Recap- London bridge and mr. Sarna’s surprise.


Her heart was soothingly calm, the cold wind brushed her face causing her to shiver but at that moment, a pair of arms were wrapped around her…

To warm her…

To protect her..

And she knew… He was her man.. That man.. She always wished to have from childhood. The men who would protect her from every storm and problem. The men who she dreamt to spent her life..

The man of her dreams.
The man she waited for..

The man she is falling for….

“I am hungwy..” Sani stomped her feet snapping the duo out of their Deep thoughts.

Twinkle quickly entangled her arms from his and looked around uncomfortably.

The every invisible hairs on her dear body, she felt each and every standing in ovation. Her fingers which rested on her denims, Shivered.

They trio sat in a comfortable yet awkward silence. All the while sani kept on blabbering,also on her mother behalf.

Kunj steal glances of her quietly replying the little kid.
Atlast, Not able to control anymore. Twinkle jerked up from her seat.

“What happen, Is anything Wrong.?” He quickly stood up too and looked concerned.

Her heart melted while her eyes got teary. She shook her head in denial, not able to speak.

“I..i actually feel tired. You guys continue i will get to the house.” She lipped a tight smile before grabbing her purse and phone.

“What.? Are you really okay. Twinkle. If you want we can come along you know right.?.” He hold her hands stopping her. She looked between his hands touching hers while dotting it to his eyes.

She shook her head again,”I am really fine. You guys carry on. I just need rest”

“But mum—-”

“sani.. Please be a good girl. Dont tease kunj unclr okay.? Andyea.. Finish your food. Wash your hands neatly and then when you leave. Hold kunj uncle’s hand. Don’t forget okay”

“but mumma why are you leaving. I wanted to have ice cream in—” Before she could complete, twinkle turned to kunj.

“Can you please get her a chocolate ice-cream on the way, please.?. I promised her but – – -”

“Its fine… I will do it” He smiled while he still tried to analyse what she was thinking.
Afterall, he cared for her. He wanted to save her from all her miseries. He couldnt see her like that, anymore..

“Thank you.. Thank you so much and yea.. Chocolate ice cream hmm.!!!” She mouthed quickly before running away. She really was chaanged suddenly, he thought.

Twinkle ran fast. Thanx to think the long leather boots, she wore.
Getting back to his beautiful yet Big villa. She hurried to her room.

Slamming herself to the cosy chocolaty bed. She scurried under her blanket, digging her face in the pillow.

“I cant… I cant… I cant.” She mumbled to herself. “I cant….. Fall for him..”
Her breathes were uneven, as tears sprunk down.

“This is so wrong…. So wrong.” She digged her face more in the pillow.”I cant be a cheater. I cant cheat yuvi…. I… I cant”

‘But he is dead..’A voice inside her reasonated which she preferred as her heart. Why and how can her heart start neltibg for him.

Why was everything happenibg around his.
Those deep stares,
Those little fights,
Jealousy striking in,
The sparks.

The sparks that she preferred to be having with yuvi.
‘Afterall he was her husband’ but why cant her heart stop being and acting complicated.

The sparks that she always missed when she was with yuvi. How can she that with another man.
The men who she suppose, is her husband’s best friend.
The men who she suppose helped her aloy in her dark days.

How she just can fall for that men.?

‘Coz heart connects heart not brain. Heart unites not brain. Heart understands each others grieves , not brain. One Heart belongs to its another better half even before the human grows up. From the moment, the human borns. The heart knows its another pair. Its own place. Its just destiny who plays game and brings them together.’ Another voice yelled from inside but she was more caught up in her own grieves.

She was angry on herself.
To let him Affect her so deeply that she started loving him.

How stupid her heart was!!.

That moment all she thought was low of herself for cheating on her husband..

‘who is dead’ Anoyher voice joined back!

She suddenly stood up remembering something. Getting on her feet, She went to her Travelling bag. She digged her hands inside letting out the diary. Yuvi’s diary.

“Read it on right time..”Anita had said. And she felt that exact right time.

Again establishing her herself on her previous cosy bed, she opened the diary.

The first page had a heart drawn,which unfortunately wad broken but one little flower knot joined the two broken hearts.
On the bottom of the page. It was written.


Twinkle immediately understood what he meant. A lone tear formed along with a smile crepting her lip.

He loved that angel….. The most.

The way he drew that two broken hearts knotted with the flower looked so simple sketch but that did really tugged her heart.
He indeed was right. Both of them had their own problems in life, They both were broken but somehow.. That little angel drew them together……. Atleast as a friend!

She flipped the page.
The next one read.

Another year slipped out of my hands like sand through fingers. Another failed year. Another false expectations building.
Still at the same place, i stood where i was 5 years ago.
5 year ago when i married her. Why cant i give her a normal life. A normal happy couple.?.
She is so stubborn and….. Negative!
I know i dont tell her but cant she see through my anger, jealousy and dominant attitude.? How bad and pathetic i feel when i see her around those mens who give her hungry looks. Why cant she know… That I LOVE HER!?
Ah! I know how pathetic i am. Despite of telling her, i am writing in this diary.
Despite of spending time with her today on valentines day, i am playing with sani.
Well Atleast, she heals my pain.
She is mirror of twinkle and i am glad that at least i have Her.

Twinkle bite her lip that escaper sob. Now she knew, how fondly he loved her. She wanted to slap herself for not knowing cuz now she knew how ONE FEEL WHEN HE/SHE FALLS IN LOVE WITH SOMEONE HOPELESSLY DESPITE KNOWING HE/SHE DONT.

It tugged her heart. ‘She never loved yuvi. But he always did.’
‘She love kunj alot who would never love her’.

Destiny was slapping her directly, reversing the roles.

She turned the page…

Sani spoke… She can speak. She spoke today.
She did it..
Ah!!. My little girl spoke her furst word. She said ‘MaPa’
How cute of her. She gave me and twinkle equal happiness. Ma and papa both together.
My angel!
But sadly… Twinkle wasnt present at this amazing moment either. Why cant she love her. She is her own daughter afterall. She was attending some ball event yet again..
Hired a nanny, at last for her. I try my best to split my time innwork and giving my angel but The more i do the less it seems. Afterall a kid needs her parents all the time and i an her mother and father both!
Hope… Twinkle understands one day!

Twinkle hugged the diary to her chest , crying vigorously. She realized more and more how much of a big mistake she did

She scrolled to the pages reading them and feeling bad even more. Half of the diary contained every stage of Sani’s growing up.
When she walked,talked eat. What she liked each and everything. Everything was about her but he never missed to write about twinkle either. Every page wrote and told about her which was always. ‘She was busy. She is attending this.. And that’
Until… One page which didnt started with sani or her. But he. Himself!

I attended the doctor just today. Fainting twice in a day had tensed me up and the reports came the worst…
I have brain tumor—

Twinkle stopped reading. Her gaze glued to the page. How much he suffered. He knew it all. Hr was alone all his way. Why couldn’t she supported him.
She never comforted him.

She read further. Expecting something about himself but all he was concerned was for sani and her..

—Twinkle still is same. All i am concerned right now is for sani. What will happen to her after me. She would have no-one. I am trying to make twinkle realize about her daughter but—
God.. Please help me.
Take me away.. But please give my daughter her mother’s love…

And…. She couldn’t control anymore. She broke into fits of sobs which zoomed up to loud cries..

He sacrificed himself for her. He sacrificed himself for his daughter to get her mother’s love.

Her loud cries seemed to reach kunj ear drums. Who made sani sleeo in her room. He ran toeards her room, bolting it open. He moved towards the crying figure.

Without waiting for anything, he slammed her to his chest as soon as he reached her.

“Sh….. Dont cry….” He rubbed his hands on her back.. “Sh…”

“kunj..i..i…”She pointed towards the diary.”I am so bad….i m… Worst!!”

“Sh… No.. You are best… Okay… Please calm down..”

“No..i am… I am…. Wors—” She matched her ear to his running heart,”I never cared for his love… And.. And.. Today…. You dont care for mine—” She mumbled through her raging breathe.

His hands stopped massaging her back. The blood went cold all in his body until she realised what she said.

She got out of his hold looking at him scared. Ready for his anger to burst

He kept looking her intently making her feel more worst. “You l—Love me.?” he asked as she gazed the floor.

She didn’t know if she should open her mouth but her heart couldnt stop nodding in approval.

It was a gentle small nod which followed with a Big smile grazing his lip. “You love me.?” He asked again. Tears sprung in his eyes as well with a slight smile adoring his handsome face.

“You love ME!” He spoke to himself. In a swift his hands grazed her pulling her more close to himself. She seemed like a paperdoll in his arms who had no weight more than a paper. His hands cupped her face securely.

Suddenly her already stopped heart put an full stop. When his lips crashed to hers taking her by shock. His lips moulded in hers finely moving on it.
For a moment, No one budged. Everything seemed perfect until he pulled away still their lips inches apart,”I love you too… I love you with all my being” He spoke in a soft tone closing his eyes and resting his chin on her crown hiding her in his chest.

And that moment she knew… He was truthful……



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    Dairy scene mindblowing & emotional too
    Yrrrr uv best banda tha vo kitni care krta tha twinkle aur sani ki
    Wowww twinj confessions
    Pr ab kuch hone to nhi wala kyoki ye ff suspense aur twist se bhara huva h
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