~Beats connection ft.#Riansh~ Dil ko karar aya~by Aayu!

Dua Bhi Lage Na Mujhe

Dawa Bhi Lage Na Mujhe

Jab Se Dil Ko Mere Tu Laga Hai



She gasped as someone blind folded her.

‘Relax Dolar biwi’

He make her smell perfume

‘kiski yaad ayi?’


He made her eat meethi bhaat



‘Are wah! Dollar biwi tum toh apne Vansh ko ache se jaanti ho’


Neend Raaton Ki Meri

Chahat Baaton Ki Meri

Chain Ko Bhi Mere Tune

Yun Thaga Hai


He swrilled her round and round

Both were lost in each other eye’s

Jab Saanse Bharu Main

Band Aankhein Karun Main

Nazar Tu Yaar Aaya


Riddhima realised and look in another direction jerking her hand away from his..

‘Why you called me here?’

‘itni kya jaldi h, dollar biwi’

She rolled her eyes and was going backwards

When he pulled her towards him and her back crashed with his front..

Dil Ko Karaar Aaya

Tujhpe Hai Pyaar Aaya

Pehli Pehli Baar Aaya Oh Yaara


‘Kya kar rahe ho?’

‘V.o.h.. kuch nahi’ being lost in her eyes..

He took her towards the table were..

He opened the champion bottle and pour it in two glasses.

Passing her one he turn towards her and ask her to drink…

Dil Ko Karar Aaya

Tujhpe Hai Pyaar Aaya

Pehli Pehli Baar Aaya Oh Yaara


She hesitatedly take a sip…

‘Zehar nahi milaya h’ he mocked seeing her hesitation…

Har Roj Puche Yeh Hawayein

Hum Toh Bata Ke Haare

Kyun Jikar Tera Karte Hai Humse Taare


Taking her hand he pulled her holding her waist and started the music..

She was seeing him in a shocking way

‘Mujhe pata h tadna free h par’ he smiles

She looked down immidiately.

Har Roj Puche Yeh Hawayein

Hum Toh Bata Ke Haare

Kyu Jikar Tera Karte Hain Humse Taare


She was feeling dizzy..

She hold her head with one hand, she see him with shocked expression, he was smirking

she become uncouncious..


Ab Kisse Hai Tere

Inn Hothon Pe Mere

Izhaar Aaya Yaara


He took her and placed her in the mattress…

He patted her cheeks and she opened her eye in uncouncious..

She was taking one and only name she owns ‘Vansh’

‘Riddhima tumne ragini ko kyu maara?’

‘Vansh Tumhare ego aur mujhe na Trust karne ki wajah se voh mari’

She mumbled….

He was shocked why she said so….

‘Aur Siya ko?’

‘Tumhari pyaari Mom, Anupriya’

‘kya khe rahi ho’


And she drifted off…

Dil Ko Karar Aaya

Tujhpe Hai Pyaar Aaya

Pehli Pehli Baar Aaya Oh Yaara


‘Was she innocent?

I blamed her..

She was protecting my family?’

Dil Ko Karaar Aaya

Tujhpe Hai Pyaar Aaya

Pehli Pehli Baar Aaya Oh Yaara


~The End~

“Being Trust is more than being loved”

A/N- •First of all I am really really sorry I know I was gayab here…not commented on any post I was really busy and disturbed, I will surely catch all the FF’s I miss…

•I think a lot & I thought I should come back to writing I saw many left so….but my ff’s will be on slow updates

•I was really sad too once there was a time when this fan page of Ishq mein marjawa 2 was flooded with updates but now hardly few posts are there…I know everyone is busy but our fandom is somewhere lacking now!:(

•Do Comments I know my writings are getting worse day by day but will be waiting for your response…

•These all which I posted in this span of time were my old drafts, will try to write new ones..!:)


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