B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-22

Episode 21

All are busy in arrangements for ragsan engagement..

Ragini barged into sanskar’s room where he is wearing his clothes..
Sanskar looks at her annoyed .
Sanskar:dont u hav minimum manners
Ragini :no..so what
Sanskar gives a irritated look..
Ragini(she was in choli nd lehenga ,dupatta wrapped around her):suno
Ragini took of her dupatta nd handovers to him..
Ragini:u made me wear at shopping mall naa..make me wear like that now..that was good..
Sanskar:how im looking like to u
Ragini:as usual like idiot
Sanskar glares at her
Ragini:ok..ok..sry..make me wear naa..
Sanskar:wait for some time..first i need to get dress up..(he took his sherwani to wear as he was half naked)
Ragini:u wear later..first make me wear this..(she grabs the sherwani nd throws on bed)
Sanskar:u born to irritate me..
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar took dupatta from her..he folds dupatta nd made her wear properly..when he pins dupatta on her shoulder,he looks at her back which is bare..he looks at her..
Sanskar:cant u even wear choli properly..
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:u closed choli buttons uneven nd,y didnt u tie threads of ur blouse ,are u going to show off..
Ragini:its not like ,i could not able to..i asked swara help she said she was busy..btw u r here na to do..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini:will u
He held her waist with his two hands nd pulled her onto him..ragini hits his front..
Ragini:what are u doing
Sanskar:u asked me na..keep quite..
Ragini nodded..
Sanskar placed his chin on her shoulder so that he can close her blouse buttons(hopu u get the pose)..ragini held his shoulders..
He properly closes her choli buttons nd tied knot..
Sanskar(moves from her):done
Ragini looks ar him nd noticed ,red marks on his shoulders due to her tight grip..
She widened her eyes nd says in mind if he see he would create drama..
Sanskar:will u leave now..i have to get ready..he about to go towards mirror..
Ragini held his wrist ..
Ragini took his sherwani from bed…
Ragini:u helped ma naa..i will help u now .
Sanskar:no need..i can do myself
Ragini:no..i will help u..
She pulls him towards her..
Sanskar:stop irritating me
Sanskar give up as he knw she wont listen..he kept quite.
Ragini makes him wear sherwani..nd takes a sigh..
Sanskar:now leave me in peace..
She about to go
Sanskar:ur plan will work naa..(to stop their engagement)
Ragini goes
Ragsan sat beside eo on sofa as rituals started..ap came to them nd gives aarti..she placed shagun(red dupatta) over ragini head.
Sanskar stares at ragini
Sanskar:kuch nay
Suji:swara go nd get rings..i kept in my room
Swara:ji chachi
Sanskar:whats ur plan..half of rituals completed..
Swara(came):chachi rings are not there
Suji:what..did u see properly
Swara:haan chachi..i saw whole room..
Ragini recalls how she took those rings without knowledge anyone..
Sanskar looks at ragini..
Sanskar:this is ur plan??
Ragini lifts her invisible collar..
Ram:are u sure u kept in our room..
Suji:haan jii
Janki:it cannot be happen..it will be apshagun
Ragini:haan maa..may be god also dont want our engagement happen..
Suji looks at her..
Sanskar:dont do overacton..keep quite..
Ragini nodded..
Suji:i will check..
Saying she goes..dp laksh goes to check their rooms..
Sanskar:pandit jii still howmuch time is there for muhurt..
After 5min..
Sanskar:badi maa..muhurt time got over..thats ok..we will do some other day..
Suji(who came holding rings):no need..still 1min left..here are the rings u both can exchange..
Ragsan looks shocked..
All feels happy as rings found..
Sanskar:maa where u found
Suji:in ur room ..dont waste time exchange rings..
Sanskar looks at ragini angrily..
Ragini:vo..i didnt expect they would search in ur room..
Sanskar gives her unbelievable lool..
Suji(gives ring to ragini):make him wear..
Ragini nodded helpless..

They exchanged rings nd all showes flowers on them..engagement got over..they took all elders blessings..
Ragsan in sanskar’s room..
Sanskar scolding her for her stupid plan..
Ragini:will u stop..
Ragini:im already feels irritate by this heavy lehenha nd jewelry..nd u are making me more irritate..
she pulls her necklace angrily..nd screams as it got scratch..
Sanskar:y r u showing ur frustration on urself..see u got scratch..
Ragini:let it be
Sanskar:all bcz of ur stupid idea..
Ragini:stop it..stupid idea??before a while u said that was good idea nd u are saying now stupid idea..
Sanskar:im saying about those rings where u hide..u should have hide somewhere else not in my room..u r such a dumb..
Before ragini could speak. Suji came to them..
Suji:what are u both doing here
Ragini in mind u scold me naa now see..
Sanskar:vo maa
Ragini:see aunty..he bited me here(she shows scratch on her neck)
Sanskar widened his eyes..where suji smiles..
Sanskar:maa vo
Suji:u no need to tell anything..but u have to control urself naa..there is time for everything..do what ever u want after ur marriage but not now..
Sanskar stood like what..
Ragini giggles..
Sanskar:i can understand but u should not do like that..come down both..
Saying she goes..
Ragini:ur mom so understanding..
She smiles..
Sanskar looks at her knitting his eyebrows…
Ragini understand situation..she stood up nd says vo i need to go..
Sanskar held her hand nd picks her in his arms nd throws on bed..
Ragini:what are u doing
Sanskar:making ur words true..that u told me naa i bited u..
Sanskar comes over her..
Ragini:no sanku
He bends to bite her neck..but ragini moves here nd there..
Sanskar about to bite her neck but ragini moves down by the result his lips on her lips instead of her neck..ragini stopped moving..sanskar starts kissing her lips..ragini closed her eyes..sanskar entwirled hos hands with ragini hands nd kisses her deeply..
After a long deep kiss..sanskar got up from her nd fell on bed breathing heavily where ragini looks at him breathing heavily..
Ragini:what u did
Sanskar:dont u knw what i did
Ragini:i mean..y u did
Sanskar:its ur fault..i tried to byte u but u gave ur lips..its totally ur fault..
Ragini:what..u always blame me..
Sanskar:bcz u r the cause for everything..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar got up from bed nd goes near mirror to set up his hair..
Sanskar(wiping lipstick from his lips):btw change ur lipstick..
Ragini like what
Sanskar:take good flavor
Ragini:its my fav..i dont want to change
Sanskar:u have to..its yuck
Before ragini cloud speak..swara knocks d door nd asked them to come to hall..
Sanskar:im going..cme after setting ur dress properly..
Saying he goes..
Ragini stood up nd goes to mirror nd sees herself..her messy hair ,her smread lipstick in her lips ,nd her dupatta which was on bed..nd the aroma of sanskar whole over her body..
Ragini(took deep breath):this idiot na..unbelievable..

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