Recap- Phone call and kunj’s wild dream. Twinkle’s hug and a kiss on cheek


Kunj’s pov-

“Good night.” I whispered ruffling her hair as she smiled and ran into her room.

I walked back into my room and hopped on my bed.

Just when i was about to close my eyes, my phone rang.

I picked it up with a sigh.

“Mahi.. What the—” I stopped hearing her sobbing.

“Kunj, how could you do this.? You are leaving me for that girl.?” She trailed off and i closed my eyes.

“Mahi.. Will you please leave me alone for a moment. I really am not in mood for anything. Plus the everything we planned is cancelled. Do not talk to me if you cant forget that coz i wanna move on forgetting and rubbing all my sins” And i hanged on.

I rubbed my temple.

Why this life is so messed up.?
Why cant she leave me alone.?.
Why did i do this.?
Why did i tried this even.?
Will She ever forgive me.?

I closed my eyes remembering those dreadful days.

My mom!
My dad!

Their split up.

I was 8 years old. My mom and dad kept fighting always. Dad would come home drunk at night daily and abuse mom. Mom was no less, she would yell at him to stop. She was never scared. She was strong.

She was strong until that night.. Until she caught another women in dad’s arms. She broke down. She was broken badly.

Thats when they she decided to split. My dad seemed guilty the next day. I know he wouldn’t do anything of that sort but i was too small.

They divorced.
And i was taken to london by my dad. His family lived there. He joined their family business and i was dropped to elementary school.
I use to miss my mom. I use to call her once in a while and it always ended up with her crying. Of course she was my mother. She missed me too

It was when i was 18 years, when i decided to visit india. I was elder then. And enough mature to take my own decesion.


I Stepped out of my car as my best friend, Avni took out my luggage back.

“Your mother is rich too.” She beamed and i just smiled.

Ofcourse, my nanu was a lawyer and he had too much money. Enough money that his great grand childrens can also live with earning.

I moved forward and rang the bell. It took 2 minutes until a girl opened.

Her hairs flew by her shoulders, Pretty pink skirt hung on her milky legs and she wore a cute top. Her lips twitched up and her eye brows creased.

“Who are you.?” She asked

“A human.” I replied wondering who is this girl.

“Dikh raha hai.” She rolled her eyes,”Mera matlab tha… Kis amir baap ki bigdi aulad hai tu.?”

“Mind your tongue, little girl”  I gritted my teeth

“Choti hogi teri ye chalti firti makeup ki dukaan. 17 saal ki hu mein..”

“Just shut up.” I said looking inside the house,”I am here to meet Usha sarna.”

My mom had never changed her surname after divorce too. She loved dad dearly.

“Nahi hai wo ghar par. Maaf karo or aage badho.”

“Who are you.?” I narrowed my eyes.

“Usha sarna ki beti… TWINKLE SARNA” And i stood frozen.

Mom had another daughter.?
How come.?

And she is just 1 year younger to me. How can she be her daughter. She lived with me for 8 years of my life atleast

How can she do that.?

“If you are done lieing, i am kunj sarna. Son of usha sarna. Will you please let me meet my mom” I stated angrily.

“What.? Matlab.? You.. Oh god.. Sorry haa.. Actually i am twinkle.. Twinkle taneja.. I am actually i will tell you umm..” I cut her off.

“I dont care who are you. Will you please let me..”I pointed towards the door and she let me in immediately.


I wonder how that girl didnt recognised me when we met again. I mean, i know i was quite different then but…only the difference was i had clean shaved and now i have slight stubble.

Her parents had died few months back and that girl loved with my mom.

She always called herself Twinkle Taneja Sarna,which kinda infuriated me. Jealous child.

That one month, all time we fought. We never got along with each other. She pranked me, i pranked back.

Once, She mixed something in my food and I drained out all mt energy and spend my whole day in washroom. The payback from my side was i trapped her in dark room and thats when i came to know that girl was scared of darkness.

Months later when i was in london, i got a call saying usha mom passed away. I took the next flight to india and attended her funeral. All the while i never saw twinkle.

Time passed and then i got to know twinkle taneja married to yuvi luthra,my best friend and rising tycoon of india. She got my mom’s whole property as per her will.

I got to know this everything from mahi. I was so furious over the gold digger, twinkle taneja. Mahi told me that there was chances that twinkle killed my mom because of money greed,that infuriated me more.

I kept thinking day and night that why would she do that. But one by one with every proof that mahi gave, i was blinded with my revenge.

I took my time to reach till my father’s expectations by taking over company. Once i was settled professionally,i was determined to take my mother’s revenge from miss gold. digger, twinkle taneja sarna.

With the help of mahi, i executed a plan to break her emotionally by physically hurting her. This was one of the most worst punishment for a lady.

But that was my biggest mistake. How could i think of her like that. That girl dont even want to ditch her dead husband and it was very much oblivious that she cant do that. I hd my secret detective working from months, and just yesterday i got a call from him that Mom’s death was natural. And the will she created was because when she was all alone here, twinkle supported her mentally and physically both when she herself wasnt in her better state. She had lost her parents that time.

I feel so low of myself. How could i hurt someone. Someone who had faced so much already. I was intrigued with my revenge for the verocious twinkle that i didnt knew how i fall for that girl.

The girl who is so innocent. How could i even think to hurt her.?

But one thing i know is, I love her. I LOVE HER SO MUCH THAT I CANT LIVE OF I LOOSE HER.

The girl i fought all time.
The girl i hated to the core,
I fall for that girl… Helplessly.

And i love this feeling.

I will do anything to win her whole with a pure heart.

But before that, i have to find out why the hell mahi believed that twinkle was responsible. I have tl find out.

And the most important, Before that psychopath lover OF MINE TRIES TO TELL TWINKLE,I WILL have to tell her.

I donno if she ever will forgive me.

I was such a b*stard.


“I dont wanna go..” Saani whined as we chuckled.

We were at the Airport ready to meet our real selves. Real life.

Ready to leave for India..

The flight took off and within hours, we were in india.

As soon as we stepped out of the airport, the paparazzi surrounded us.

“Is this true that You and mr. Kunj sarna are having a secret affair.?”

“Have you moved on already.?”

“Was your relation with yuvi was anything but husband and wife.?”

First we tried to ignore them but second by second it infuriated me. Suddenly i felt her hand enclapsing mine.

Sani was taken away with twinkle’s bodyguard. She feared media.

I looked at our entwined hands as she looked at them with her lips quivering.

“Yes, I and kunj are dating. And You guys are no one to raise finger on my and my husbands relationship. We heartily manage with your rumours but its enough. Its time i raise my voice.  my husbands died almost one year ago. I cried to and wept to my extent. No one was there to give their shoulders, but this man was. You all werent there so you dont have any right to raise your voice in front me. Keep your gossiping skills to yourself coz its my personal life and I CAN LIVE MY LIFE THE WAY I WANT.”

And for the first time in all these month, i saw my twinkle. THE OLD TWINKLE. my sherni.

My love of life!

I smiled proudly as we ambled away.


Woah.. That was a bomb directly dropped on your heads right? ?


Anyway.. I hope you all arent confused anymore.

And just in case here’s the short review.. So kunj had met her when her parents died and she lived with usha… But twinkle dong remember him since she had partial memory loss. She doesn’t remember anything while kunj doesng knows that shd had memory loss.


Anyway.. Hope you liked it ❤.

PRECAP- Twinkle to come to know – – – – – – – – – –

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And tomorrow that is 24 JUNE is my completion of 2 years of being a writer. Yaya… CHEERS TO THIS AMAZING FANS AND READERS OUTTA HERE… ?❤
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