Recap- Ferris wheel ride and mahi’s call

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WARNING – There is not much mature content. Still Kids.. stay aware if you are uncomfortable!!

Kunj’s Pov-

“Twinkle…” I called out bolting the door open to land my gaze on the blazing beauty.

There she stood in all her glory. Her wet hairs flew in air because of the hair drier. Her forehead creased and she turned around with a frown.

Or pout.?
My gaze descended to her lips.

“What.?” She asked hipping her hands, putting the hair drier on the dresser.

She needs to stop.

“Kuuuunnjjj” She stretched her words as her lips formed big ‘O’

Thats it!

I lunged towards her in a beat and latched her mouth to mine. She gasped at my sudden act but then her hand gripped my neck and i pulled her more closer, deepening the kiss. Her lips moved softly on mine as i bite her lower lip. She gasped and i made my way in her mouth pulling her more closer,If that was even possible.

Suddenly, i felt a sting on my stomach and i yelped pulling away. She smirked,”You mouth eater… Stay away!”
She pushed me away.

“And what if i dont!”
I moved towards her with a big grin. she blushed as i snaked my arm around her waist again.”Its our honeymoon baby” I spoke huskily

“Kunj.. Leave me!” She spoke looking directly in my eye.

“Please..” Her hairs fall on her face and i slowly put it behind her ear.

“Sani will—” I cut her off with ny lips again on hers. She tried to pull away but i groan hungrily to which she didn’t had any choice other than giving in.

I like dominating her.

The kiss grew deeper and hungrier as my hand reached the hem of her bathrobe. I pulled the belt making it kiss the floor. She narrowed her eyes in between the kiss and pushed her hands inside my T-Shirt.

A giggle left my mouth as her hands moved in my bare chest. I pushed myself on the bed along with her..


*Thak.. Thak*

Ughh… Shoo..

*Thak.. Thak*

The voice rang violently in my ear as i sat up from my sleep.

That was a dream!

I blushed involuntarily at the thought of ‘Honeymoon’ which could be join with the word ‘Dream’

This girl is driving me crazy.

I had never in ever got such dirty dream–

*Thak.. Thak*

The door banged furiously again and i yelled, “Coming..”

I opened the door to welcome the girl of my dream or can say ‘Wife of my dream’

Oh.. How i wish it to be true.

Be patient Kunj. Coz she will be mine.. Only mine.

I just need to sort two things.
One-Convince her
Two- End all the game, i starte—

“Your girlfriend is on the call. She called me since you werent picking it up.” She said coldly or more like furiously.. Or like irking… Or like… Jealously.?

Aww.. My baby!

I chuckled grabbing the phone.”What.?” My voice turned in a disturbing tone. I couldn’t help it.

“Kunj.. Why arent you picking uo my call.?” Mahi yelled from other side.

“I was sleeping.” I replied flatly.

“With twinkle.?” She asked accusingly.

Yeah.. But in my dreams!

“and why would you think i will sleep with twinkle.?” I asked looking at her eyes going wide.

Suddenly, it was hurt taking over as she looked down on the floor and started to leave.

I clearly didnt meant like that.

“Kunj.. Are you even listening what i am saying.?” Mahi said from the other side.

I rolled my eyes.”Will you please stop acting bipolar and just hang on the call. I dont want to talk to you.” I yelled and next moment i regretted. But anyway i hanged on the call and ran behind twinkle.

I strode towards the hall when i saw her standing under the stairs, hiding.

I could hear her muffled sobs.

I made her cry.

Thats what you wanted right.? To make her cry.?, My inner instinct taunted and i rolled my eyes.

I moved towards her and quickly hold her arm and pulled her.

“I am so sorry twinkle.. I actually.. Didnt— mean.. That way.” She looked directly in my eyes and laughed nervously.

“There is no harm in you saying that too right.? Why would you like to sleep with a married women even. And i dont mind” She said the last sentence as a whisperm

“For the nth time, You arent married. YOU WERE MARRIED AND YOU HUSBAND IS DEAD,for god sake.”

“Kunj..leave me” She tried to push me away but i held her right arm tightly.

She is crossing limits. I am acting mature here from last night but all she is doing is trying to push me away.

Because she dont wanna cheat on her husband.
Who is dead, if i add and who was my beat friend and who wanted to see her happy.

If he would be alive and knew that we love each other, he would have happily moved back.
Coz he was yuvi.

A gem of a person.
My best friend.

My heart warmed up at the thought of him being no more around me. Around us.

“Twinkle.. I love you. I f**cking love you.”I argued

” I know.” She said softly looking down,” And thats the problem. ”

” You love me too then whats the problem.? ”

“This is the problem.” She squinted her eyes up,”This is the problem mr. Sarna. This is the problem. The problem is you love me and i bl**dy love you back.. I couldn’t help but i do love you. I couldn’t stop those butterflies rising in my stomach when you are near me. I couldn’t help my thumping hard. I couldn’t helo but think of just you and me and nothing else. I couldnt helo but feel jealous of that girlfriend of yours”She slapped my chest, childishly as tears rolled down her eyes.

“She is not my girlfriend”

“Then why did she call you.?” She spoke under her breath.

With those puffy eyes and cute pout too she looked cute.

Aww. My baby!

“Coz i broke up with her” She looked at me shocked,”What.? I cant be with her when i have the most beautiful girl in my arms” i winked

Her cheeks rose up with pink colour tinted.

How more cute she can be.?

Damn.. I am in love with her hopelessly.
And i couldnt help but love this feeling.

This new feeling.
It is so heartwarming.

Suddenly, Her arms snaked my neck, She stood on her toe hugging me tightly.

“Never break my trust….. Kunj” She whispered in my neck and that time i knew…

I had her trust.
She trusts me.

But did i deserve her trust.? After what i tried to do to her

My all thoughts drained when i felt her lips on my cheek. She smiled. And i smiled.

I cant bear to loose her. She is mine.

This ANGEL belongs to this BEAST


Angel and beast.. Huh.?

Twinkle smiled.. Twinkle huggee.. Twinkle even kissed his cheek..
Can you believe it.?

And any guesses for the line,’But did i deserve her trust.? After what i tried to do to her’

Ugg.. Confusing.?

Will come soon?.


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  2. Omg it was such a brilliant episode Ammu Di loved it and kunjs dream was really awsm and romantic and I too didn’t understand that angel and beast wala thing waiting for the next episode for the clue plsss Di jaldi post kana love u take care

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    Hello Aamu! Sincerely apologies for being late, but your story is such a blast!! I’m totally enjoying this… All the mystery is only making the plot more enticing…. And ooooh! I absolutely loved it!! I was wondering how Twinj had ended up married, but even before the feeling could sink in, my bubble was burst! Still, I enjoyed your way of bringing in some romance in the story… You are so cool man!! Mahi is dumped!!! Wooohooo!!! Calls for a party!!! Twinkle putting out all her frustration was so touching… You hit my heart directly with that! I’m anxiously waiting to know what the mission was though… Kunj blushing must have looked real cute!! His final line about having Twinkle’s trust was beautiful!! All in all, this was a work of art… Fantastic!! Lots of love ???

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