twinkle pushed the man breaking the kiss..
She was about to move further but the strong arm grabbed her hands…
And pushed her on the couch and jumped on her…

The rooom was pitch dark….twinkle’s breath became the men dig his face in the crook of her neck..and started biting there..

“Leave me u b**stard..!”
Twinkle shouted and tried to push him but none help..
She  wrapped her arms again his waist..and grab her 4 inch high heels..
She started to beat him with the heeels..
While the man reach towards her hand…and grabbed both from.either sides with his…
He entangled their hands…

Twinkle was not able to take it anymore…
She was breathing heavily..

Her br**st moving up and down..took his attention..

He moves his hand sensuously on her arms..and grabes both in one..
From other hand he put his hand inside her top…and cups her cleav**ge…

“Leave me…!!!” She shouted as he squeezed it…

He moved more closer and latched his lips against her…
Biting her lower lip…he pulled out…

And the next moment she felt relaxed…
He had moved away from her…

She stood up in a jerk…remembering what just happened…..

She was tensed…
Immediately without thinking for a moment…..she left the place…

Entering luthra mansion….she ran to her room…it was empty..uv wasnt there….
She understood that he would be with piya..
Twinkle opened the lights and stoood before the mirror…
Moving closer she inspected herself..

Tears gushed out from her eyes..
After ages..
She wasnt the one..who would cry..she make evry1 cry..

Her lips was red…and a mark was at the right corner of her lower lip…
He had bited her there..
She sucked the place with her upper lip….

Her neck had several red marks…
Counting it..she came to know that  it was 6 marks…..

She went to the bathroom and opened the shower…
Hot water gushed down her body..

She felt pain when it touched her that part….

It was the first time..when some1 had put a hickey on her…

She and uv did have a intimate moment…but not of love..just of need..
Need of a child…thats it..!

Changing into a long night dress..
She landed on her bad..
When she closed her eyes..
She remembered all over again…

Black flashes came across her eyes…

Suddenly, she heard a door openin sound..
Twinkle act to be asleep..
Uv came there and slept beside her…

He saw her sleeping peacefully..

“When u will understand twinkle..? Sirf paisa hi sab kuch nahi hota..! Family bhi hoti hai kuch..! Timhari beti tumhare pyaar ke liye taras rahi hai.. Or tumhe uski kuch parvah hi nai hai.. Why u dont understand…! I know ye shaadi..tumhaare liye bas ek compromise thi or piya bhi..but u r no more a flying bird…u r a mother too..and u have to understand ur responsiblity…bus hopee…u do it soon..before it gets too late”

He carreses her face..
And slept then..
Twinkle opened her eyes… And turned otherside…

First their marriage came to her eyes…how they fought on there first night…uv had not force her anyway..but he was rude at the start…but then he was soft when piya born…
There closeness..when they were intimate….
And finally tonights..!

What just happened..?
Who was the men..?
She was jz curious…?

Next morning-

Twinkle changed into a full sleeves…shirt…her neck was hided in the collar..
And a long black skirt…

She left for office..
Yesterday’s uv words were echoing in her head but she was far away to understand..
All she cared was her…!!
She went directly to her cabin..and chckd out the cctv photage of yesterday..

Nothing was caught…as it was dark…
Only moments were seen…in the black..
She was so engrossed to find some clue in that…
When suraj came..

“Good morning winki..!”he greeted her..he call her ‘winki’ only…
Best friend of her..he very well knows her..she jz care for her money and reputation…he tries to make her understand always but of no use

“Where is the contract paper…?”she asked straightly..


“Are….that only sarna enterprises deal one..!”

“They will cm today for that…”

“What.? Thn y did u call me last night to sign the contract..?”

“What..? I dint call u..n btw last night i was busy wth my wife…i dint take my phone for a minute also..!”

“Then who did..?”
She was tensed now.
Coz she very well knew what happened..


*tring-tring* her phone beeped…as uv stirred in hs sleep…both were sleeping while hugging…(js random okay..? They are husband n wife..if they sleep together..they can b close too)

“Yes” twinkle answered the call without seeing the caller id..she was too lazy to chck it..

“Winki,u need to cm to office now..or else we will loss thay deal..sarna enterprise one..!”

Twinkle was shocked…
A moneyminded ahe was she immediately agreed to cm there

—flashback ends—

“Then who the hell called me.?”

“I dont know..!”
Suraj said..twinkle was now more tense…
Who was following her..?
And why he is doing that..?

Just then tina entered..

“Mam, mr.sarna is already in confrence room…u need to go there..!”

Twinkle composed herself and left to the room..

She entered….

There was a dim light…as presentation was going on..

Few of her employees were sitting there…
And two were noticed as stranger..

A man was sitting on a seatbeside hers..
His hand moved and he looked at the watch…
He was wearing a black coat with a red tie on..
He felt professionally handsome..
Twinkle rolled her her mind was diverting..

She moved further and sat beside him..where her place was..

“Good morning mr.sarna…” She shook her hand..while he grabbed it..

“Good morning..!” He replied straightly

The man was non other than kunj sarna…a multi billionaire of asia…he is kind and caring guys..totally opposite to twinkle..but he has one quality..what he wants he get it..
By hookor by crook..
Girls die for him..

The confrence started….
As they twinkle was engrossed in it…but his eyes travelled her from the top to bottom all the time..

As it ended..!!

“So how do u like our idea..? Is it okay.? O any changes needed..? I m telling u mr.sarna u will jot regret dealing with us”
She said having a smile…
He looked at her…her lips were envoloped in a red velvet lipstick..
He gazed her lustfully..
And then spoke up.

“Kunj sarna dont likes random things…this idea is cheesy…. I have my another one…if u are okay with that..i m ready to crack the deal..!”

“Okay, so let me see that..!” She forwarded her hands for his laptop..

“Ah..!its not here..thats at my house…in my personal laptop..and i dont take it consist of my personal secretive information of my company…u need to cm at my place then”

“Oh..! ” twinkle thought for a minute..
She was hesitant to go to his place..but she jz wanted this deal anyhow…
It will be a great profit to her company..

“When i have to cm then..?”

“TONIGHT..!” He said as she looked up..

“I meant at 7…sharp…! Not a minute late…”



“U will have dinner there only…so cm soon..after dinner we will start our work..GOT IT.?”


And she left


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