

  19. Grt job…Di…
    First chappy…nd making everyone to comment lyk anything ….really commendable…..
    Now…plot tym
    Something interesting…BT fishy too
    Y radzzz said lyk…its beginning of hr lyf destruction…???
    BTW tell me its arjun na???
    Ok …I no he will b…
    So again congratulation…
    Nd welcm here

    1. Jeall

      Hahahaha….. Ana, thanks!!!

      And, please call me jeall. Even if you are just a twelve year old. No need for Di!!!!

      N yeah, keep guessing. Coz I love creating suspense ???

  20. Viprida Annuru

    Wow!! That was an interesting intro!! And the way you penned them was very good!!

    1. Jeall

      Thank you!!!

  21. Superb..

    1. Jeall

      Thanks a ton Bunny!

  22. Wowwww jeall…my dearrryyyy. ..amazing start….loved it so much. …I’m in for this. ….thumbs up. ..all the best. .muaaaaahhhhhh Bear hug

    1. Jeall

      Hey Roma, thanks!!!!

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