Beats Connection ft. #Riansh ~phir kab aayoge?~

Hum tum kitane paas hai
kitane duur hain chaand sitaare
Sach poochho to maan ko jhoothe lagate hain yeh saare

Aj agar hum sath hote toh!?

Vahi  chai ki pyali, doobti hui shaam, aur kuch alfaz un sune.

Waise kuch aur baat hoti agar aj hum sath hote.

Kuch aur baat kaise hum toh sath hi h na!?

Kitane duur h chhand sitaare.
Waise humare raaste.

Par ap ne toh bola tha ki hum sath bhale hi na ho par humare raaste sath rahenge!?

Jab hum sath nahi rahe toh raaste kaise ho sakte h humare!?

Hum tum kitane paas hai
kitane duur hain chaand sitaare
Sach poochho to maan ko jhoothe lagate hain yeh saare♡

Magar saccche lagate hai
Yeh Dharti yeh nadiyaa, yeh rainaa aur?
Aur tum mm mmmmmm♡


Mujhe tumse aisa ishq hua tha,
Thandi dhoop, ujli raat, kaali subha, 
Bas ab aisi he beet gayi thi raat
Mujhe tumse na chane wale ishq hua tha.
Beintaha toh nahi bas ishq hua tha.

Agar aj Tum sath hote toh shayad baya kar pati apni man ki baat!
Agar aj Tum sath hote toh shayad kuch aur baat hoti,
Tum wahan nahi hote aur mein yahan nahi hoti.

Phir kab aayoge, fir hum kab milenge ab?
Ye sawalon ka jawab mujhe kaise milenge.

Receiving no answer From the other side she looked at the window where the Black clouds went to welcome the rainbow with unsaid colours and little hope.

To make her meet  his ‘Vansh’
Whom she lost in her own.


Shortest OS!:)

This was a long one but it got deleted so yea..

Your reviews!?👀

  1. You wrote it yourself?
    Or is it a song I had not yet heard?

    1. 1234Aayu

      The first four lines is taken from the song ‘Bade ache lagte ho’
      Uske baad ka I have written 👀

    2. Hmmm…first four lines to pehchaan gayi thi
      Aage ki lines
      Tumne btaya nahi ki tum hindi me bhi poet ho?
      Let me contact jaani
      He will be amazed like i am
      Its just perfect sweetheart

    3. 1234Aayu

      U know first when I posted I was not confident enough.. that ki this looks a poetic tale or not but when I read ur comment I am more confident than anything 😌
      Thank you so much 💖
      It means a lot to me.
      And yeah don’t contact jaani
      I am poet just of mood…jab mood chala gaya toh then I can’t rhyme a single word also 😌

  2. Prabhleen 😊

    Outstanding✨. Loved it😘.

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you so much 🥰

  3. Cutuuu

    Wowww Aayu 💜💜
    Beautifully written..
    Loved it ❤😘

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you so much ❤️✨


    nice one aayu

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you 🦋


      im sorry bout that its so embarrassing um I am a very possessive person that is not what I actually thought it would be and @disha thakur i really love your work and yours too @aayu I’m sorry its just it was our thing we would use it while chatting so got a lil possessive there

    3. ❤❤❤ Its fine sweets
      I just felt it might hurt Aayu spoke
      Stay smiling.

    4. 1234Aayu

      Umm…it’s really is, don’t be sorry!:)
      Balki I am sorry, I am just not okay today, sorry if I was rude it’s just the thing the word copy hurted me.
      It’s alright!:)


      no no aayu u were really not rude and disha what u did was right stay happy both of you:)))))))))))))

    6. U too dearoo😘

    7. 1234Aayu

      @Nobra 🤗💫☘️

      @Disha ❤️☘️✨🤧 Thank u for always being there for me 🥺

    8. Always Aayu …..afterall you are my young kid

  5. Nice❣️

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you ✨


      wlcm but im just being HONEST you like literally copy candid 11 she used to put these emojis and the word AND YEA was mine and CANDID’S so stop doing that please

    3. But I really think that the word ‘So yea’ is just normal in english language.
      And if talked about emojis
      Then we all have them in our mobile and computing system
      If I ,Aayu or anyone else use them then it is not called ‘Copy’ . Say for example if I use smiling emoji or crying emoji and anyone would come saying that smiling emoji is mine…that doesn’t make any sense you know dear. She has pure work. Not any copy .

    4. I also use some words like
      …if anyone use them then it wont be copy .
      Because we all have creative mindset
      May be your creative mind created the same thing that my mind did?


      not and yea SO YEA correction there

    6. I think I had talked with you in some comment section?
      If yes then hi again
      If no then still its okay
      Dear i am just telling that
      Aayu is not any random copy cat
      She is “AAYU”
      Read her collections
      You will know her work.

    7. 1234Aayu

      Excuse me!
      Sorry if u felt bad but that is simply a co-incidence, dear!
      Yea word is common in the abrevation world!
      And words and emojis are not under copyrighted genre.
      And why will I copy some words and emojis!?
      And candid 11 was my friend too, I even used this emoji infront of her she didn’t have any objection.
      I can just say welcome word I use so u just can’t do that🙂

  6. Woww aayu di amazing update

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you 💖

  7. Priyanshi_13

    Lovely 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💞💗

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you ❤️

  8. Aisha08


    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you ❤️☘️

  9. Japjot Kaur

    Wonderful dear
    It’s beautiful
    Loved it ❤️❤️

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you so much 💝

  10. Wonderful

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you 😊

  11. Wow amazing 😍💕😍😍
    Really super 😊❤️💗
    Keep rocking 🔥🔥🔥
    Thanks for lovely updates 😊❤️

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you so much ☘️

  12. Priyadarshini

    Super 💞😘😘

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you ☘️🦋

  13. Wonderful 💗😊❤️💗

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you ✨🦋

  14. Wow fabulous 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you 😌

  15. Fantastic 😊😊❣️

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you 😊

  16. Aaaaayyyyuuuu amaaaazinggg….ate kaahan se hain tumhare dimaaag mein ideas….Last part -:black clouds one usne toh asli ka chura liya mera dil aur uske liye aayu tumhe kairi saza milti hainnn…but on a serious note….ur words…the way u express them….wo toh sirf aayu special hain right…I wish I could meet u for real…lots of loveee

    1. 1234Aayu

      Wait hum phele kahin baat kar chuke h!?
      Ur words seems similar…
      Thank you so so so much 💖
      Ready for punishment 😌
      Right! Special for my words! ☘️
      Real mein!? 👀
      Kisi ne kaha h mulaqat hoti h toh khas hoti h
      Waqt ka pata nahi, par khamosh jaroor hoti h
      Mile ya na mile par tum yaad hume zaroor rahoge,
      Kuch alfaaz the apke jo hume bin bataye kuch khe gaye.
      Hume hosla de gaye!:)

      Thank u so much for youe lovely words it means soo much to me ☘️

    2. AarushiSoni

      Aayu, this shayari is by you?!! 🥺

    3. Thnkuuu ayyuuuu for replying meee….nhi hmne kabhii pehle baat nhi kii hainnn…main ek kaafi puraani silent reader hun tumhare writings ko follow kar rhi hain kaafi time se…main isse pehle tmhare ek os pe comment kiya tha yaa phir toh tumne disha dii ke os mein mera comment padha hoga…but anyways u r such a lovely soul…aur tumhari shayari…jai ho tumharii….Lots of love😍😍😘😘

    4. 1234Aayu

      Yeah! 😅
      Pata nahi kya hogaya mujhe 👀

  17. AarushiSoni

    I didn’t got the song!! 🥺
    Bade acche lagte hai tha shuru me, then which one? I searched on Google nhi mila 😗
    Amazing.. the way you write na, no one can do that!
    I feel out of the world and blessed to read ur work, and fir u ask why I wished u happy teacher’s day 🙄
    Beautiful.. short tha but u converted a short also so amazingly, I am still shocked or whatever u wanna say😗
    Post soon, this book toh vaise bhi is my favourite 😌🙌❤️

    1. 1234Aayu

      The first four line is from the sing bade achhe lagte ho..uske baad koi song nahi h
      I have written that 🤧
      Thank you so much 💕
      🤦🏻‍♀️ Teachers day 🙄
      It means a lot me
      And I am blessed to read your comment which just make me bloom 🤧☘️
      Yeah will try to do so..😁

    2. AarushiSoni

      Whatt?!!! U have written that…
      Oh god!!
      Amazing.. I never thought of!!
      Hats off to u Aayu 🤩🤩

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you ☺️

  18. Parita

    Amazingly written!!
    Such beautiful and meaningful lines….you’re a wonderful poet yaar!
    Mujhe bhi kuch tips dedo na? (puppy face)
    Loved it❤

    1. 1234Aayu

      Thank you so much ❤️☘️
      It means a lot to me 🤧
      Sure! But I am very bad it 😌
      Glad u like it ☘️

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