Beats Connection ft.#RiAnsh ~Kahaani~ by aayu

‘Riddhima where are u?’

He was searching for her for the past 15 minutes but she was nowhere to be found he checked all the rooms, terrace, bathrooms he was going outside in search of her but he stopped listening to some voices from the kitchen…

‘Shit I forget to check her in the kitchen’

He ran towards the kitchen and found her on the slab..

He finally got some relief breathes, he ran his fingers in his hair and went slowly there not to disturb her..

She was busy with her songs, ear pods in her ears, and ice cream in her hands..

Vansh chuckled at her wife’s childish antics, he was so worried for her and she was here…
He knew why she didn’t pay any heed to him as he was rude to her in the morning..
Cursing himself for morning behaviour he patted her shoulders…

She turned around and give him the biggest smile of her..

Vansh tum aagaye?’

She said innocently like a child…

Vansh’s pov

I patted her back, she turned around with a smiling face..well, I was happy she forget about the morning argument but something fishy..

My eyes were observing everywhere in the kitchen in search of some hidden weapon I could be attacked with..

‘What are u searching Vansh?’

She said while removing her ear pods..

But what were u doing here? I was calling u for sooo long!?’

‘Voh ka..’

She stopped and cover her mouth with her palms..

I raised my eyes with a questioning look..

She was trying to get up from the stand she was sitting but she stumbled, she was going to fall flat on her face…

Authors pov

Riddhima was going to fall when he ran & saved her in Nick of time

Riddhima! What are u even trying to do?’

‘I am sailing my boat, Raw raw your boat’
She said while swinging in the air while her hands were clutching Vansh’s arms tightly

‘Riddhima r u drunk?’

He said while smelling her.

‘No, Kaise I mean kab and why will I drink?, I am not that buri, would have shared my drink with u’

she said smiling sheepishly..


Kaash kabhi
Tum samjhogi
Ke kyon hum kareeb nahin

Kaash kabhi
Tum jaanoge
Ke ab tak hai teri kami

‘I love u riddhima!’ He said to the picture, the tears make him weaker to face the reality, he was living in the past, to be alive in the Present.

Pata hai humein
Ke tere bina
Adhoori hai yeh zindagi

Pata hai Humein

Ke meri fikar
Ab tak tumhein hai kahin

‘Vansh, I miss you!” 

She said while writing the last few words in her life, she was missing him. 

cant she met him again?

why their path become different? 

why they become one from two? 

did he promise to be with her for 7 births, then why?

Teri meri raahein kabhi
Milengi shayad phir kahin
Kahaani yeh adhoori sahi
Poori hogi phir kabhi

Tera mera saath yeh
Abhi poora hua nahin
Teri meri raahein kabhi
Milengi shayad phir kahin..


‘Acha Chalo room mein chalo u will get cold, it’s such cold weather and u are eating ice cream.?’ he said politely seeing her cute wife sitting with his support.

‘So what?, can’t even I eat ice cream, phele u scold me in the morning and then I was so alone! what if some ghost will come?  She said and started snuggling in his hold more.

‘Acha I am sorry!, won’t u forgive your husband?’

‘Huh! khadoos Rai Singhania,’ she said rolling her eyes


Jahaan bhi ho
Yaadon mein ho
Saanson mein ho meri
Jahaan bhi ho
Yaadon mein ho
Saanson mein ho meri


Hello, hope u liked this one.

One of my draft..

Specially for disha 😌

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  8. Amazing one aayu…..I just wonder how these amazing pieces are stored in ur draft….jaldi se sab wahaan se nikal kar yaahan par post kardo…varna kise pata koi hacker tumhare draft ko hack karle…but seriously aayuuuuuuuuuuuuu….I always feel jaise ham madhuri dixit ko expression queen kehte hain ….tum expressing queen ho words ke maamle mein…kyunki in words ko express karne ka tumhara alag hi andaaz…ham ek dusri duniya mein chle jaate hain inhe padhte pdhte….just to imagine the impossible….which is the best part of all our lives😍😍😍….lots of love

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