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BECAME HIS LIFE: SidMin ff (intro)

Chapter#1- the torture begins…

(Writers pov…only..coz that was just for showing u there thinking..)

That was evening…4’o clock…yes,not night..
Coz sidhant is a very busy men….so they had to leave for paris the next morning..there marriage had took place in d afternoon..they’ll stay one night n next morning both will leave…
Sidhant was moving towards his room where HIS WIFE was waiting for HIM..but he was not at all worried..coz it doesnt matter to him…
He is not at all heartless..just that he had achived evrything in his younger age so he is just a money boy..who thinks without money nothig can he spend night(daily) with different girls on paris which was d very reason for his family to get him married..n ofcourse it was forcefully..n dat was only d reason he hated jasmin without knowing her..he jz knew her name n her father’s business n nothing more…so he thoughy her as a uneducates lady…while jasmin was a kind n caring girl ..he had a soft corner for him..n was unknown with his oh-so-money-evrything fact n also about sleeping with girls..she was also not ready for physical closeness with him now..her thought was dat…dat she n he would get to know eo first n den take der relation next level..but she was unknown with the fact of his DEVILNESS…

Sidhant had a mother sandhya gupta(his real mother only) n father vivek gupta(not real..given my name)..both were caring n jasmin had shared a very good daughter bond with both of dem…in sm days dat was all rituals for the wedding..they had warned sidhant for his behaviour…withher..but he was not that mumma or daddy boy..who will do wat they want…

Sidhant move towards his room..n reach at d door..he opened it n just den his phone rang..he answered d call n after half hour or so..he finally entered n saw jasmin sitting on d corner of d bed..already changed..yes,she had changed tikl she was really uncomfortable with d heavy dress…both look at eo..n share a sweet eyelock which was ofcourse broken by SIDHANT…
He,without paying amy attention to her…went to d table n take his laptop n started to work…
Jasmin was about to say smthng..wen
“Pls dont disturb..dis is really important presentation which i had to make..if anytging goes wrong..i’ll hav a big loss…so better stay quite…”he said rudely to which she shiver…but den noded..n sat on d bed..just like dat having no work..
It was 8..wen d maid cm to der room to call for which dey leave TOGETHER in 5 minutes …jasmin had changed into red saree…with golden jwellery…
Dey all had there diner in which jasmin n sid parents were only chatting n laughing..which his hubby hate…d most…sid was quite…jasmin dint say a word to him… As she was scared..
After d dinner sidhant left to THEIR room…whil jasmin stayed there talking with dem..not wanting to she was scared after h said rudely but now it was 10:30..n dey left to der respective room..only Amira was der…(sid younger sis)…who also left in sm tym..
Now it was d tym to go to devil’s den..
But she had to…she entered d room to find him closing d laptop….
“Where were u..?”he asked angrily..
“H..ha..hall…ch..chatting with”she was interpreted..with his sudden act..which was he pulled her roughly towards him through..waist..
“Ahhh”she screamed wen he squeezed it badly.

..he hold her hairs..n throw her on d bed…
“Listen..u miss.whoever..u r my SLAVE…n not my better remain slave..dont try to b smart…i married u on my parents wish..n now i’ll use u on my own wish..i will hav u wen i want u..n will throw u ..n make u do d work..wen i want..understand”he said n jump on her…
He was use to f*ck he cant stay away…
She shout to which he smashed her lips…n chewed it badly..
“I..i..i m y..yet”she said in btwn d so calles kiss..
But he dint pay any attention m try to enter her mouth but she dint let him do so..
So he pinched his stomach..while she shout n he made his way in her mouth..after few minutes…he parted away…
Jasmin was crying miserably..coz it was her FIRST kiss..she had given no1 the right to kiss her widout her permission…
She teied to stop him but he was fat or can say a body buildered she failed….he was upon her..he bite his collarbone…n put der d love mark…n continue all over her neck n shoulder…he then take out d pallu n kiss her stomach n den bite der…she shout again n again..while he was annoyed he stand up…n she took a sigh of relied as she thought he backe off…but sidhant was not dman to back off..
Jasmin went n stand front of d mirror which was opposite to d room doorr..she saw herself with red marks n cried ..wen d door again get open n in came sidhant with a rope n tape…
He pull n throw her on d bed before she can realize..he tied her one hand on d bed…n leave d another…free only..n den he was about to put tape…wen
“Pls..pls dont do dis..m not ready yet..pls dont seel my mouth wid d tape..”she cried knowing dat dis devil is not going to listen..
But he thow d tape..
“I dont wanna do dat..but u were not ready…be thankful dat i granted ur one wish..i’ll not seel ur mouth with tape…(she sighes)but dat doesnt mean dat i’ll not hav u..”he smirked..she was shocked..but knew dat he was bl**dy strong..n gave up…he take out her blouse n b*a only aftrr kissing once again n distracting her…he took it out…he cupped her one cleavage n kissed another..n also not forget to bite it..did same with another…
Jasmin was all exhausted…crying..her tears dried..n she wasnt suppose to shout her pain evry1 will wake up…n she dont want to let any1 know about dis…
Her one hand was tied n other was holded by sidhant…he had hold dat hand from start..n was doing alk with his another..
Soon she was all naked infront of him..but she wasnt shy infact she was feeling disgusted…as he was also d same…
He was about to enter in her..
“Pls…pls..dont do dis……”
“It..??? Wat..”he asked smirking as he know wat she was going to tell..she looked in his chocolate eyes..n
“It will pain…n its my first tym..n n…
I mean..i know u r my husband..n u ave right..but smooth n slow..i m..”he interpreted..
“No worry baby..i m sooo smooth n about pain..lets check…”n he tries to enter but she dint let him
“Pls slow”she said innocently..
He melted…n rub her thighs inorder to enter in her…he slowly get in while she winced…he immesiately captured her lips…n with his one hand…remove d rope from her another hand which was tied n make it free..
She was in pain but felt pleasurable which was ofcourse unknown feeling for her..her hands move in his hair…n he slowly broke d kiss…dis tym jasmin wasnt stopping him to enter in her mouth but he only pulled out..
After smtym..he pulled himself out of her too…
Sidhant was shocked seeing her hands free…he dint realize wen he did dis..
N saw jas smiling a bit…he got angry…remembered about der marriage n pull her..
She again winced in it was tough for her to take wat just happened..n ofcourse she was exhausted with the day…she want to sleep…but no..! Her so calle husband was not in moodd to let her do so..
“My legs r paining..massage it..”he ordered her rudely to which she was shocked..
“Sidhant,i m exhausted pls..let me sleep..”she feared buy make out to speak…
“U r my SLAVE…n hav to do wat i say..”he said again breaking her heart in pieces…he slept..
N she started to massage her legs…she protested to wear something but no..he wasnt in mood to let her do so…so she wore his shirt which was on d floor to cover herself..
It was half hour she was massaging…n ofcourse was she was bout to sleep wen he kicked her making her fall on d floor…
“Ahh..!”she shouted..
“Dont shout n u r not suppose to sleep…i was going to letu but no..! Now massage my head…”he ordered to which widout a single word she started to do…again sleep acquired her..n to her good luck he was asleep so she slept…her head was on his head n she was in a sitting position..sidhant was on her lap in smtym aftrr…

Next morning..botj woke up to saw der position..sidhant dint say a he could saw her dried tears n dark circles…her body was all red with his torture…he got freshen up..n ordered her to cm soon..
She quickly took a warm shower which was needed…badly n wore a white top n black jeans…with a scarf around her neck to hide d love bite…
His family was amodern so she wasnt suppose to wear saree n all..all d tym…
Dey have der breakfast..n left to airport..where der private jet was waiting for sidmin enter after bidding adieu..
Sidhant was now more n more happy nmas he was away from his family n now the real torture begins he thought..
Whike she was in tears now also as she was knowing dat dis type of torture had begin n she had to bear it ….she wanted to know d reason..n was again crying at her fate dat has been given her always pain..she sat opposite to sidhant..while he smirk..
Aftef smtym he d room which had a bed…n a couch…
Jasmin was tired so she thought to get sm painkiller n sleep der itself so dat she doesnt have to face him..she go to d room to saw her husband kissing wildly to d airhostess..who was half naked…he made her sleep on bed n came on top of her..he was going to take out her undergarments n enter in her..where he listened sm1s cry which was not of d girl..he turned n saw jasmin crying…his heart pierced dis tym..although he had made her cry whole previous nigjt..but dis tym he felt dat he had broken her trust..
He went to her leaving d girl behind…
“Jasmin wait..!”but she left to d washroom…n cried miserably..

So dat was it..?
How was it guys..??
Hope wasnt dat vulgar..(though it was)
But dus is only d story line…
Wat will happen next..??
Will sidhant ask forgiveness or show her attitude..?
To know read BECAME HIS LIFE..
I know u would b feeling bad for jasmin..buf u can make out through d title dat evrything will b fine.. ?☺
Pls trust me n read further…
Dis is a mysterious one..

N yaa sorry for delaying 2 week as u all know i was sick n i m handling 3 ffs at a tym so..its hard for me..sorry…
N yaa next will b posted sooon…
N hope it was long enough..
I m tired now..
Well thank u for the support guys…really very happy..
N haaan..! Remember dat I LOVE U ALLLL????


  1. Awesome.. please update sooon….

    1. Aamu

      Thanx auror…?

  2. Wanna kill him ????????………Feeling sad ???how could he ???? ?Cheapo…Btw I seriously hated him which means you were successful in portraying this grey shade very welll,???????so post soon ?? ….Very soon?….

    1. Aamu

      Oh..maa..! Nooo mar mat dena??..
      Saare sidhantians tumhe maar denge..??
      Well chalo hate b mat hi use sudhaar dungi(tym lagega lekin)…
      Pls maar na mat..
      N thanx for ur wrdsn really means alot..
      Love u?
      N m caught in sm work so i will try to post sooon☺

  3. Nishfd

    Great epi…..
    Post soon

    1. Aamu

      Thanx nishfd..
      I willtry t post soon?

  4. SidMin23

    ????? how can he did to her and do show love and care side of him in next part as what he did to her. He cheat her for his satisfied to other girl hoe he feel guilty and ask for her forgiveness. Do post soon want to know next part eagerly while he ask her for forgiveness or show Attitude.

    1. Aamu

      Thanx di…well it will gake tym to shape up d story..
      N is bigde hue sidhant ko sudharna b to hai..!
      Dont worry jld hi sudhar jaega…
      N about ur wish..dan its command for me…
      So i’ll do it….but wen…its upon me..??
      Well thanx for d cmnt di…i will try to post sooon?
      Love u di??

  5. It’s great
    But Sid he is just Sao mad how can he do wid jas feeling so bad for her
    Make him gud soon
    N ha y r u saying so many sry for me in Intro don’t forget rule of frndship dear
    N u dedicated dis chappy for me so sweet of u I’m so siooo siooo happy dat i can’t express
    Post soon
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Aamu

      Thanx ramya…
      N dont worry is bigde hue sidhant ko badal na mera farz hai..??
      I’ll do it..but haaa..! Wo jasmin ko bolna hoga na muje..wo kab karegi idk
      Chalo leaving my drama..?
      It will take tym to make him a good person…but it will sooon….
      N i m going for some days on a vacation….may b on wednesday..if i’ll get tymm i’ll post before dat..
      Thank u..
      N love u

  6. Nice one plz post soon i love storyline

    1. Aamu

      Thanx lovely…??
      I will post sooon

  7. Presha

    Hey aamu..
    Hw r u now??
    Epi was awesome amazing..
    Just loved it..
    Felt bad for him…
    Nd sid was a real devil..
    Waiting to see if sid asks forgiveness or not..
    Love u..
    Postt soon…

    1. Aamu

      Hey presha di..
      M fit n fine di…
      N thank u very much for d cmnt..
      N kuch nahi di..sudhaar denge is bigde hue sidhant ko b..just chill..
      It will take tymm..

  8. Awesome episode post soon

    1. Aamu

      Thanx kiya….
      U know kiya se muje meri frnd jiya yaad aati hai..wenever i read ur xmnt i remember her…
      I tease her always aaying..” socha wo kiya..!”

  9. Awesome
    post next part soon

    1. Aamu

      Thanx isabellaaa

  10. Awesome episode
    Feeling sad for twinkle
    Plz post soon dear
    Take care

    1. Aamu

      Thanx nisha..
      N sidhant baba ko ham sudhasr denge..u dont worry n have a hot chocolate n sleep?

  11. No yaar it is not even vulgar and pls post soon i am jus loving this ff and it is like i want it like water love u and ur ff

    1. Aamu

      Thanx siya..

  12. Fatimaa.

    Awesome epi aamu…
    Loved it soo much..
    Well sidhant has a very dark shade par kya karu me is dil ka….usko hate kar hi nai pata????…
    Hope u make him good soon..
    And it didnt felt vulgar…it was good..
    Post soon love uu

    1. Aamu

      Thanx fatimaa di..(i think u r elder..right..?)
      N glad u liked it…
      N dont worry sidhant ko sidha karna mera kaam hai…
      But ut will take tym..boho bigad gaya ladka?
      Dont worry it will soon..
      N yaa love u diii..
      N about posting soooon..den i cant promise as i m already on a vacation n tomorrow going to our farm house n will b back on 10 den till 12 notv possible..but if i’ll get tym der..i’ll surely post?

    2. Fatimaa.

      Ohk sweety wenever u get tym…post karna

  13. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting awesome…n sad for twinkle

    1. Aamu

      Thamx purnimaaa…my always supporter…??

  14. Yaar can u pls write an os jisme twinkle and kunj are married but hate each other as twinkle is very modern and loves to waer short dress but kunj is against it as he is the biggest bussnessman and youngest too and he doesnt alow twinkle to go outside for modelling as shee is a model pls yaar can do a favour its a request?????

    1. Aamu

      Hey,its a wonderfulidea..i’ll surely write..n its totally not at all a favour okay…?
      But i m going to my farmhouse tomorrow..n will b back till 12 so…it will take tym…butdont worry if i’ll get tym today i’ll write it..??
      Thank u n half credit will go to u..?
      As idea is urs…mine will b just sm scenes n writing skills so..
      Love uuu??

  15. Mia12

    Otteri kamino mera itna long wala cmnt post nai kia,,???????? it ne mehnat se likha tha khuoon pasina ek karke,,?????? but saccho muje bhttt gussa arahai nai yrrr…??????

    1. Mia12

      Yarr it was Out standing, superbb ufff,,???????????????..
      seriously I Love this epi to the core yarr,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
      Like really yarr itna devilness areh bapreh,,??????????
      Mene to kabhi nai dekha esa devilness,,?????????
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      LOAD’S OF LOVE AMMU,,❤?❤?❤?❤

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      N loveeeee u sooooo much ????

      Thank u soo much..
      N sidhamt babu ko sudharne ki responsiblity worryyy?

    3. Aamu

      Are baapre…itnaaa gusssaaa..!
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      Kitna baha… 1 drop..2 drop..???

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  17. Thanks a lot aammmu ur the best love u tòoooooooooo..

  18. Twinj

    Ie hie aamu back once again…n for ur kind information it’s not torture….live the epi…devilish form of sid hawwww…how can he do that…bechari jas….par jitna bhi bura ho hae toh hamara sid n how much I try I can’t hate him….the epi was awesome amazing. soon…

    1. Aamu

      Hey akkkuiu..
      How’z u..?
      N miss. Bechari jas ke saath kinna bura kiya sidhant ne…
      Torture to hai hi na..!
      N hate bilkul b mat karna…!!?..
      Me hi usko sudhaar dungi…☺☺
      Love u…
      N see baby’s reply for posting sooon

    2. Twinj

      Oe hoe mujhe toh lafa tune apni writing ki torture kaha iss liye maine aisa kaha…may bhi ja may kya likh na chati thi kya likh diya…kher sid ko hate toh kabhi kar he nai sakte coz he is our hubby….jitna try karo hate toh bilkul bhi nai karsakte aab chal tu he sudhar de …aur jaldi post kariyo…take care….have fun….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post soon….

    3. Twinj

      Phir se typing error…lafa nai laga ja nai na

  19. Baby

    yrrrrrr……….isko hate krna chaho toh bhi nahi kar skti lekin haan…….bad he did worst wid her…atleast he shuld not have kicked her……….
    awwwwww………….m jst crying n crying aami plsss request hai baaki saari ff baadmein abhi sbse phele ae wali post krio………. 🙂
    plsssssssssss………….I srsly cant wait………
    it was jst mindblowing marvelleous emotional…..n outstanding job portrayed d character in a lovely way……….
    bt just way too much emotional…….
    loved it………♥
    love u lods…………♥
    don’t worry not vulgar………♥
    post nxt asap plsssssss………….♥
    love u………..♥
    chalo atleast aakhir mein dishearten toh hua kunj but uska ki fayefa menu pata hai enu koi fark nahi painda hai ainu attitude dikahaana si………♥
    loved it………♥♥
    post asap asap as u get time……….. 🙂
    loved it……………….♥ love u………..♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Aamu

      Dont worry didu…
      Aap hate mat kar sidhant ko…
      Isko thik karne ki jawaabdaari meri…?
      Me jas ko sab sikha dungi k kaise usko sudhaara jaaye..?
      N ur language…?
      ‘chalo atleast aakhir mein dishearten toh hua kunj but uska ki fayefa menu pata hai enu koi fark nahi painda hai ainu attitude dikahaana si…’ Is ??
      Dis same thing..i mean dis type my dadi talk smtym..but muje ni all ..
      I love dis..
      I tried many tym to speak..but sab haste hai…..
      Well leave all that…n di…mene apna devakshi ff almost 1 n half week se post nahi kiya hai…
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      N dont worry me chots epi shaayad post kardumgi kal…i m soo excited to post…???
      Love u….

    2. Baby

      hahhaaa……merko bhott hassi aa rhi hai mene kya likha hai…..kher chaddo….
      I will wait enjoy in ur farmhouse……

    3. Aamu

      Are it is lovely..i loved ur si n all..
      N yaa i will..
      N dont worry next chappy kal ya parsu post karne waaaali hu?

  20. Sameera

    Hawww thanks for posting it yaar as I was hell waiting for it again Late hogaye mein ab sorry bolungi to Tu gussa hojayegi well that was marvellous yaar loved it itna k baata b nahi saktiiiii yaar sooooooooooooooo amazing meri jaan too cute ….
    Sid in wild avatar ????????..
    Loved his this shade and this shot was too hot garmi lag rahi hai yaar mujhe tou ?????….
    Plzzz post next one soon ????….
    As I am hell waiting for it babwsss …
    Love u soooo much meri jaan …

    1. Aamu

      Chilllll…thamdi ho jaaa meri shammuuuu…
      I think muje hona chahiye kyuki mene ek saans me read kiya na..!
      Well thanxk u sooooo sooooooooooo much baby…
      N about postig…i m busy actually vacation haina..! So parsu se farmhouse jaa rahe hai 6 din k liye..but i think me bohot zyada overwhelmed ho gayi hu tumhasri sab ki pyaari pyaari cmnt me mere liye pyaar dekh kar…so chota hi jld hi kardungi..
      Love u toooo my jaaan…
      N ha..! How is ur studies going..hun.??
      Ab choti sister hone ke naate puchna mera farz hai…??
      Kisi chiz ki madad chahiye to bolna zarur☺☺☺
      Well missing u baby..
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