Beauty & The Beast (YEH JAADU HAI JINN KA-ROSHAN FF) Part 1

Hey yeh jaadu hai jinn ka fans!!! I am also one of roshan’s fan and really love their pair so I was thinking to start a fanfiction on them. I will include descriptions about their characters and part 1 below. I hope you all like it and if I receive lots of love and comments and support from you all than I will continue my fan fiction!!! I hope you all enjoy and let’s start. My fan fiction is based on my ideas and will be supernatural (werewolves) based and has nothing to do with the drama’s plot.


Roshni Farooqi: Ever since she came out of an abusive relationship, Abid (her father) knew that telling her about werewolves will cause her to go further into depression. Being the youngest child in the family and adopted as well as being naive, Roshni knew that someone, or something had saved her from her abusive boyfriend that night in the woods.

Aman Junaid Khan: Ever since Riya Farooqi burned down the Khan house as well as Aman’s family, Aman has felt nothing but anger and hatred towards the Farooqi’s. So imagine Aman saving an Farooqi? It’s true, he did. Going into the woods, Aman saved Roshni from her abusive boyfriend or so he thought. Because later on he learns that Roshni is his mate and she was already scarred emotionally, mentally, and physically by her boyfriend.

Now join Aman as he mends his broken Beauty and Roshni mends her broken Beast


Trigger warnings of abuse and self harm. If you are sensitive to this topic than you can skip it. I myself do not encourage self-harm. I will make words bold if the sensitive parts are going to be written and unbold it when finished.


She was running. Was running, far away from him.

Hey come back NOW! She heard him yell in pure anger.

Roshni had tears falling down her eyes as she cried silently while running. She was trying to find an exit or at least a place to hide. Anywhere to get away from that monster. She then started to look around the woods which was awfully scary to her especially at night. The trees looked ominous like the ones shown in many horror movies. Roshni was frightened from even the slightest snap of a twig or the drift of the wind petrified that her boyfriend, Jai was right behind her.

Jai was a cruel man. Roshni knew this even before she started to date him. Well, she was forced to date him. Jai terrified Roshni and threatened her that he’ll hurt Farah. Roshni begged him not to hurt her older sister and ended up dating him. Jai was horribly abusive towards her. He always gave her bruises from slapping or beating her up which Roshni always had to cover up. She wanted to tell her parents about Jai but he of course threatened her which she was forced to oblige.

But now, she had enough.

At first jai was lately acting weird towards her. Being nice, gentle towards her. Roshni thought Jai was trying to change. But she was wrong. Jai was pretending to be kind for a excuse to touch her and just lately he tried to force himself on her and that’s why Roshni was running. Just then Roshni heard a few twigs snap making her gasp in surprise. She looked around before quickly running towards a tree and was hiding behind it. She peeked to see Jai looking around before running in the opposite direction.

Roshni sighed and turned back only to see Jai smirking at her. Her eyes widened as she tried to run but Jai held her by the waist and shoved her into the tree making her cry in pain.

Tsk…Tsk…Tsk…Roshni, Roshni, Roshni. Do you really think you could get away from me? Jai asked sarcastically.

Roshni started to cry.

P-P-Please let me g-go she pleaded making Jai laugh before glaring at her and held her neck.

Roshni struggled trying to free herself but couldn’t as Jai took off her jacket. Roshni was full on crying at this point.

Shut up you little b**** otherwise I will do far worse. Do you understand? Jai glared.

Roshni furiously nodded in fear of him. Roshni began to quiet down before starting to scream due to the pain Jai was giving her.

HELP ME!!! PLEASE!!!! Roshni yelled

Jai slapped her across the face as she cried.

There’s no point crying for help because no one is going to save you now. Jai smirks as he evilly laughs.

And Jai was right. Roshni laid there silently weeping as Jai took full advantage of her. The next thing you know Jai was pushed off of Roshni as Roshni swore she saw blue eyes. Blue eyes that resemble much like a beast. The beast disappeared along with Jai when Roshni heard voices.

ROSHNI!!! The voice shouted as she soon recognized to be her dad’s.

Dad!!! Roshni cried too weak to shout.

Roshni soon felt a jacket surrounding her petite body as she slowly looked up to see her dad looking at her with tears in his eyes.

Dad!! Roshni cried as she hugged her dad

And that was the last thing she saw before her vision became black



That was the end of part 1. Should I continue? Your love, support, and comments will decide if I will be posting part 2!!! I hope you guys enjoyed it!!!

  1. i like to read more…please continue writing

    1. Mira106

      I’m glad you like it 🙂

  2. Please continue! Very well written. Even I used to write earlier, but then I stopped. I think I will get motivated??

    1. Mira106

      Haha thank you!! Yes i was very upset that this show is a finite series and will end soon so i was like why not continue roshan’s chemistry with their fans ideas 🙂

  3. Please post the second part!

    1. Mira106

      I will soon! Thank you for loving it 🙂

  4. it was jst ossum….I totally loved it….plz post the second one….its a request frm me to add roshan scenes….

    1. Mira106

      Thank you! Don’t worry you’ll see some of their scenes in the coming episodes. They have a lot to go through 🙂

  5. Pls…. post the 2nd part
    It war really nice & wow….??

    1. Mira106

      Thank you! I’m glad you like it 🙂

  6. nice.but got confused with the last part.can you please explain?and it will be easier to figure out the dialogues if they are put into inverted commas.
    and good start dear,keep writing.

    1. Mira106

      Thank you! So i will reveal the last part in the next update 🙂 love keeping things suspenseful haha

  7. Yaar pls continue writing it’s very cute. Especially aman(Vikram Singh chauhan). I like him alot. Even I am too writing a story on him. It’s not a ff. But I have just casted him. Bcoz I love his character VYOM(EK DEEWANA THA) hope you have watched it. His acting ohhh God…he literally killed it. If you want you can my story on wattpad and even you can also join there

    1. Mira106

      Thank you!!! Yes i have seen him in ek deewana tha!! That show and his acting was outstanding!!

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