A Beautiful Distraction (chapter 5)

As soon as sanskar leaves through window
Swara opens her one eye to confirm that he is no more there
And them jumps on bed like a five year old kid

Swara – omg just before few min i was in sanskar arms …. Haye mai toh mar gayi
She says dramatically keeping her hand on her chest

She happily moves towards window and stands gazing at moon …..
Swara pov
Life has always been a struggle for me . I still remember past and wonders how i have made it
When i was in first year of my college i got to know that ma is having a whole in her heart. My whole world collapsed getting this news from that time i became there strength. That time i was doing my arts. I knew know one will give me job because i had no qualification so i started working in a musical acadmey. I earned enough to help us financially …. There i met the angle of my life …. MY SANSKAR .
A beautiful smile spread on her lips

( its not from anyone pov )
A huge campus is shown
A girl is seen running in the corridor
Seems like she is in a hurry and then
She collided with wall (according to her) …. And fall backwards . All the papers she was holding slips from her hands and gets scattered on ground ….. But instead of touching ground she is in grip of hard steel wrapped around her waist
Her beautiful eyes were closed tightly in fear …..

She slowly opens her eyes only to be lost in chocolate brown orbs ….. She blinks her eyes several time to recognize what just happen and then reality stuck her

Girl pov – did i just hit him …. Obviously not i hit a wall right …. and his hands god damn they are like steel . Is he iron man …. She mentally slaps herself …. Swara stop thinking from your useless brain and run from here before this man complaints to that khadoos dean

She struggles in his grip to move but with  her each move the grip gets  even more tight

Swara – Leave me you iron man

Person comes in senses listening to her but then gets angry on her tone and even before she shoot another line he leaves her
Swara fell on ground hurting her butt
Swara – what the hell you stupid iron man

Person angrily – first of all its not iron man but SANSKAR MAHESHWARI and secondly you only asked me to leave you

Her senses went numb but only word she heard was SANSKAR MAHESHWARI
Swara pov – damn you Swara …. You shouted on the great sanskar maheshwari now toh surely i will BE kicked out from school

She quickly gets up and mumbles a sorry
Collects all her sheets and leaves from there

Sanskar sighs seeing her childish act when his sight went on a sheet on ground probably she might have left it in hurry
He picks it up and was amazed seeing the sketch ….

Sanskar – she is childish but her design
He looks at sheet for some initial or name
On back of the sheet he saw Swara bose written beautifully
He smiles little ….. And calls someone
Sanskar – mike i want each and every detail of Swara bose
Without listening the other side he hands up the call

Flashback ends
Swara still was smiling remembering there first meet

Sanskar enters inside from back door making sure no one sees him
He was silently going towards his room when he heard some sounds coming from study room
He went near and tries seeing who is there …..
Two pres n were standing there ….
Person 1 – now what we will do out whole plan is flopped
Person 2 – i am thinking surely we will get out of this
When a lady stands up who was till now sitting on chair away from all
Lady -we will get him married to our choice of girl
There comes the shock of his life
Sanskar whispered – badi ma …. She also
He moves back totally numb of his surroundings ….. He was bought back to reality due to loud noise …. He hit the flower pot kept on the table which came in contact with ground and broke into pieces just like how his heart condition is now ….

Before they can see him he ran from there ….. He ran aimlessly …. After reaching by his room he closes the door and fell on ground crying vigorously

Sanskar broken voice – why badi ma …. You also ….. How can you ….. How ….

He cried sitting there finally left with no strength he slipped on floor and soon sleep took over him due to tiredness

Next day ….
There were lot of noise coming from gadodia house ….
Let’s move inside
Dadi shouting – i know from start that this bengalan is behind my ladoo happiness look what she did ….
Saying this she throws some cloths in front of shekhar

Shekhar hands and take them in hand
It is the same lehnga which ragini burned with press due to her madness

Ragini crying – yes papa look what she did now what will i wear for my engagement

Swara – No papa i didn’t …..
But stopped as shekhar shows her his hand

Shekhar – why you did this Swara

This shocked Swara as well as Sumi
Dadi gaze Swara angrily

Suni – shekhar first listen to her

Shekhar – i am talking to Swara mishti you stay out of this
Turns to Swara
Speak up Swara …. This time his voice was loud enough to make Swara jump in fear

Dadi – what will she say . I km e she is jealous from my ladoo that is why burnt her lehnga. Cheap bengalan

That’s it for Swara tears starts to flow from her eyes

Dadi – ladoo you go and bring the dress which Swara bought …..

Ragini smiles hearing this …. She instantly went from there
Suni tries protesting but dadi held her hand

Swara was not able to control anymore so she ran from there …..
Unaware that one pair of eyes were watching all this drama with rage in eyes*

Swara came out and called someone
Swara – nandu …. She started crying

Nandini – hey swaru what happened

Swara checked – nandu papa

Nandini – wait i am coming where are you

Swara couldn’t able to say something just one word came from her mouth , badi
She cuts the call and say on the stairs near by

The pair OF eyes were still watching her helplessly ….. *

Soon Nandini came there she instantly took Swara in her embrace

Feeling her in secure arms the person left from there *

Nandini consoles Swara and both left to college …..

In evening
Swara and Nandini were coming out from college ….
Swara was still dull while Nandini was trying to cheer her up …..
Both came across the letter box
Nandini happily – let’s check what he send you today

Swara – i am in no mood nandu you go and see i will leave

Nandini – ary yaar Swara come na always boring
She drags Swara there
Nandini opens the letter box and found a parcel kept there wrapped in gift pack and also a letter with it

Nandini – omg Swara look i think he has send a gift for you

She roof out both the things and handed Swara the gift and starts reading the letter

«1st time i saw you i was scared to touch you. Ist time i touched you i was scared to kiss you. 1st time i kissed you i was scared to love you but now that i love you i am scared to lose you MY LOVE

saali sahiba (sister in law ) now if you are done reading then please leave the love birds alone and let my love read the further letter till then you can see the gift because i know you will not leave her without seeing it 😉

Nandini face turned like tomato ? reading it ….

Nandini – how dare he write like this let him come once in front of me i will tell him what Nandini singhania is ?

Swara forgot all her pain and starts laughing seeing Nandini face 

Nandini glares her
Swara immediately shouts her mouth still laughing in her mind

Nandini snatches the gift from Swara and handovers the letter to her

Swara starts reading it
« i got to know that today someone snatched my princess most previous thing from her ….. HER SMILE ….. And my princess dont look good in sad face so i am giving you a reason to smile ….. Ho home and see there is a surprise for you …… OR ha no need to run your little brain that how i got to know all this otherwise it will burst …. 😛

Swara face turn like angry bird
Swara – how dare he say my smart brain as useless … Huh !

When she is bought back to senses by a shout ….

Nandini shouts – oooooommmmmgggggg Swara look at this lehenga . It is just awesome ……

Swara looks at it and then blinks her eyes
Swara childishly – is it

Nandini hit her head – ary dumbo it is one of the designs of royal pearls

Swara nervous – it might be expensive right how can i take it

Nandini – uff if someone else would have been on your place she would be jumping in excitement and here you are thinking all rubbish come we will leave idiot

Both left in Nandini car

As they got out of sight a person who was till now hiding behind tree came there

Person smiling – she is different that’s why she is my choice ….

Swara enters when dida calls her
She smiles seeing her dida and hugs her
Swara naughtily – dida you got some work that called me ….
Dida hits her head – you mean to say only when i have work i call you

Swara pouts and nods in yes

Dida smiles at her little grand daughter

Dida – few him back there was a gift for you

Swara remembers the letter

Swara nods and goes with dida inside bose house

As soon as she enters a small creature jumps on her

Swara first get shocked then surprised and finally happy

Swara clutching the thing near her chest
Swara – dida its a pug …. I cant believe it ….. Dida i love you …..

She twrils around taking the pug in her hand

Dida – it is not brought by me but someone else
She said gazing at the person sitting on sofa but OR went unnoticed by Swara

Swara stood and keeps the pug down that’s when she notices the person

Swara frowns – what is he doing here

Dida – vo he wants to meet you so

Swara frowns more – and why does he want to meet me

Dida hits her head
Dida – shut up and talk to him

She went to kitchen

Swara shouts from her back – dida you always hit my head . Go i will not talk to you
She pouts

Person – don’t make such face Swara i feel like kissing you

Swara haw drops listening him

Swara angrily – stop your nonsense sanskar someone will hear you and get to know that you are not mad

Sanskar moves close to her – No one is there OR vaise bhi sanskar maheshwari is not afraid of someone

Swara in mind – huh idiot praising his own self

Sanskar smirks – when others are not able to see out talent so its our duty to tell them right

Swara shock
Monologue – did i spoke so loud

His smirk free more as if he has read her mind

He moves more close to her caring her in between his strong arms

Sanskar – no need to run your little brain that how i got to know all this otherwise it will burst ….. He winks at her

Swara thinks – i have heard these lines somewhere
Then it strikes her
She looks at him with her wide eyes ?

Swara – don’t tell me that you are the secret lover

Sanskar in mind – huh tubelight
He nuzzles his head in her neck leaving his hit breath on her skin causing several shivers to her body
Sanskar huskily – who secret lover

Swara couldn’t speak … She felt weak on her knees in order to hold herself she held his collar tightly

Sanskar bites her ear lobe – speak Swara which secret lover

Swara nervous – vo ….. Vo

They were disturbed by loud sound

Both immediately gets separated …. And looks in that direction

Dida was standing there closing her eyes with both her hands
Dida – i didn’t see anything …. You bith continue
She again went inside kitchen

Swara cheeks turned red ….. She was looking down blushing
Sanskar smiles looking at her

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