A beautiful journey with cherishing moments ||EDKV||FF||Episode 8

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Hi all,I am here with the next part of this.
Recap:Some one on the door.. Sumo bangs the door on his face.

After sometime,Sumo opens the door again.

Sumo:What are you doing here?

Shravan:I just got a call from Pushkar saying that he had to come over to pick you up but due to some urgent work he can’t come so he sent me to pick you up..Do you have anything to do with him?

Sumo:Urghhhh,this Pushkar,Wow!?

Shravan:Can you tell me what’s happening?

Sumo:Come inside,BTW,How did you come inside ?Teachers are not allowed inside the hostel

Shravan:I asked the principal for permission saying that I needed to return your n.b as we have a test on Monday.It was as simple as that.

Sumo’s part of the hostel room:

Shravan:Wow,It is big and spacious
Shravan:Wow,It is big and spacious.

Sumo:Yup,Wait!why am I talking to you?I was supposed to be angry with you.

Shravan:it was all your choice..BTW,I am very sorry.I didnt mean it.

Sumo:if I have started talking to you then I think just talk normally.I will find another reason soon to be angry with.

Shravan:You really want to be angry with me??You dont like me talking to you?Isnt it?

Sumo:It is nothing like that..

Shravan:Oh really,What is it like?How much do you crave for me to be near you?

(He purposely puts pressure on crave knowing that she would become irritated upon hearing it)

Sumo:I don’t crave to be near you ..It is you both who crave to be near me …You invited me to the beach,Pushkar invited me to your house….See I didn’t crave for you to be near me.

Shravan: That was only because we would get to spend some time together ,

Sumo:that’s what I am trying to say …You wanna spend some time with me.

Shravan:can we end this topic?

Pushkar enters the hostel room running in…

Pushkar:Which topic?

Sumo:How did you get in?

Pushkar:The same way bhaiya used..

Sumo:And how do you know the way Shravan used?

Pushkar:i was stalking him the whole time.

Pushkar bites his tongue as soon as he realizes what he said.Shraman pass an angry glare to him..

Pushkar:I only did it so that you could patch up.he pouts.

Shraman look at each other and burst out laughing.

Pushkar:What’s so funny?

Shravan:When did you become so concerned about me & Sumo being friends or not?

He puts his arm on Pushkar’s shoulder

Sumo:Reply naaaa!!!

She also does the same…..

Pushkar:I only did that to prevent World War 3


Pushkar starts to run…Shraman follow….

After a Tom & jerry chase…

An exhausted Pushkar falls on Sumo’s bed..

Pushie:bas,Bas(Stop,Stop)I am sorry..

Shraman also lie on the bed beside him..

Just then Sumo realizes…

Sumo:If preeti enters then we will all be in trouble…

Pushkar:Oh yeah,We didnt realize that we are in your hostel..

Sumo:Let me go check if she came..

As soon as Sumo moves out she sees Preeti walking in the corridor ..

She runs back inside..

Sumo:She came..Quick hide in the washroom.

She pushes both of them inside and gets in herself and locks it..

Shravan:why did you come inside as well?

Sumo:Because I told her that I will not be at home when she comes all because of Pushkar..

Pushkar:Exit now…Also say that this bathroom is faulty..we will lock the bathroom from inside…

Sumo nods..

She exits the bathroom…

Preeti:Sumo,I thought you were going with your friends outside…

Sumo:Oh ,that plan got cancelled..


Though she didnt show any excitement on her face ,her heart was bouncing with joy inside..

Sumo:How was your trip with Aisika?

Preeti:it was cool,I bought the boxes which you needed from Daiso..

Sumo:Thank you Preeti…Did you buy that halloween decorations which Aisika needed?I had told you that they were next to the box section only?

Preeti:Arey yaar.I bought all of that…

Pushkar was beyond shock..He didnt know that preeti was in Daiso when he had called Sumo..He was super sure that Preeti must have heard his convo with Sumo..he had also said Love you to Sumo..he wanted to clear stuff up ..

Shravan:What’s wrong?

Pushkar:Oh nothing!How will we get out?

Shravan:Sumo must find a way…..

Precap:How will Pushvan escape??

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  1. Heyy anu…
    Nyc one enjoyed it…..
    Ahhhh preetiiii… Sumo bta do na use sb kuch so that we could get some sweet moments of both couples 🙂

    but sharman and puskar frndship is such a cute thing yar loved it…
    Take care

  2. hey it was too good yaar.
    just amazing..
    post next one soon….
    lots of love.
    tack care

  3. Ariana

    Oh u already updated!!!
    Good for me, extra dose!
    But yah it was Shravan behind the door!!!! Proud of my guess.
    Anu seriously ur writing is so cute- I can’t stop going awwwwwww

  4. Duudee.. im soo sorryy..this ff started at the time when I was not here.. and then im reading it all, so I found this one..
    It is sooo amaazzingg…
    I justt lovedd itt.. ♥♥
    SHRAmAN – Pushkar friendship is adorabllleee
    And shit preeti heard that, im glad that Pushkar would talk it out….
    Lovee your fff dude..
    Please postt soon…
    Loads of love,
    Nikita ♥

  5. Ohh this was Soto cute.Loved it. Pls post ASAP.

  6. hey anushika sorry for not commenting.. actually exams chal raha tha.. lovely epi.. exited for the next part.

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey anu !!!!
    Awesome one .. enjoying the track ..
    Take care

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