Battle Scars…- RiAnsh Chapter 22 ‘Surprise!’

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Riddhima was peacefully sleeping clinging to Vansh who was busy putting ointment on her hands, which has blood due to getting scratched by the metal door.

“Stop it and let me sleep na” Riddhima whinned as Vansh touched the ointment on her wound.

“Don’t! Dare you sleep Riddhima. The doctor will be here to check up your head.. don’t sleep pleasee” Vansh said to her and kept shaking her so she didn’t sleep.

The doctor checked up on Riddhima, assuring no serious injury to her and adviced to come up tomorrow for a tetanus shot. (Injection 🀭)

“Can I sleep now please?” Riddhima asked being very tired.

“Rishika!!” Rishi barged into the room and hugged her tightly, while Riddhima repriocated lazily.

“Are you fine? Did he hurt you somewhere?” Rishi kept asking questions and Vansh who was watching silently, smiled.

“He hurt her? Sounds like a joke after what I saw.” Vansh said sitting next to Riddhima in the bed.

“What do you mean?” Rishi asked raising his eyebrow.

“I mean…YOUR dear sister has beaten the hell out of him, she didn’t even leave a single place to hurt him. Not even…leave it. She was kicking him so bad that I felt to save him instead of her.” Vansh said and giggled while Rishi chuckled looking at Riddhima who smiled.

“So what? I will beat him more if he comes again to me asking to become his wife.” Riddhima said angrily while Vansh fisted his hands.

“Let it go now. We are no one to fight with him.” Rishi said caressing her head and kissed her forehead.

“Take rest. I will come tomorrow if luckily no one gets a heart attack.” Rishi said and the trio chuckled.

Next morning

Riddhima came out of the washroom after taking a nice shower which relaxed her. Vansh was still sleeping on the couch, Riddhima blushed seeing his giant body on that small couch. She slowly tip toes to him and sat on her knees ruffling his hairs.

“Good morning Vansh. Wake up now.” Riddhima said he held his hand and kissed her knuckles.

“Now it’s a good morning” Vansh said opening his eyes slowly, his messy hairs and the lazy smile made her heart flutter.

“Don’t stare sweetheart. We have to leave also.” Vansh said and she stood up abruptly.

“Why didn’t you go back home?” Riddhima asked him sadly, she didn’t want to break his family because of her.

“I went na…but when I returned you were nowhere to be seen.” Vansh said back hugging her. She smiled.

“Really na?” Riddhima turned around playing with buttons of his shirt.

“Yes… let’s go now.” Vansh said.

“Where?” Riddhima asked.

“Home sweet home. Ma wants to see you. Please.” Vansh nicely blackmailed her using ‘Ma’ in between. Riddhima nodded.


“Thank God you are fine Riddhima. I was so scared when you left abruptly.” Uma said making her sit on the couch.

“I am sorry Ma. But I am fine.” Riddhima said smiling.

“Hmm…all can see” Vansh said pointing her head and Uma smiled.

“Hi guys!”Β  Ishani said coming with a lot of shopping bags in her hands, followed by Angre who was holding more of them. Riddhima’s smile fell, she completely ignored them looking at Vansh.

“Ishani. What is all this?” Vansh said pointing at the bags.

“Shopping Bhai. I have bought everything for everyone.” Ishani said jumping cheekily.

“Uhm…is Riddhima here? I went to the hotel they said she checked out.” Rishi too entered at the same time. Angre and Rishi turned their heads opposite to each other.

“Yes Bhai. I am here only.” Riddhima said and Rishi took a sigh of relief.

“Attention! So since everyone is here, I want you guys to sort out things between all.” Vansh said eyeing Rishi and Angre, then Riddhima.

“Bhai is right…Angre?” Ishani too supported Vansh at his advice.

“Right. Angre and Rishi…sit here.” Uma said in a stern tone and they did. No one will ever deny her…she knew.

“Ishani…you need a ticket for it?” Uma said and she hurriedly sat.

Riddhima stood up letting some space from them to sit, and stood next to Vansh. It could be a heated argument, or a good one too.

All of the eyes were on Riddhima, she was confused that why are all of them looking her.

“What?” Riddhima asked.

They all smiled and chuckled, Riddhima scrunched her eyebrows and turned to Vansh…

He was sitting on his knees!

The curtains pulled down, yellow fairy lights on, Vansh smiling heartily. Riddhima’s eyes had already welled with tears.

“Riddhima…. We’ve been waiting for this so long. Since college days we were together, Life offers many challenges. I know I can meet them if you’re willing to face them with me. I love you so much Riddhima. I never wanted a wife because I thought they were all nagging and bossy. Then, I realized girlfriends are too. So..Will you marry me?

Riddhima chuckled as a tear trickled her eyes.

Give me a “Y,” give me an “E,” give me an “S.” What’s that spell? Vansh asked Riddhima while everyone grinned.


Claps surrounded the atmosphere as Vansh took her hand in his and slided the ring, not so normal but an elegant one.

“Here you go Riddhima” Rishi too passed her a box of ring. Riddhima to slid it in his fingers and hugged him tightly.

Angre burst the party poppers, and Rishi played a song on the speakers.

Tum rubroo jaa
Yun aa gaye ho
Humko na jaane kya hogaya
Ankhon se yeh dil
Dhadka rahe ho
Sikha kahan se jaadu naya

Vansh extended his hand to Riddhima and she gently place her hand in his, Vansh pulled her in for a dance.

Saaye sa tere saath hoon
Main har kahi
Tere bina main hun bhi kya
Kuch bhi nahi

There hands interwined, Riddhima’s one hand on his shoulder while his other was on her waist. He twirled her and held her tightly, never to leave her again.

Aafreen aafreen
Aafreen aafreen
Aafreen aafreen
Aafreen aafreen

Past memories came into their minds, their college life, the proposal, their secret meets, troubling each other, but still, staying together.. forever.

Bekhabar hum rahein
Waqt se aafrin
Umar bhar hum rahein
Bas yunhi aafrin

All the lights went off, and there was just an “OooOooO” from everyone. Turning on the flashlight of their phones and some torches, all sat back at their places. Riddhima’s happiness had no bounds. She hugged Vansh tightly, while Vansh did the same.


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