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Recap- Twinkle’s breakdown.. Sani admitted in hospital..


“Mrs.Luthra..” The doctor Spoke in his very professional tone as twinkle sat infront of him.

Sani had regained her conscious an hour back.”Doctor..Is she okay.? Any thing wrong.? Why did she got unconscious like that.?”

The doctor inhaled deeply vefore opening his mouth,”You need to calm down. First chill” He tried to confort her. But that each passing second seemed to be hanging her to death. She was getting impatient every second.

“Nothing is wrong. So no need to worry” The doctor let it out finally and she heaved a sigh.


“Actuallly. You and me both knows that Mr.luthra’s death has caused a big effect on her. It is really depressing for her at this tender age”

“but.. But doctor.. She seems normal at home. From a past few weeks we have seen mu h changes in her. She seems to be happy” Twinkle tried to justify

“Sometimes…carrying pain and giving pain along to others make kids grow up. Sani is very much mote mature than her age. She probably didn’t want you all to get tense over her. It seemed like she had been pressing and keepibg everything within her from a long days” He paused,”That is definitely a wrong casr. Instead of improving, her health is deteorating day by dad. Thus,not able to carry those emotional mess anymorr, she fainted” twinkke was gobsmacked listening this.

Several tears escaped her eyes. She bit her bottom lip and manage to speak,”But.. There would be any solution—?”

“See Mrs Twinkle. You are her mother. I know, she had more linient relationship with her father. But you need to get involved now. You need to be Her BEST Friend. I have one solution”

“what is it.?”

“You can take her to some little vacations. Her stress may drain out in some other refreshing environment and also you can get along with her. She may start opening up.?” Twinkle thought for a while and nodded..


“No.. No… Kunj uncle.. No” Sai chuckled when kunj dint stop his tickling.

She raised her hand and hold his T-Shirt. Climbing on him. She bite him Fiercely on his back and he growled..

“You little girl” He chuckled pushing her on the bed again. Sani giggled.

“And you are my angel” she giggled clapping her hands.

“He is beast” Twinkle spoke after observing them for a while..

“mumma” Sani’s eyes glittered woth happiness as twinkle lunged forward and hugged her tightly.

“My bachcha…how are you feeling now.?”

“Very much fresh mumma” she smiled,”I made everyone concerned na.?” Her face fell..

“No… No infact we are happy that you are fine”


“yes.. Infact i have a surprise for you”


“We…” She smiled brightly and stretched her words..

“We. .?” She asked

“We are going for a vacation”

“what really..? Mumma?.” Sani squealed in joy,”I have never went on a vacation with you” She mumbled with a sad tone.”Where are we going.? And alone?”

“Where you wanna go and yea alone.. But..” She looked at kunj,”If your Angel a.k.a kunj uncle wanna accompany then he can”

She knew If not herself, Sani would definitely open to kunj. He was close to her since yuvi was there maybe, he could help.?

“Yay..kunj uncle you will accompany us na.?”

He waited for a whike and then looked at twinkle. Shr mouthed, ‘Please’. He smiled,”Definitely… If my angek wants.. I will” His eyes were locked at twinkle.

His words madr her quiver. He was really intimating.

“Where will we go,?” Shr asked again.

“Where you wanna go.?”

Sani thought for a whike,”London bridge.? That london bridge is falling down.. Fallibg down.?”she asked in a childish tone.

“You wanna go there.?” she nodded, “Then we will go”



“sanii.. Wait.” Twinkle shouted.”Kunj..stop”

Her leg twisted and she thumped down on the concrete floor.”Aah” Twinkle screamed.

“Mumma” sani ran towards her. “Mumma i am sowwy.. Ale you otay.?”

Twinkle looked up.”Why so babyish.?” she narrowed her eyes.

“I am sowwy.?” She winked.

Twinkle tried to stood up but her led hurt, “are you okay. ?” Kunj asked concerned..

She pouted,”Not able to stand.. Ah”

“god.. Who told you to run…. Wait lemme see” He sat down and hold her leg…she flinched

“I guess we have to see a doctor” He stated.

“No way. Its already 5:30.. We have to catch the flight at 6. Havr you gone mad?”

“Then okay. Me and sani will go and enjoy. You stay here.?”

“You have lost it mr. Sarna” She gritted her teeths funnily

“mumma.. Pleashh… We should go to doctor”

“i am ok.. Sani.. See” She tried to stood up and succeded, thankfully.

Though her leg hurt but she decided to express it now.

“i clearly dont think its a good idea. We should really consult a doctor.. Twinkle” kunj said concerned as they walk..

“I will be fine… In sometime” she replied,”Umm.. Can you please..” she forwarded her hand, “Umm.. Hold.. My.. Hand? I may lost balance”.

“sure” He replied. A smile formed on his lips as they hold eachothers hands. Sani hold her another hand.

“I am also a helper na.. Mommy?”

“definitely.. So shall we leave.?” She scremed in excitement..

“yay.. Let the journey began..”



“W-O-W” Sani gasped as they wapked out of the airport.

The bright and soothing nature welcomed them. It was Second week of january and definitely snow drizzling in london.

“This is so beautiful… Wow” She squealed again looking at kunj and twinkle.”Give some compliment you two” She rolled her eyes dramatically and for a moment, twinkle find her features in her daughter.

“I have been here already.. Sweety” She ruffled her hair making it messt as sani frowned.

“I am already looking a mess. Mom dont make me more ugly” Sani replied running her hands through her hair. They trio chuckled.

“I have been living here.. So no surprise for me” Kunj rolled his eyes and giggled.

“Atleast.. Be a human and compliment”

“alright.. Wow… So beautifu–aah” Twinkle flinched as her leg hurted again. She was about to fall but kunj hold her in between.

His eyes met hers. And for the first time in like ages. Twinklr felt her heart warm up. A shiver ran down her body. Her pain that she was bearing from last hours went down the drain.
Her hands wrapped around his waist and so does his..

They heard a click and he immediately release her,”Are you okay?” He asked

She just embarrassely nodded. Hoe could she even think such filmy stuff. That too in front of her DAUGHTER.

“See this.?” Sani forwarded the phone and they were shocked.

“what is this?” Twinkle ask wide eyes. Sani had clicked their picture.

“good click na.?”.

“shut up..” She hold her hand and walked further.


” first London bridge..” Sani spoke swallowing her food,”Thenn anywhere…”

“You have just come her for london Bridge.?” kunj asked

“I just know this place here” She replied innocently…

“Okay.. So do you want to go to a carnival.? It is held here everywhere. You will love it”


“Paint boxing time then” Kunj stated with a wink.

“Yaya.. I love that”


“Wake up. Are you out of your mind.?” A girl walked into the room furiously. Her hills ticked on the concrete floor.

“I… I cant…. I think i lo—”

“Shut the f*ck.” She pushed the man as he yelped.”-******************-”


“Miss twinkle taneja.Sarna. Get ready for the hell waiting for you” His eyes showed raw anger as he smirk.

And the next moment someone hit him from back side. He flinched and fall on the floor.
He was……




sorry for the delay?..

I know i got late but i had went for a vacation for 10 days.. I wrote after coming.. But donno how it got deleted (I am NOT lieing.. Ask sam)
And that was long too.. But writing it again is really disturbing and frustrating.. It didn’t come out the same….

Secondly.. I PROMISED FOR YESTERDAY MORNING’s update on insta. But i couldnt make it then. Though i wrote it down whole till 5 in the evening but due to some issues i couldnt post. The LAST PART WAS ADDED TODAY. At the last moment ?.

I know you must be confused but leave all on me.


Spoilers will be posted on my instagram acaccount ?

And. Thank you for your cmnts.. I love you all❤.

I had replied to all cmnt in previous..

Will do it today to.. Hopefully

And finally precap.



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  1. Hello dear Ammu u r though late sorry very late u didn’t even send any message on Tu as I not n insta so I was angry but reading the episode I was happy and I am damn excited twinj in London and whtas kunj going to do I think the girl who got kunj was twinkle can’t wait plsss post soon and jaldi post Karna b no excuses as holidays start ho Gaye Hain yaar ab u have to give regular updates plsss post soon stay healthy stay happy love u take care

  2. Shalu Choudhary

    Nice episode dear post soon

  3. Baby

    aamiee loving it as always superb but late
    but its okiee i hope u enjoyed d vacation ?
    love u bachaa ?

  4. Sameera

    Amazing Yaar aamu loveddd it sooo much
    Sani is such a cutipie ..
    Uff Yaar why this kunj is hell confusing man
    Loveddd twinj scenes ..
    Waiting for next ????
    Another mystery now what’s gonna happen ..
    Post soon “AFLAAS” ????
    LOVE YOU ????

  5. Finally u posted….I m waiting from yesterday….
    superb epi….
    sani is such a cutiepie …
    very much excited for this London trip ….
    kunj is so confusing….waiting for next epi …
    plz post soon

  6. Anusha

    amazing episode dear
    Loved it
    Sani is such cutiepie
    kunj is hell confusing
    twinj scene is very cute
    Post soon

  7. Finally yrrr tumne post kiya
    Superb fantastic episode dear
    Twinj & sani soo cute
    Twinj eye lock superb

    Yrrr pr ye kunj confusing h bahut
    Plzzzzzzzzz post soon dear ab late mat hona
    Luvvvvvv u cutie pie

  8. Fenil


  9. Anaya_Ali

    Hey aamu epi was awsm…
    Twinj scenes were beautiful specially that helding hand one…
    Excited for vacation
    Confused about ending
    Plzzzzzzz this time post soon
    Can’t wait…

  10. SSK

    That was such a good episode. I just keep waiting for the updates. Please post really soon. 🙂

  11. Awesome Amazing superb

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