Bawara Dil 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Mangala creates a scene

Bawara Dil 27th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mangala tells Kaka that how could she win. Kaka says you don’t think far ahead. Mangala calls Soni there and says get ready for mandir. Soni says I am going to study with Sidhi first, she leaves from there. Mangala says all are running behind that girl, I will make Soni straight today.

Sidhi is teaching Soni English Lit. Soni talks about a story and says it’s good if she didn’t have a mother. Mangala comes there and says this Sidhi is teaching you that your mother is bad? Have some shame. Soni says we were talking about a story and not you. Mangala says this Sidhi is poisoning everyone against me. You will not teach her anymore. Soni says why are you doing this daily. She did what you wanted so why this now? Mangala says she cheated. Sidhi says listen to me please. Mangala says don’t answer me back, if Shiva was here then he would handle you.

Shiva is driving and keeps recalling the incident with Sidhi. He says enough is enough, I will fight with her today as she is always ready to fight. I will provoke her and then we will fight, I will be able to sleep better.

Vijiya sees Soni crying and says what happened? Soni says Ayi stopped my studies again. Mangala brings a burning stick and tells Sidhi that you like to start a fire in families right? Your marriage was a curse for my son and this house. Sidhi says it’s not like that. Mangala says you are provoking my kids against me now. She starts burning Soni’s books, Sidhi stops her. Soni asks if she has gone crazy? Mangala says I will burn the whole house down if these studies continue. Soni cries and says please don’t do that. Mangala says I asked you to come with me to the mandir but you are not listening to me anymore because of this Sidhi, you can study all you want after I die. She tries to burn her saree but Sidhi throws away the stick and says this is craziness, what do you want? I won’t teach Soni if you don’t want to. Soni says what? Sidhi says I don’t have a choice, she promises Mangala that I won’t give you tension, I won’t teach Soni. Soni cries and says I thought you would worry about my studies at least, she leaves. Sidhi tells Mangala that I am doing what you wanted. Mangala says when you stand between me and my kids, I will do this, I won’t allow you to provoke my kids against me. She leaves from there. Sidhi cries. Shiva comes there and sees the burning stick. He rushes to Sidhi. Soni runs there and hugs him. Shiva asks why are you crying? He asks who burned your book? Soni says Ayi tried to do it, I want to study. Shiva says nobody will stop your studies. Soni says I want Sidhi to teach me only. Shiva says I will talk to Ayi, he leaves from there. Sidhi consoles Soni.

Shiva comes to Mangala and says you are dragging useless matters. Mangala says that Sidhi is provoking Soni against me, bring anyone else as a teacher but Sidhi won’t teach her. That girl has taken away one of my kids, I won’t allow her to do this with my other child. He leaves from there.

Shiva comes to Soni and sadly looks at her. Soni says she didn’t listen to you right? She leaves from there. Sidhi tells Shiva that I don’t want to destroy the peace of this house, I want all happy. Soni needs a teacher so we have to make sure that she studies. I will try my best that no one has any problem with me in the house. Shiva looks at her sadly and leaves.

In the morning, Sidhi gets Ishwar’s call and says your exam schedule is out. Sidhi says oh I didn’t check, he asks if everything is fine in the house? Sidhi thinks about how to tell him that nothing is right here.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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