Bawara Dil 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sidhi and Shiva’s banter

Bawara Dil 27th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jhanvi asks Shiva to listen to her. Shiva says just go away from here. Jhanvi says where will I go? My family has denied me, you don’t know what I have been through. She cries and shows her back to him. Shiva is stunned to see marks on her back. Jhanvi says I have many scars like these on my body and on my heart. I can’t tell the world what my husband does with me. You are my person so I can tell you all this. She says I know you are married and Sidhi will come back. I don’t want to be your wife, I just want space in this house. I will not say anything, just let me stay here. She pleads with him and tries to hug but Shiva stops her. He says I have some work, he leaves from there.

Mangala comes to Ishwar’s house with her family and makes noise with utensils as Malini did. Ishwar asks her to stop it. He asks what she is doing? Mangala says you didn’t question your wife when she did it with us? You found your daughter but what was Shiva’s fault that he had to hear so much? Your wife insulted us so much when your daughter had COVID and didn’t tell anyone. Ishwar says she lost her phone that’s why she couldn’t contact us. Mangala says you people just wanted to make of our family. My family kept telling you that they don’t know about her but this Malini kept insulting us. I am not going to leave till Malini touches my feet and says sorry. Malini looks on and says if you would feel better then I apologize to you, I did a mistake so I am really sorry, she folds her hand in front of her. Mangala says you have to touch my feet and apologize. Ishwar says we were worried about Sidhi so we said some things, don’t stretch this matter. Mangala says you both have to touch my feet and apologize now. Malini says he didn’t do anything, I did the mistake and I am saying sorry. Mangala says you are trying to protect him? He was protesting with you in front of our house. I am not going to leave till you both say sorry. She starts ringing the utensil again. Malini and Ishwar look on. Ishwar and Malini are about to touch her feet but Shiva comes there and stops them. He glares at Mangala and tells Ishwar that no, you won’t do this. Mangala says they have insulted us so much so they have to say sorry. Shiva says we can’t complain to each other, we can’t be relatives if we keep putting each other down. He asks everyone to go home, he asks Mangala to leave. Mangala says I won’t leave till they apologize. Shiva says there are many mistakes so no one will say to the other, everything is fine so you don’t have to do this. Mangala goes away. Shiva greets them and leaves. Malini looks on.

Scene 2
Shiva gets Sidhi’s video call and says masterni. Sidhi says I got the phone that you sent. Shiva asks how is she? Sidhi says I am fine, how is family? Shiva says they are fine, if you need anything then tell me. Sidhi says I didn’t need this phone also. Shiva says this mess wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t drop your phone. Sidhi says it was a mistake. Shiva says if I had done that mistake then you would have given me a lecture. Sidhi says you think you can say anything to me on phone. Shiva says you have to listen to me now. Sidhi says I called you but you cut the call. Shiva recalls how Jhanvi had cut the call. Sidhi says why did you cut my call? Talk now. Shiva says I was peaceful when you were not here, you are fighting again. Sidhi says I just said that I didn’t need this phone. Shiva says I did a mistake, the bigger mistake was to marry you. Sidhi says you are useless and ill-mannered, she ends the call. Shiva calls her again, she takes the call and says what now? Shiva says I have to talk more, you think you will decide everything? You can call or cut the call anytime? Did you call me ill-mannered? Sidhi says you call me masterni, that is fine? Shiva says I did a mistake by marrying you. Sidhi says I didn’t force you, why did you call me again? Shiva says that’s a mistake too masterni. Sidhi says don’t call me that. Shiva says fine and ends the call. Shiva says it’s useless to talk to her. Sidhi calls him again, Shiva smiles and takes the call. He says I gave you this phone to help, if you keep calling me then I wouldn’t say I love you, I can say I hate you. Sidhi says I have no intention of fighting with you. Shiva says you have been fighting with me. Sidhi says you just point fingers at others. Shiva says you are there to show my mistakes. Jhanvi comes there and sees Shiva talking to Sidhi. Shiva teases Sidhi by calling her masterni. Jhanvi comes to Shiva and says I have been looking for you Shiva. Sidhi sees her. Shiva ends the call and says why did you come here? I was talking on the call. Jhanvi says I am sorry, did Sidhi see you with me? Shiva shouts at her to stop it. Jhanvi says I just came to ask for food. Shiva leaves from there. Jhanvi smirks.

Sidhi thinks who was the girl with Shiva? Sidhi is about to call him again but stops.

Yashwant comes to Shiva and asks what happened? Were you calling Sidhi? Shiva says she called me some time ago but Jhanvi came there. I think Sidhi saw her, I couldn’t think of anything so I cut the call. Yashwant says what would Sidhi think? Shiva says we have to do something about Jhanvi before Sidhi comes here. Sidhi calls Shiva and says I called you to tell you that my COVID test came negative and I can come back to the house tomorrow. Yashwant takes the call and says that’s great news. Sidhi asks how is he? Yashwant says all are fine, he asks her to be fine. He gives the phone to Shiva and leaves. Shiva looks at her. Sidhi says you are alone? Shiva says why? Sidhi says I thought someone would be with you. Sidhi says are you waiting for someone? Shiva says no. I have asked Jalwa to bring you back. Sidhi says I can come back alone. Shiva says I know but Jalwa needs you so bring him back. Sidhi says don’t taunt me, it’s useless to talk to you. Shiva says you called me. Sidhi says I just wanted to tell you about the report. Shiva says so you can cut the call. Sidhi says I will cut the call when I need to. Shiva says masterni. Sidhi says ill-mannered. She ends the call. Shiva thinks I have to sort out Jhanvi’s matter before Sidhi comes back home.

In the morning, Shiva comes to his room and smiles. He holds her blindfold and finds Jhanvi and his photo in the cupboard. Jhanvi comes there and says I knew you wouldn’t be miffed with me. Shiva puts Sidhi’s blindfold on the bed and says my wife is coming back, you have to leave the house before she is here. Jhanvi smiles and says how can you take me out of your heart? Shiva says I have no place for you in my heart. Jhanvi says then why our pictures are in the cupboard? Shiva says because that’s my past, my wife is coming back so leave this house. Jhanvi says I am not going to leave you, I am not leaving this house. Shiva glares at her.
The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Beverley martin

    I love this shiva and siddhi calling each other on cell
    They’re arguing as usual.
    That’s the norms for them.
    Hell no, siddhi see Jhanvi I know Jhanvi do it on purpose for siddhi to see her.
    What will happen when siddhi come home to find her there.
    That’s another problem will start there.
    I don’t think anyone beat Jhanvi.
    I think it’s a plan to let shiva feel sorry for her and let her stay or its mangal plan or Narpat plan.
    I hope shiva don’t fall into her trap
    Cant wait to see what going to happen when siddhi come home

  2. Beverley martin

    Thank you for Tuesday updates for Bawara dil
    Waiting for the precap for next episodes.

  3. I Really Loved Today’s Episode, I Just Kept On Smilling. Anxiously Waiting For Tomorrow’s.

  4. Nice one ,maybe jhanvi presence will ignite sidhi love for Shiva, let’s see what happen tomorrow.

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