Beauty of Heart is Love (RiVanya) Part 3

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Jasmine and Geeta.



Shivanya’s mom: i have to go now. I am sorey for disturbing you Rishi. (She gives a diary to Rishi) this is Shivanya’s diary. Whatever question you had in mind. You will find answer in this.

She takes Lavanya’s hand and give it in Rishi’s hand.

She continues: hereafter she is your reaponsibility, until you unite her with Shivanya. Please do this single favour for me. Atleast for Shivanya. (She folds hand infront of Yamuna and Rishi). Please save my daughter.

She kissed her daughter’s forehead.

Lavanya: ma, don’t leave me. We both will go to didi. Dad will torture you ma.

She cries bitterly by holding her mom’s hand. But she removes her hand and went out. Yamuna and Rishi is in shock. Because they don’t know any twin sister of Shivanya. Rishi is hesitated to read Shivanya’s diary without her permission. Yamuna sees Lavanya’s afraid face. She holds her in secured manner.

Yamuna: don’t be afraid dear, you are safe.

Lavanya: if you don’t mind shall i speak with my sister?

Rishi: sorry, she will be in flight now. Once she reached there, she will make a call. Mom, take her to your room.

Yamuna hold her hand and walk towards her room. Lavanya troubles to walk. She accidentally dodged with sofa.

Rish: what happened?

Lavanya: sorry, i can’t see it. I am blind.

Rishi and Yamuna are shocked.

Rishi: sorry.

Lavanya(smiles): it’s ok.

Rishi feels sad for her. Yamuna now carefully take her to her room.


Shivanya lies her head on Ritik’s shoulder. Ritik felt wetness in his shoulder. He lift Shivanya’s face.

Ritik: what happened wifey?

Shivanya wipes her tears and shook her head as nothing.

Ritik: something is bothering you, come on share it with me.

Shivanya: i remembered my mom and sister.

Ritik: your sister means Lavanya. But, you told long ago your dad separated her from you.

Shivanya: yeah, but you don’t know about my dad. He will do anything, if it affects his status. I am afraid Ritik, if he made my sister to marry that animal to become a minister.

Ritik: but, your sister is blind na. For that reason only, he didn’t show her to outer world these many years. Then now how he will replace her in your place?

Shivanya: no, Ritik. That man needs a girl that’s it. He won’t bother whether she is blind or not. If she looks like me is enough for him. He is so dirty. I am afraid that nothing should happened to my sister.

Ritik: don’t worry. Once we reach Australia, i will make call to Rishi and do something about it.

Shivanya: no. Rishi will look like you, then he will be in problem.

Ritik: then i will tell to anyother and i will arrange something to bring her here.

He wipes Shivanya’s tears and put his hands around her shoulder and hugs her. She lies her head in his chest.


He reluctantly opens Shivanya’s diary. In firat page few pics are pasted to it. Two identical 3 yrs old girls pic, then RiVanya pic, then Shivanya’s mom pic, then Rishi and Yamuna’s pic. Under that it is written MY WORLD REVOLVES AROUND THESE PEOPLE.

Rishi smiles and closed the diary. He decided not read it. Whatever he wish to know it from Shivanya and her sister itself.


A man is shouting at Shivanya’s mom. Probably he is her dad.

Man: where is Lavanya?

She: i don’t know.

Man: no one will help her here other than you. She herself can’t go out. Because she is blind idiot.

She: don’t tell my daughter as idiot. Because of fate tied me with you, i am suffering everything. Why my daughters should suffer.

Man: then you know where she is?

She: i don’t know. But wherever she is, she will be happy. That’s enough for me.

She left to her room. That man fumes in anger.

– to be continued.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    surprising that Shivanya’s mom wants rishi to look after lavanya.guess it is to save her from her father.waiting for rishi lavanya scenes.rivanya discussing that Shivanya’s dad separated Shivanya from lavanya staying in some other place?or is her dad planning to replace Shivanya with lavanya for marriage?Shivanya is right.since rishi looks like ritik they may misunderstand lavshi.waiting to know why rishi ritik look alike .surprised to see Andy sumitra as Shivanya la’s parents .perfect pics

  2. Superb dear….well done

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