Bawara Dil 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Akka Bai rejects Shiva

Bawara Dil 8th March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mangal says that girl broke my TV. She tells Shiva that you should do something. Shiva says leave it, I will bring a new TV for you. Mangal says you have to teach a lesson to her. Shiva says just leave it. Yashwant comes there and asks if it’s the thief inside him that’s talking? Your mother is angry about a Tv? But you destroyed a girl’s dreams so think about it. I thought my son was a goon but you have made me think that you are characterless as well. Shiva says I promise on Soni that I didn’t do anything wrong with that girl but if you don’t trust me then it’s your issue, he leaves from there.

Sidhi recalls Gaurav’s words that he wants to know the truth, she hears Malini cursing her, Yogita shouting at her to stay away from Gaurav. She recalls how Shiva said that her wedding won’t happen. Sidhi puts hands on her ears and screams.

Ishwar tells Malini that this world is weird, people find chances to laugh at others. This whole village got a chance to laugh and taunt us. We will have to live with them, I feel like we should go far away from this village. Malini says where will we go leaving this house and village? All our memories are built here. Malini’s sister comes there and says you both can’t lose hope like this, you have to give strength to Sidhi. Ishwar looks on.

Sidhi’s friend Vineet comes to meet Narpat. He says you called me for some work? Narpat says yes, the real culprit didn’t get punished, he destroyed Sidhi’s life and that Shiva is roaming around freely. Vineet says what can we do? Narpat says you are a reporter so you can raise your voice against cruelty, you can convince Sidhi. Vineet says Sidhi is not in a good mental state so I can’t ask her to repeat all that. Narpat says we need to fight against injustice, you will do as I say now. He glares at him and says we need to trap Shiva.

Shiva comes to Akka Bai’s house. Bhavin stops him from entering the house. Shiva says you are lucky that you work for Akka Bai. I am here as Akka Bai has to leave for a hospital opening. Bhavin says Akka Bai doesn’t like stains, she burns the stained clothes so how can she look at you when you have a stain of kidnapping a girl? Shiva is stunned, he touches the ground and leaves from there.

Scene 2
Meher comes to meet Sidhi and asks what happened? Sidhi says my own person didn’t even stand with me, Gaurav left me for standing up against the truth. This pain might break me. Meher says I have seen many pains in life but I never lost hope, I kept fighting so you have to as well. Sidhi says I am fighting against this society for the truth but I feel like I am losing something. Meher says you are breaking yourself like this, tell me what happened? Vineet comes there and asks Meher to tell them the truth. Meher asks Sidhi to tell us. Sidhi nods. Vineet starts recording on his phone and hides it from Sidhi. Sidhi tells her everything. Meher hugs her and says beware of people close to you, the one close to our heart can hurt us the most. Sidhi thanks her for coming. Meher says just keep smiling. I have to leave now, Sarab must be waiting for me. Sidhi asks how is he? How are her kids? Meher says all are fine. I will meet you soon, she leaves.

Akka Bai comes to a hospital opening, all are chanting for her. She takes the scissor and does ribbon cutting but the ribbon doesn’t cut. She asks what is going? Narpat comes there and asks if she is tensed? Your scissor is not working? He uses his scissor and cuts it. Akka Bai says you think you can take my place by cutting this ribbon? I have shown my power to you for 10 years and will keep showing it to you in the coming years. She laughs at him. A reporter asks for Bai’s photo. Bai asks Narpat to stand with her for the photo. Narpat laughs and says if you can take a photo with your husband then that will be great, this village should know whose sindoor you are wearing. Bai glares at him. Narpat says it’s fun to dig up old wounds. Bai says your bad time can start. Narpat says bad times are coming for you, just wait for it. He leaves from there. Bai asks what he was saying? Bhavin asks her to ignore him.

At night time, Narpat meets Vineet, who gives him Sidhi’s video. Vineet says can you blur Sidhi’s face in it? She told me all this b trusting me so I don’t want any harm to her. Narpat says she is like my sister so don’t worry. Narpat’s assistant Chamkilee gives money to Vineet. Vineet says I didn’t do all this for money, I really want to help Sidhi. Narpat says this is our love, Vineet takes the money and leaves. Narpat asks chamkilee to viral this video.

Ishwar comes to Sidhi. Sidhi says I am going to meet Gaurav, we met today only 2 years ago. He must be waiting for me, I will make him understand everything and I will make everything fine. Malini says but… Sidhi says he got angry so I should pacify him, we love each other so he can’t break-up like this. I will kill all the doubts. I am leaving right now. Ishwar says we can go in the morning, I will go with you, it’s very late right now. Sidhi says okay, I am not sleeping. I will wait for the morning. she sits on the porch. Malini tries to talk to her but Sidhi says I will make everything fine, we love each other, Gaurav can’t ignore me, you don’t have to worry. Sidhi lies her head in Malini’s lap and says I feel nauseous but everything will be fine now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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