B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-19

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Days are passing,there is nothing change between ragsan..they fight with eo but they cares for eo.. no one didnt take about ragsan mrg..ragsan thought all forgot about that..year passed like that.sanlak swa completed thier MBA..Ragini has still 1year to study..
Ragini:tomorrow onwards i have to go college alone..
Laksh:we will have to go office tomorrow..
Laksh:didnt swara tell..
Swara:i forgot..sorry..
Laksh:bade papa said us to join for internship in our company itself..we have to join tomorrow..
Ragini:i dont knw how can pass my day without u people..
Laksh looks at sanskar who lost in thoughts..
Laksh:sanky..where are u..
Sanskar:vo..kuch nay..
Ragini:he must be happy.
Sanskar:haan..im veey happy..i will get rid of this chudail..
Ragini:same to u..
@next day
Ragini in college..She feels alone as she always used to be spent most of the time with sanlak swa only but now they are not with her..she had friends but not that much close..she recalls how they used to meet mng before classes started..at lunch time nd after college..she is really feels bad..
Ragini came home nd called swara who was in office ,swara replied as they are with bade papa..ragini face fell…
its 11pm at night ragini is waiting for swara..but she havnt come yet..
She slept while waiting for swara..
Ragini woke up nd doesn’t found swara..she askd sumi who said she went office early today..
Ragini gets sad..
1wk passed..she is missing swalak ,but not sanskar(as per her mind)..
Sanskar was in office roaming here nd there..ragini came to office..As soon as she sees sanskar in cabin she hugs him
Sanskar:kya hua billy..
Ragini:kuch nay hua..
Sanskar:y did u came here..u hav college naa..
Ragini(brk d hug):im feeling alone
Sanskar:kyun..is everything fine..
Sanskar:hey mental dont make me tense..tell..
Ragini:vo..im missing swalak..
Sanskar:what..u missing swalak.
Sanskar:then y did u came to me..go to tbem naa..
Ragini:i thought swalak are with u
Sanskar:now u came to knw na..go.
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar:what i did now..y are u looking at me like this..
Ragini:i dont knw but im getting very angry on u..
Sanskar:y cant u..do u need any reason to get angry on me..u always gets angry without reason na..
Before ragini could speak,Swalak came..
Ragini hugs swara..
Swara:u here..
Ragini:u all got busy with ur works..leaving me alone..u knw how much i was missing u..
Laksh:just now me nd swara talking about this only ragini..we also missing u so much..
Swara:laksh ,why cant we go out tonight
Laksh:haan..i will take permission from papa..
Sanskar:i will not come..i have dinner date with tanu..
Ragini:who asked u to come…we will go without u..
Sanskar glares att her..
Swara:ok ragini..u go clz..dont feel alone..whenever u feel alone do video call..we will talk to u..
Ragini (smiles):ok..bye
Ragsan exchanged glares..ragini leaves..
Raglakswa are walking on road eating ice cream..ragini lost in thoughts..
Ragini:haan swara
Swara:u want to do internship in London na..
Swara:u could not able to stay even for 1wk ,leaving us..then how can u stay there without us..
Ragini:im thinking about that only..
Suddenly someone came nd grabbed ragini ice cream..
Ragini turns nd sees sanskar who is smiling sheepishly eating her ice cream..
Ragini:y did u cme..u have ur date na..go
Sanskar:tu chup kar..i knw swalak would have missing me..
Ragini:missing u..ha ha??..good joke
Sanskar:im telling about swalak..not about u..
Ragini:im telling u naa no one missing u..vaise..ur tanu must be waiting for u..chal bey..
Sanskar:stop it billy..
Laksh:sanky what are u doing here..u said u have date with tanu..
Sanskar:haan..but..vo..tanu had some work,we cancelled date..
They sat nd chit chatting..sanskar gets a call from tanu..he disconnects it nd switched off his mbl..

Sanskar was thinking about tanu..he says to himself i dont knw whether im doing right or wrong..its true tanu loves me but ,im not having any feeling for her..he recalled how he proposed tanu being angry on ragini..
Laksh:sanky what are u thinking
Sanskar:kych nay
Laksh:ok get ready
Laksh:swara called me nd asked us to come out for dinner..
Sanskar:ok..i will get ready..
Laksh:tum teek tho hain naa .
Sanskar:haan laksh..
Laksh smiles..
Sanlak came where Ragswa are waiting for them at some restaurant..
Ragini looks at sanskar who lost in thoughts..
Ragini:what are u thinking sanku..are u thinking how to irritate me naa..
Sanskar:cant u kewp quite..always blabbering..
Ragini looks at him angrily..
Sanskar:chup chap sit..
Ragini:i hate u
Sanskar ignores her nd sat..
Ragini huffs nd sat beside sanakar..
Swalak ordered food..all are eating..
Ragini:see its very tasty..
Saying she feeds him..
Sanskar raised his eyebrow..
Ragini:u r looking so cute today..
She kissed his cheek..
Swalak widened their eyes..sanskar in mind she is planning something..
She again feeds him smiling..
Sanskar about to speak but stopped hearing one voice calling his name loudly..
Sanskar turns nd sees tanu who stood fuming..
Ragini smirks..
Tanu:what is this sanskar..whats going on here..are u trying to ditch me..she is feeding u nd kissing u like ur girlfriend but u didnt say anything..
Sanskar:tanu its not like that
Tanu:rhen whst sanskar..i was observing all now a days u r avoiding me..nd now u r romancing wit this girl..nd this girl she doesnt have shame to behave like this in public..
Sanskar(shouts):shut up tanu
Ragini looks at tanu frowning..
Tanu:but sanskar
Sanskar:i said shut up..plz go from here..i will talk to u later..plzz go..
Tanu leaves fuming..
Ragini:who the hell is she ,to tell me how to behave in public..i
Sanskar:u just shut up..it was all bcz of u..i asked u to keep quite..y u always do mental things..
He shouted at her with serious voice..
Ragini:u r shouting at me
Sanskar:haa..i will shout at u more..
Ragini stood up angrily nd walks..
Swara goes behind her..
Laksh:what is this sanky
Sanskar:plzz laksh..
They leaves..
Swara:ragini stop thinking sleep..its getting late
Just then she got a call from sanskar ,she cuts d call nd sleeps beside swara…
After sometime..ragini woke up with jerk..she sees sansksr who is carrying her in his arms..
Ragini:what are u doing idiot
Sanskar:shh..swara will wake up..
He took her to garden..
Ragini:kya idiot..y u always disturb my sleep
Sanskar:y didnt u lift my call..
Ragini:u came to ask this
Ragini:i didnt want talk that time
Sanskar bites her shoulder..
Ragini(she rubbed her shoulder):oochh
Sanskar:this us ur punishment for not lifting my call..
Ragini:first u shouted at me ,then disturbed my sleep..now bited me..u did all but u r giving punishment to me..
Sanskar:haan..u need it..do u need one more..
Ragini:no..ok tell..y did u call me
Sanskar:i dont want to tell..
Sanskar:im getting slerp..im going
Ragini:sanku wait
Sanskar:po billy
Ragini:areh sanku listen..
Saying he walks..
Ragini:y did he cme nd y did he left..this idiot naa..
She smiles nd goes inside..

I have fasten story line.as all wants to start their love story..but guys its their love story only but it will take timr to realize..

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