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Ragsan wr in respective classes but they r chatting with mbl…they have some romantic talk,ragini was blushing,this is noticed by abeer,who was sits beside ragini,abeer asks what happened,seems so happy,ragini says nothing…they chatted till classes gt over..sanskar comes out frm d cls with naughty smile on his face,while coming he collided with tanu,she about to fall sanskar holds her nd makes her stand,nd says take care dear,hearing this tanu was cloud9..tanu smile nd asks SANSKAR to come for dinner today,sanskar agreed,tanu felt hsppy leave frm there…

@dance class
ragsan r sitting in some corner,ragini rests her head on his shoulder,while sanskar ws playing with her fingers…ragini says what if our plan gt failed,sanskar says dnt worry it works,ragini says but im scaring..sanskar says dnfear,sanskar is here..ragini smiles….sanskar says we should leave now as i want to go shopping..ragini asks shopping ???..sanskar says ha,first time i m going for date with my gf,some shopping is needed na as i should be look handsome,ragini looks at him angrily nd beats him,sanskar smiles nd says i ws jst kidding yar,sorry…ragini stps beating,sanskar moves close to her nd says i love u,my love is only for u,ragini gives him a sweet smile….

tanu calls sanskar nd says im waiting at some xyz restaurant..sanskar came ,they went inside nd ordered food…sanskar says tanu i want to talk to ur family about our marriage,hearing this tanu felt damm happy…nd says my parents wr in london,im with my bhai,sanskar says i will talk with ur bhai,tanu says but sanskar,u knw that bhai was gangster,he doesn’t meet anyone,anywhere as police wr searching for him,if anyone sees him,he wl get a problem..sanskar says no pblm i will meet him secretly,tanu says but ,sanskar holds her hand nd asks dnt u have trust on me,tanu says no sansksr nothing like that,i trust u,k i should talk to bhai nd i will arrange a meeting with bhai,sanskar nodded,after a while they left,tanu goes to her home,sanskar went to some park,where swalakrag was there,sanskar said their(san,tanu)conversation nd all to them ..they smiles as their plan was working,they have a group hug….they had some talk,swara says im feeling hungry,laksh says i will bring something to eat,swara says i will come with u,sanskar says teasingly ha ha swara go nd enjoy,swara looks at sanskar angrily ,sanskar says areh i talked about food,enjoy ur food..laksh says swara u stay here ,i will go alnoe now u r k sanskar nd he gives teasing look to sanskar…sanskar says sorry swara maa,go nd give company to ur lucky…swalak smiles nd left leaving ragsan alone,,…

sanskar took a red rose frm his pocket,which was he takes in restaurant without knowledge tanu..he gives to ragini nd says i love u,ragini takes it nd asks how mucho u loves me,sanskar asks do u want to know,ragini nodded with excitement,sanskar holds her waist tightly,nd he starts kissing her lips crazily,he was sucking,licking her lips,after a while ragini pushes sanskar due ti lack of oxygen,both r breathing heavily,sanskar says i didn’t complete yet,ragini hugs him while blushing….sanskar too huhs her tightly…they brk d hug when they hears foot steps…swalak came nd sees their blushing faces nd starts to tease ragsan..they had some masti…….

Epi ends….

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    awesome loved ragsan

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  6. Awwww… Wow best way to say how much u love ur partner ?????

  7. Awesome epi…ragsan scenes are superb…devil tanu…

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    Awww so sweet

  9. Omg awesome please update soon!!!

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    Awwww..ragsan is soo cute…loved it…..

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  12. Superb episode…….
    Hope their plan works…….and everthing goes well……love Swalak and Ragsan…..?????
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