A beautiful distraction (prologue)

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So here friends I’m with my other ss ….
A beautiful distraction ….
I hope many of you remember me ….. ?
So let’s start …

We can see a boy pacing to n fro in a big hall murmuring something to himself when someone calls him from back …..

” hey sanskar”
the boy turns …. (He is our hot dashing handsome hero sanskar ??)

Sanskar – lucky I’m in no mood to talk yaar ….

Laksh – what happened Bhai ….

Sanskar – don’t ask that Mr duggu Maheshwari is forcing me to join office ….
Laksh sternly – bhai behave he is our father

Sanskar – ya ya gabbar father

Laksh was about to speak when someone interrupts him

” lucky I need your help”

Sanskar heart starts beating faster ….. His all senses becomes nub ….. He can see laksh speaking something but he was too lost in the voice of that person that he didn’t care to hear lucky ….

Laksh gets him back to reality by waving his hand in front of him

Laksh – now what happened Bhai ….

Sanskar just nods in no when he again hear that person saying something …

Person – lucky come na I’m getting late

Sanskar controls his racing heart ….
Sanskar in mind – don’t turn Sanskar beta warna again you will be lost just control ….. Control
He takes long breaths

Laksh – yup Shona you wait I’m coming …
He turns to sanskar

Laksh – bhai you better do what papa is saying otherwise I will tell him what you were calling him ….

Sanskar – ha ha papa ka chamcha

Swara who was facing sanskar back spend

Swara – as if you are not aunty ka chamcha

Now finally sanskar turns facing her
As soon as his eyes came in contact with her
He was lost in her beauty …..
Sanskar thinks – yaar she is looking damn beautiful ….
He shook his head mentally slapping him
Sanskar in mind – concentrate beta sanskar concentrate
He again looks at her
Sanskar mocking – I was waiting for you only to speak lady mogambo

Swara angrily – you stop calling me that Mr snow white …..

Sanskar also gets angry listening her

He points his fore finger towards her
Sanskar – just shut up ….

Swara smirks looking at him
Swara – n who are you to order me

Sanskar – your this unlucky best friend brother
He said pointing towards laksh ….

Swara shouts – dare you call him unlucky I will kill you …..

Sanskar was about to reply her when laksh who was fed up of there Tom n Jerry fight jumps in between

Laksh close sanskar mouth with his both hands
Laksh – bhai stop it …. Why are you always fighting with her

Sanskar jerks laksh hands from his mouth

Sanskar – it was she who started

Swara – how mean ….. You are a big liar

Sanskar – it’s you who is a liar not me

They both again starts fighting …..

Laksh bangs his head with his hand
Laksh sighs – they both can never change
He forcefully takes Swara with him who was fuming in anger

Swara bose – age 22- a fun loving girl …… Lives her life on her condition …. Princess of her papa loves him very much ….

Arnav bose – Swara father …. Swara is everything for him ….. Swara mother died due to some health problem when she was small from that time he is only taking care of swara ….. He treats her just like a princess n fulfills all her wish

Sanskar Maheshwari – age 24 – naughty fun loving happy guy …. A big flirt …. Have only wish to enjoy his life his freedom

Laksh Maheshwari – age 22 – he is a bit introvert calm type but at the same time in company of his brother n best friend Swara becomes naughty ….

Durgaprasad n anapoorna Maheshwari – parents of sanlak – they are modern with traditional value ….

Gadodia’s n Maheshwari are neighbors …. They have close bond with each other …
Swalak are best friends
Swasan are …… You need to wait ..

So that’s all for today ….
Take care all of you
Bye …

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  1. Moon

    hey yaar it is interesting
    post soon

  2. Rabia0032

    Nice dear…

  3. Interesting… Continue soon

  4. Simi

    Interesting dear??

  5. Mica

    uuyeeeeee… loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooveeeee iittt

  6. Sus


  7. Abirsha

    Aww its amazing…. But i think its bose and maheswaris right??

  8. Mumpi


  9. Shreeyu

    Awesome dear…post next one soon… And i guess there is little confusion regarding bose and Gadodia… It shud be bose and maheshwari’s na?

  10. awesome dear

  11. Seebu_s

    Awesome..i will complete ur incomplete sentence…swasan are soulmates

  12. Arshaanya

    Who r gadodiaz here ??
    I think its maheshwaris n bose
    Plz dun want ragini here…
    Want to see swalak bonding n swasanz ❤

  13. nice dear

  14. IME

    Awesome dii
    loved it!!!
    continue soon
    love u
    Do u remember me??

  15. Vyshu10


  16. Aarushi_99

    Loved it!!!

  17. Pramudi

    Interesting dear..

  18. nice start but lil confusion..hope u will clarify in next part..

  19. Awesome dear

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