A Beautiful Relationship (Part 20)

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Sanskar and Swara are travelling to the orphanage. The journey is a silent one but the feeling is something different. The few fond love between them makes their heart flutter in happiness.
Swara was in her dream world when Sanskar stopped the car and called the orphanage head.
Sister can you bring the children near the lake Sanskar said.
He cuts the call and saw Swara smiling to herself.
Shona he calls her breaking her thoughts.

Haan Ji Swara said and saw Sanskar standing with the door opened on her side.
She slowly got down and next second her eyes glistened with tears looking at the lake where she spent most of her time thinking about her family. She slowly walked towards it and stood looking at the reflection.
But next second she saw Sanskar beside her holding her hand. Showing that he is always there for her whatever may happen.

She cried holding his hand. This is not her this Swara is someone who is new to her. Who is carving for the love of the person who is standing beside her.
Sanskar took her in his embrace soothing her pain. He made her look at him and wiped the tears.
Shona will your Rahul Bhai be happy looking at his doll like this Sanskar asked and kissed her forehead.
Swara closed her eyes feeling content. This is what she wanted. One person who is all for herself to whom she can say anything what she feels.
Their blissful moment gets broken by a voice.
Sanky Bhaiya a 5 year little boy called his name angrily.

Sanskar laughed seeing the little gentleman with his nose turning red due to anger.
My dear Arun how is my champ Sanskar asked taking him in his arm.
I am all perfect Bhaiya by the way is this your 15th girlfriend the little boy asked pointing Swara.
Swara gasped hearing the number while Sanskar shakes his head looking at her.
Arun is that true Swara asked caressing the little boy’s face.
Haan Didi I know all their names everytime he brings them to me to gety permission for dat….. Sanskar closed Arun’s mouth.
Arre mera pyaar Kay dushman keep your walkie talkie shut for sometime Sanskar said to Arun who is wiggling in his arms.

Soon Swara served all the children and they were playing with Sanskar. The sister of the orphanage came to Swara who is admiring his childishness.
I know Swara you both love each other (Swara blushed) I know what happened in his life these 8 years all these years he come to the orphanage to meet us but today I saw our old Sanskar and I know this is all because of you I pray to the Almighty to bless you both Sister said and left.
It became evening and all the children left. It’s now them only siting in their favorite spot but the difference is now both are in each other embrace giving peace to them.
Swara’s head on his shoulder and his hand stroking her hair. She hearing his heartbeat which is now just beating for her only.

So friends the upcoming episodes will be full of Swasan marriage with a bang. Why not the Prince and Princess of the family are getting married and I need cover pics for your favorite ABR as I am going to start it in wattpad send your cover pics to my email.

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