Battle Scars…- RiAnsh Chapter 23

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(you can feel it boring but I tried to depict their emotions…)

“If you would have been totally fine you would have returned earlier. Tell me where did you get hurt. Show it to me” Riddhima instructed seeing Vansh having some pain while walking to the room.

“It’s fine Riddhima. I am fine. I wanted to talk to you.” Vansh said making her sit on the bed.

“Tell me everything that happened from yesterday night. Everything.” Vansh said.

“It’s not just about yesterday night Vansh. It’s about all the days.. what I not the same. Ma slapped me in public, my relatives taunted me, my family left me! For what? A divorce? I didn’t kill someone. I just parted my ways with the person I didn’t want to live with my whole life!…And now… I don’t know about Angre and Ishani. But that Vyom Raigir surely thinks that I marry for divorce. He came with a proposal that is should do a court marriage with him for 6 months. Instead for a house, some more things and some crores. Am I so worthless?”

Although Vansh got her point, he decided to stay silent. Maybe…silence before the storm?

The people were recording videos.. it was easy for anyone to make them viral to her relatives..and much more was on its way. Vansh kissed all over Riddhima’s face and hugged her.

“But you fought everyone and everything na?”

Riddhima was silent. She really fought it herself…for her..oh yes!

Riddhima started jumping and  hugged Vansh kissing on his cheeks. Vansh smiled and lifted her up.

“So what gift will you take for India’s glorious victory?” Vansh asked while Riddhima moved her legs in the air like a kid.

Uummm a song?” Riddhima said.

Vansh kept her down, took out his phone searching through his audios.

“Did you write a song!? WowwRiddhima said and Vansh smiled and nodded.

Both sat on the bed, covered themselves with the duvet and Vansh played the song, keeping her in his embrace.

Khata na hai teri
Dil yeh gawah hai
Kal ki fikar bas hai
Kal hi wajah hai
Rakh paaunga kya mai
Teri khushi ko?
Khud pe yakeen ab
Kam yeh Mera hai

Riddhima looked at Vansh who had closed his eyes, keeping her more close to him. She was ready to smack him down for these lyrics.

Aur raahein hain meri
Bheed se alag
Kheenche hai mujhe
Apni woh taraf

Mehnat ki raatein
Aur chalna hai baaki
Waqt tera kam ho
Shayad zara hi
Agar khaalipan ho tere jahan mein
Bhar lena usko
Meri raza see..

Ho jaana Rihaa.. 

Ho jaana Rihaa…

She was totally melted.. he wanted her to leave him if she isn’t happy. He had doubts on his love..not hers. He had insecurity about himself, not about her.

“Look here” Riddhima said to him and he did, his eyes depicted hundreds of emotions.

“ the war the bullet hit me Riddhima…I..felt someone choked me…I wanted to live..for my country…for you..for my family..for Us. There was no hope inside me. I felt… guilty..for letting you fall in love with me…I felt to be hated from you…if I d…” Vansh’s mouth was covered by Riddhima’s hand.

“Bas bas how much will you say? I know what you felt. I can’t understand it…but I know it’s breaking you. Don’t do that. I am very happy see (shows her teeths and Vansh chuckled). Your smile is enough for my happiness. And we decided not to talk about death na?” Riddhima said and Vansh nodded.

“Bhai is busy today. So we can have some time, but first you need to change into some acche clothes” Riddhima said and he chuckled. “Don’t worry I bought some for you yesterday” Riddhima said moving towards her bags.

“Really? For what ocassion Miss Gupta?” Vansh asked her cheekily.

“For nothing. Here you go..and get changed. I will also get ready” Riddhima said taking up her comb.

After changing his clothes, Vansh saw Riddhima all ready with her glam and waiting for him. He smiled at her, and they both left the room hand in hand.

Moving into the car, Riddhima sat in the driving seat while Vansh accompanied sitting next to her.

“I always wanted to study history. You know why?” Vansh asked Riddhima.

“Yes. Because you love will you go with me on a date Mr. Rai Singhania?” Riddhima said and giggled at Vansh’s frown.

“You stole my words…indeed I would take you for a date!” Vansh said tapping the steering, and she drove the car ahead.

“No damn it! This is important for me! Get me Riddhima or just kidnap anyone from the streets. I need a girl for 6 months!” Vyom scattered all the things on the table while his assistant Girish stood bowing his head.

“We kidnapped a girl sir, but police caught our men. And they have now denied to arrange someone.” Girish said slowly.

“Then FIND someone!!” Vyom shouted.

“I am sorry sir, we don’t have anymore options…except..Riddhima.” Girish said.

“But she denied! I just can’t force her like that!  Agh this is so damn disgusting! I need that name too! All the peagents would me mine! Only MINE!” Vyom shouted.

“Sir please…try to make her understand. It’s a huge amount of money and a secured house, and she’s beautiful enough to get the peagent.” Girish said.

Vyom groaned in anger and choked Girish’s neck.

“Enough! Get that Riddhima or I will sue your whole life!!” Vyom said and left him with a jolt and he ran away.

“I need it….I damn need it….it’s because of you..all because of you..” Vyom started laughing looking at the photo frame, which had picture of Ishani and Angre.

“I can’t loose it this time…not at any cost” Vyom said nodding in yes crazily. He laughed rushing his fingers through his head kicking down the chairs…

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