Recap- The whole truth from. Kunj’s side and Twinkle raising her voice for herself!


The ride back home started silent. Sani was already taken away with their guards and it was just Twinkle and kunj sitting in their car. The driver drove silently.

Kunj stole glances from twinkle while she remained silent and kept looking out of the window.

“Twinkle.?” He called out and she stirred before turning towards him.

“Hmm.?” She asked.

“Are you okay.?” He asked and she looked at him amused but nodded nevertheless.

“Why would i not be.?” She asked and it was kunj who shook his head.

“I didnt thought you would.. Umm..”

“That i would say something like that.?” She chuckled.”Media sucks sometimes and it was high time i had to raise my voice.”

“But you never did something like that till now.”

“I had been a scared puppy from last few years. But today.. I just felt to raise my voice. Its just… I donno. I feel strong when you are with me.” She moved closely towards him and entangled her arms with his. He smiled and stroked her hairs as she rest on his shoulder.

Suddenly, she jerked up.”Are ypu fine with it.? I mean i just broke the news. I know you would be uncomfortable and pissed off. I am so sorry.. I should have discussed about it, with you. Shit. I am so—” Her words dropped when his hands which were around her neck moved down to her waist and pulled her closer.

His face rested inches away from her and he sucked in a deep breathe. “Kunj.. ” She protested in a low voice.

“Shh…” He looked directly in her eyes and brushed his hands on her lips. She closed her eyes. Her heart thumped hard against his chest.

“I love you…” He whispered against her lips and claimed it next moment. She wiggled in his arms as soon as his lips came in contact with hers. She felt her whole body getting liquefied. His lips were soft on hers.

No sooner did he started moving his lips on hers, The car haulted and they both parted away cursing the time.

Red colour crept her neck and cheeks and she exited the door as soon as the door was opened.

Kunj chuckled and went behind her.

They both walk inside their mansion smiling to themselves when someone yelled.

“Kunj…” Mahi squirmed and ran towards him flinging in his arms. He was taken aback to register what was happening.

“Mahi.. What are you doing here..?” He asked. His body tensed.

“Oh kunj. I missed you so much. It felt like ages. And finally you are here..” She batted her eye lashes dramatically.

Kunj pulled away from her feeling twinkle’s gaze burning his sides.

“Mahi.. Why are you here.?” He gritted his teeths with a sigh.

“Kunj..” She murmured sadly.”Why are you behaving this way.? I love you.. You know right.?”

He closed his eyes while his hand fisted tight. “And you very well know.. I dont wanna talk to you…. Atleast now. Will you leave.?”

“Kunj..” She breathed out moving closer to him and standing on her toe. She was about to kiss him when he pushed her back.

“Don’t you understand when i say…JUST LEAVE!?.” He roared angrily and she flinched but mahi wasnt the one of the scared puppy. She stood infront of him gritting her teeth, face to face..her eye blazed fire.

“What do you think you are doing.? You are freaking leaving me.? ME.? You are ignoring ME.? ME FOR THIS B*TCH.?” She shouted like a psychopath pointing towards twinkle who just stood rooted.

“Mind your tongue. MAHI TANEJA!” Kunj flared..

“Why Would I.? Why would I mind my tongue.? Why SHOULD i.? This b*tch stole everything from me.”

“I said just SHUT UP!” He went further when he was about to hold her jaw tightly, twinkle’s voice broke their trance.

“Mahi taneja.?” She murmured to herself. Her eyes welled up blurring her vision.

Mahi let out a evil chuckle throwing her head back. Kunj shivered fearing his worst dream.

What if twinkle gets to know everything.?

“Hey SISTER!” Mahi waved her hairs smirking.

“Mahi…” She spoke again in a low tone. She was about to unbalance herself but kunj stood by her shoulder as her saviour.

He smiled weakly at her but she just looked at mahi.

“H–ow.. Ca–can… ali-ve.?” she shivered while kunj looked at her confused.

“Why cant i be alive. Huh.?” She said,”So that you can have all money and treasure.? Oh well you already did..”

“Mahi.. What are you—”

“Just shut up.. B*TCH” Mahi retorted angrily before storming off. She was hell of a devil when she was angry.

Twinkle just stood rooted. How could she not realise that.? She had been feeling at the start that it was HER mahi.. But then she had brushed the thought away.

Mahi was 12 years, when twinkle had heard the news of her not living anymore.

Her tears didnt stopped and she clicked her heels till her room locking the door. No sooner did the door was closed, she stood by the door falling down weakly.

The girl she cried over all this years was here.. Fresh as flower and Alive.

The girl she missed.

The girl she craved for..

The girl she loved… Loved as a mother.. As an elder sister was so much alive.

Her all happiness drained and all those dark days came to her mind. Her parents dieing in the crash.. Mahi along with them..

It wasnt that she remembered, this all was what she was told. She had lose her memory from her parents death till the six month of her living with usha.

She cursed her faith. Why was it so cruel. It took away all her loved ones and still her destiny wasnt happy.. It took away the few months of her life as a falled leaves.

She clearly remembered what she was told.

‘Your parents and mahi were heading to london but the plane crashed during the time of landing. Till everyone’s Knowledge, no one seemed tk be alive. They all DIED’

She clearly remembered those words.

“Twinkle… Open the door.” Kunj banged on the door and she immediately stood up. She wiped on her tears and rushed towards the washroom knowing he could break the door further, she emerged into the bathroom.

The clothes teared off her body and she stepped into the warm water drizzling down her body. Hot tears made their own way. Her blocked mind and thumping heart seemed to retire.

She rubbed her hands inside her hairs shampooing them while kunj’s voice neared towards the bathroom. Ignoring his words she rubbed her hands vigorously on her head.

Not to clean but so that she could remember something… Anything but none came.

“Twinkle are you okay.? Open the door. Why us it taking too long. Its 30 minutes already. Open the door or i will have no option but break this too.” His voice came scared and she rinsed herself. Slowly she slippee into her navy blue night suite.

The door knob opened and she came out with a fake smile.”I… Was.. Taking.. A b…ath..” She trailed off not able to make any eye contact. Her voice cracked.

Before she could move further, he pulled her and hugged her tightly. His hands rubbed her back soothing her further.”Are you okay.?” He asked softly and she sniffed.

“I Am fine. Infact ve-ry.. Mu..much.”

“You dont need to act so strong. Sometimes it is good to let everything out.” He mumbled.”You can tell me anything. Dont break yourself from inside.” He pulled away and saw her eyes welled up.

“She.. She.. Mahi.. Mahi is my sister..” She sobbed.”I..thought.. Sh.. She was dead.. She.. She.. But she is alive… How can this happen kunj.. I.. I donno.. I.. i was alone all this year. I cried… I missed them.. My.. My parents.. Mahi.. They left me.. They were.. Go–ing to lon-don b–ut.. They never came ba–ck.”She cried again and clung onto his chest again as a baby.

“Shh….calm down.. Chill okay.. Here..” He handed her a glass of water. She hesitantly took it and gulped a little.”Feeling better.?” He asked with a smile and she nodded.

“So tell me now.. What is it.?” He asked and she sighed. He hold her hand and made her sit on the bed..

“My parents.. Mahi and me.. We lived happily.. My parents were rich… My father had his own company taneja enterprises.. It was one of the top most company. We were happy… In our little bubble.”She smiled weakly remembering that times.” Mahi was few years younger than me. I was the first kid in our family and was pampered alot. And mahi seemed to be jealous. Umm.. Okay.. A little siblings enmity you know. “She chuckled. Only if she knew.. That siblings enmity wasnt the healthy one.

” Everything was normal.. Untjl one day. Dad and mom had to attend a conference in london. I hated the business stuff so i decided to stay back while mahi went with them. I was with usha ma.. She was our family friend. She loved me like a mother. They left.. But never came back…. I.. I.. I lost them”Her smile faded and tears again replaced back.

“Shh…” Kunj soothed drawing her closer to his chest.

“The… Plain.. Crashed during the landing.. And i lost everyone..” She cracked and remained silent.

“I am so sorry to hear that.” He mumbled sincerely.”Then.?”He asked.

She looked at him and shrugged.”I dont know..” She replied flatly.


She looked in her lap.”I donno. I am such a weak girl.. I Cant remember anything.”

“what happened after they died.?”

“I cant remember but all i was told is, i lived with usha aunty for the six months. She took care of me like a mother. I was coming back out of the trauma. She was alone too. She was a divorcee though she had a son, who she missed alot but he never came.” Kunj eyes welled up as well and she continued.”Then..i.. I lost her as… Well..” She broke into tears.

“Then.?” He asked.

“I don’t know. As i told you i am the weakest girl. I couldn’t take the another shock and fell into coma….whe..when i woke up… I didn’t remembered anything.. Anything.”

“What.?” She nodded.

“Partial memory loss. Thats what doctors said. From my parents death to usha aunty’s death that is of six month. I had a memory loss. I couldnt remember anything. I lost 6 months of my life… sic months…” she mumbled leaning in his arms while his breathe knocked out of his lungs..

“I am the weakest girl.. I know you wou—-” He stopped her by cutting her off.

“YOU are the strongest girl I HAVE EVER MET…sh…dont cry.” He tried to calm her down and she was silent after that.. He remained silent as well for somtime taking in the shock.

After she didn’t moved a bit for a long time, he glanced her to see she was fast asleep.

He smiled.”You are the strongest girl.” He mumbled again kissing her forehead.”You are my queen.” He kissed her right cheek.”You are my knight in shining armour. You brought me to the right path.” He kissed her left cheek.”Now I know everything. And i know what to do.”

He placed her gently on the bed covered her duvet and left the room.

The smirk never left his face indicating something was up his sleeve.



Here i released another chapter.

How was it.?

Long chapter..more than 2000 years words..

My words – Those who keep their emotions inside them, looks strongest from outside but they are weakest from inside. They just need a shoulder to cry on and someone to share with.

My exact point in this fan fiction was two things only.

1-Revenge can led someone to something unexpected.

2- Twinkle’s strongest yet weakest character and someone as kunj to hold her and to protect her. To listen her.

I hope you are liking it.

We are nearing to the end.. Yay *Wink*



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