B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-20


Tanu comes to sanskar’s office..
Tanu hugs sanskar..
Sanskar(brk d hug):kya hua tanu(he asked formally)
Tanu:sanskar..i have to go Paris for my modeling purpose..i dont wanna go leaving u ,but i need to go..evening only im going
Sanskar:when will u return
Tanu:it will take 1 to 2 years..
Sanskar just kept calm..
Tanu:will u come to drop me evening..
Sanskar nodded..
Tanu:i will wait..mujhe jaana hoga..bye..dont forget to come..
Sanskar nodded..
Tanu leaves..
Jst then only laksh came..
Laksh:sanky..y did tanu cme here
Sanskar told what tanu said..
Laksh:sanky do u really love her..
Sanskar:im not understand anything lucky..she loves me alot..i thought i would love her seeing her love towards me.. but But im not getting any feelings for her..
Laksh:tell this to tanu naa..
Sanskar:haan but..i proposed her for marriage being foolish at that time..i dont knw what she will think about me[sanskar proposed tanu for marriage being angry on ragini,guys if u want, read this episod where he proposed ,here is the link https://www.tellyupdates.com/bcoz-love-u-ragsan-season-2-episode-17/]
Laksh:haan sanky but u should think about once..i feel it would be better if u tell her now only..
Sanskar:i will think..
Laksh gives a nod..
Sanskar getting ready to drop tanu at airport..he thinks about laksh words nd decide to talk with tanu about their relationship..
Ragini barged into sanskar room ,she found sanskar lost in thoughts..she slowly moves towards him nd shouts in his ear loudly..
Sanskar come out of his thoughts with jerk nd looks at ragini..
Ragini smiles sheepishly..
Sanskar(rubbed his ears):pagal hogayo tum
Ragini:haan tumhari tarah..
Sanskar:very funny..why did u cme here
Ragini:i want to eat ice cream
Sanskar:tho eat..y are u telling me.
Ragini:im not telling,im asking u too come with me..
Sanskar:no..i cant..take laksh
Ragini:swalak r went somewhere thats y im asking u..
Sanskar:i cant come..mujhe kaam taa
Ragini:which work
Sanskar:y should i tell u..
Ragini glares at him..
Suji gets coffee for sanskar nd looks at ragini who is sad..
Suji:kya hua ragini
Ragini:see aunty ur son..
Sanskar:stop complaining about me
Suji:will u both plz tell,hua kya
Ragini:i want to eat ice cream..i askd him to come with me..but he is not coming..
Suji:go naa sanskar..
Sanskar:maa i need to go
somewhere..i cant go with this billy
Suji:let him go ragini ,chalo i Will come with u
Ragini:jii aunty
Suji walks…
Ragini: at least tell where r u going..
Sanskar:i wont tell
Sanskar:its my wish
Ragini:i hate u
Sanskar:same to u..
Ragini leaves frowning..
Sanskar thinks how to talk with tanu..
Tanu:kya hua sanskar..are u ok
Tanu(interrupt):i can understand..u r feeling sad for that im going paris leaving u..u will miss me na.but sanskar nothing is important than u..if u want ,i will not go anywhere ,i will be with u
Sanskar:vo..its not like that tanu
Sanskar doesn’t want to tell after hearing tanu words..
Tanu:tell sanskar
Sanskar:vo..nothing take care
Tanu:u too baby..i will u miss u so much..bye
Ragini came to knw frm laksh ,that sanskar went to drop tanu..
Sanskar came home where all sat for dinner ,ragini also there..
Sanskar looks at ragini who is eating..he sat beside her..
Sanskar:always eating..bukkad ki queen..
Ragini doesn’t say anything
Sanskar wonders..
Sanskar:billy ko kya hogaya
Ragini kept quite
Sanskar thinks y she doesnt react.. He grabbed her plate..
Ragini still remains silent..
Ap:sanskar what are u doing..let her eat
Suji:jiji..i feel we have to see another fight
Ap:we cant change them
Suji:i can jiji
Ap gives a smile as she knws whats her plan..
Ragini stood from chair nd goes.sanskar followed her..
Sanskar:billy ruko
Ragini doesn’t
Sanskar held her hand ,ragini frees her hand..
Sanskar again held her hand..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar picks her in his arms..
Ragini:leave me
Sanskar took her to his room nd closed the door.
Sanskar:kya hua
No response
Sanskar:stop this mounavrat..tell orlse i dont knw what will i do..

Ragini:what will u do haan..
Ragini:u cant
Sanskar:i can..first tell y are u not talking with me
Ragini:i dont want to
Ragini:vo..vo..u didnt take me to eat ice crean..
Sanskar:what..for this small thing??
Ragini:haan..nd u didnt tell me when i asked u to where are u going..
Sanskar:seriously..this is the reason..
Ragini:haan..y u didnt tell..
Sanskar:y should i tell u..y should u knw that..
Ragini:then y should i talk to u
Sanskar rolled his eyes..
Ragini:i dont wanna talk to u..
Sanskar:then dont talk..who asked u to tak..
Sanskar gives a attitude look..
Ragini:then y did u take me here..
Sanskar:excuse me..i took u bcz i just want to knw the reason..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar:now i knw the reason..if u dont wanna talk then dont..even i dont have any interest in talk with u..
Ragini opened her mouth O..
Sanskar( opens the door nd stood near door crossing his arms):now u can go..
Ragini fumes..
Ragini comes close ti him looking at him angrily..
Ragini moves close nd bited her cheek hard..
Ragini(left him):i hate u so much
Saying she left..
Sanskar(rubbing his cheek):rakshasi
@next day
Sanlak comes to swara house to pick up Ragswa as it was their daily routine to go out after their office..
Swara came out hearing car horn..
Laksh:where is ragini
Swara:she said she wont come
Sanskar:i knw
Laksh:kya hua..again u both fought
Sanskar smiles..
Swara:u both naa..
Sanskar:u both sit in car..i will get her..
Swalak nodded..
Sanskar comes to ragini..Ragini looks at sanskar then looks away..
Sanskar comes towards her..ragini ignores him..he comes to her nd picks her in his arms..
Ragini:leave me idiot
Sanskar took her into car..
He makes her sit in car nd sat beside her ,where swalak sat front nd smiling looking at them…
Ragini:i dont wanna come with u..
She tries to get down..
Sanskar(held her):laksh u start the car..
Laksh noded..
Ragini:i told na i dont want to come with u..i hate u..
She starts hit him..
Sanskar:areh stop it billy..
Ragini:no..i will hit u more hard..u asked me to go from ur room..
Sanakar:ok sorry
Ragini:no need..
Swalak smiles seeing them..
Sanskar:ok 1000 times sorry
Ragini:but i stil hate u
Sanskar smiles..
Swara:ok , where we will go now..
Sanskar:long drive
Sanskar:no..long drive
Sanskar:we will go for movie other time..now we will go for long drive..
Ragini:we will go for long drive some other time..now we will go for movie..
Swalak looks at eo unbelievable..
Sanskar:y u always start argument billy..
Ragini:u only started..
Laksh(stops d car):u both ger down
Ragsan comes out..
Laksh:u both decide where u both want to go..let us leave in peace .
Saying he droves off..
Ragsan looks at eo..
Ragini:see they left bcz of u
Sanskar:no bcz of u
Sanskar:ok stop..
Ragini: what we will do
Sanskar gives i dont knw look
Ragini:i will call swara nd ask to come
Sanskar:no..no..let them enjoy..
Ragini nodded.
Ragsan are walking..
Ragini:do u love tanu..
Sanskar raised his eyebrow at her..
Ragini:tell naa
Before sanskar could speak ,ragini slips while walking,she screams as her leg twisted..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:my leg
Sanskar makes her sit..
Ragini held her leg ,tears rolling dowb from her eyes with pain..
Sanskar laughs looking at her..
Ragini:y are u laughing idiot
Sanskar:seeing ur cry..y did u cry for small things
Ragini:its paining idiot.. (she said with cry face)
Sanskar laughs again
Sanskar:im getting laugh seeing ur cry..
Ragini(wiped her tears):shut up
Sanskar:no need to stop cry..cry naa…mujhe acha lagatga hain..
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:plzz cry..plzzz
Ragini:shut up idiot ..first see my leg
Sanskar smiles ..he held her leg nd slowly twisted her leg.
Ragini:ooch..are u breaking my leg
Sanskar:haan..(he said sarcastic)
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar mbl rings..
Ragini sees her leg fine..

Sanskar:chalo..laksh called..he asked us to come..
Ragini widened her both hands signing him to lift her..
Ragini:my leg is not well naa..
Sanskar:i made it fine..
Ragini:but its paining still..lift me..
Sanskar:no way..
Ragini:plzzz..how can i come..plzz
Sanskar gives annoyed look but he picks her nd took her to car..
Swara:kya hua ragini
Sanskar told what had happend..
Swara:are u ok now
They reached swara home..
Sanskar again pick her nd took her to her room..
Sumi:kya hua ragini beta
Ragini:kuch nay aunty..
Sumi(smiles):i kept ice cream in fridge for u..
Ragini:ice cream
She got down immediately nd runs towards fridge..
Sanskar opened his mouth as O..
She took ice cream nd start eating..
Sanskar(grabbed her ice cream):
Ragini:kya idiot
Sanskar:u have leg pain naa..then how could u run like that…
Ragini bited her tongue
Sanskar:u ..cheater
Ragini:im not
Sanakar:shut up.
Ragini:ok give my ice cream..
Sanskar:no ..cheating girl..
Ragini tries to take..sanskar runs..
Ragini runs behind him..
Sanskar:tell sorry
Sanskar:then u wont get..
Ragini:give na sanku..
Sanskar hits bed while running nd fell down ,ice cream also fell on ground..
Ragini:my ice cream
Sanskar:what..i fell down..
But tumko ice cream ki chinta padi
Ragini:haan..y should i bother about u..u ruined my ice cream..
Sanskar:u knw..i hate u
Ragini:i hate u too
Both glares at eo..
Swalak hits their heads..

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