Recap- Twinkle’s insecurities and refusal


Next morning –

“Mumma.. Plshhhhhhh” Sani ran behind her mom, stretching her lower lip out in a pout.

“You can go.. I am not in mood.. Please.?”Twinkle stopped in her tracks and turned to her daughter.

” There’s no fun without you. “She looked down,” You dont wanna come with me.? You left the dinner yesterday evening too”

Twinkle sighed in defeat. Her daughter was her second copy, she knew how to convince someone. Whether forcefully or emotional blackmailing.

“Fine. I’ll come. Happy.?” She surrendered her hands in air,”and please dont say that again. Mumma loves you alot”

“I love you too mumma” Sani beamed and clung to her chest as the door flew open.

“And who loves ME.?” Kunj entered with a huge grin. His hairs were damped and it seemed he had took a shower as the shampoo’s scent lingered in the air.

“Angel!” Sani exclaimed tilting her head from her mother’s embrace,”I love you na!”

“Just you.?” He asked eying twinkle who refused to care for his existence.

Sani blinked confused when he shrugged,”Anyway.. Whats the plan for today. Mini angel!”

“Hey.. You can just call me angel back. No mini word plsh” She huffed in a childish tone.

“I have two angels. One beautiful and big and other you, mini” He winked-Whispered making twinkle stir in her place uncomfortably.

Sani seemed to not listen to him as she continued her blabbering,”And i was thinking to go to the carnival… Then london eye … Then paint-Boxing.. Then…” Before she could continue, kunj interrupted

“and the list goes on. We better start going..” He spoke, his gaze locked at twinkle,”So ready.?” He asked

“Yeah. Just 5 minutes” Twinkle mumbled getting up and leaving to bathroom grabbing her grey off-shoulder top with denims.


It was a cool morning. Around 11 Am. They went to london eye. Sani was willing to sit in the ferris wheel.

“Wow.. Its soo bigg” Sani squeaked jumping in air. Twinkle smiled as she loosened her grip with her hand and let her move forward.

Sani who was holding twinj hands ran forward. Twinkle was looking at her smiling when his hand grabbed her. A shiver ran down her spine and she squirmed in terror.

“Leave me.!”She whispered with her eyes closed.

” Never! “He spoke nearing her ear. His lips touched her ear lobe and her insides froze.

She opened her eyes slowly to melt in his intense gaze.

“Kunj please!!” She tried to free her hand which was entwined with his.

“Mumma come’on” Sani screamed running towards the ferris wheel.

Kunj pulled her along with him there while she tried to withdrew her hand back but nothing helped.

“Shameless jerk!” She muttered.

“Wow.. Upgraded huh!” He asked with wink as she gawked at him confused,”From beast you uograded to jerk. Aww.. I love you for this too”

She rolled her eyes to show her annoyance but her lips couldn’t help buy smile. She was falling hopelessly in love with him with every passing minute and she couldn’t help. She didnt wanted this!

“Its not wrong!” He spoke as they got their tickets and moved towards their ride.

Twinkle looked up at him.”Your husband is dea–”

She pinched his arm and glared at him angrily.”I Didn’t asker you anything. Shut up and mind your own business” She said bitterly hoping he will stop being cheesy and wont confess his love shamelessly here and there.

“How can you be so kind to not even cheat at dead person.” He looked down drowning in deep thoughts.

The trio sat in the ferris and soon it started. At first sani shouted excitedly but then as it hol its speed, she was almost crying.

“No.. NO.. stop that..aah..mumma we will falll” She yelled as tears rolled. Twinkle panicked seeing her but kunj immediately pulled sani in his embrace. He slammed her to his chest as she closed her eyes. Within few moments, She was calmed.

Twinkle couldnt help but again admire this gentleman. He knew better to control that little kid of HERS more than her.

The ride ended as they walked towards the london tower beside and clicked the pictures.

Sani cancelled the carnival plan saying she wanted to go to paint-boxing.

“Sani.. We should visit Buckingham palace before your gaming” Twinkle advised as sani snapped her eye towards her.

She was having a burger in her hand and her mouth was full. She slowly swallowed it and asked,”Whats in there.?”

“It held london’s history. Lets go there.?”


They visited the palace in which neither kunj nor sani was interested. They just strolled behind twinkle whose eyes glittered around.

“Jaane kya hoga mera shaadi ke baad. Iski choice to dekho.” Kunj muttered which twinkle successfully heard.

“Shaadi.?” She asked wide eyed. She wasnt even planning to look at him and here he was fancying about marriage,”In your dreams” She rolled her eyes though again her cheeks tinted red with the thought.

“You will marry me, miss Twinkle taneja. Thatto willingly coz i love you alot and you are just mine” He claimed boldly while she stiffened in her place.

She did not said anything and moved further holding the bored sani.

Kunj’s phone rang.

“What the hell are you doing.? Do you even remember your mission.?” A girl’s voice boomed and he rolled her eyes.

“Dont you dare boss around me.? Just shut your f**king mouth”

“Kunj..” She whispered scared

“MAHI..please. Leave me alone and dont you dare call me again”

“But the miss–”

“I dont care of that anymore. Nothing will be completed. I LOVE HER DAMN IT.. and I believe she cant do that in her whole life. She is innocent angel. MY ANGEL”

“kunj how can yo–”

“This should be your last call. I wouldnt like to talk regarding this anymore” He hanged the call.

“Time to make things better…”He muttered to himself lookitat Twinkle’s retreating figure..



dunn… Dunn.. Dunn..

That girl is MAHI??.

No one guessed it.. LOL.?.

And kunj loves her seriously ?❤. (Many of you were doubting about this.. Huh)

And whats that thing they were talking about.. Any guesses.?

I WOULD JUST LIKE TO TELL YOU. MR. KUNJ SARNA IS REALLY A PASSIONATE AND POSSESIVE LOVER?❤. That you must have seen in this chapter and rest coming soon 😉

How do you like the chapter.?

As i said(To instagram readers) , i was sick thats why the update got late. I am sorry

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