Battle Scars…- RiAnsh Chapter 21 ‘She Is Riddhima’

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Riddhima immediately bent down kicking the person on his stomach but he stumbled and came back to her with a vase.

She held his hand and punched his face, taking the vase from him she was going to hit him but he kicked tight on her face making her fall down. Riddhima felt him holding her legs and she wriggled as he pulled her onto the floor. With much problems, Riddhima found no other options and kicked between his legs making him shout in pain.

She brushed her clothes kicking him again and held his hoodie, she was going to uncover his mask but was stopped by a sudden emerging pain in her head, she turned behind to see the broken vase and someone else standing before everything blacked out.

“Swee….theart?” Vansh entered the room but the sight made him confused.

“Riddhima?” Vansh called again slowly entering the room, his eyes fell on the broken vase.

He hurriedly searched for her in the whole room but she was nowhere to be seen. He went out to the gates and saw Rishi standing there.

“Bhai!” Vansh called him out, and he returned to him seeing his stern face.

“What happened?” Rishi asked

“Woh…Riddhima is not in her room. Her phone is in the room, and it’s totally scattered, the vase is broken.. and the doors were not locked too” Vansh told him, he hoped Rishi knew something.

“Is she again kidnapped?” Rishi mumbled to himself.

“Again kidnapped!?” Vansh asked and Rishi nodded in yes.

Both knew who can it be
Vyom Raigir

Riddhima felt pain on her head, she craned her neck but wasn’t able to see anything. She was blindfolded. She tried to open them but her hands and legs were also tied.

Riddhima hissed in anger and tried reaching her sandals, she broke the belt of her heels and started rubbing the needle on the rope. Her hands were paining, but atleast she would be free.

The rope loosened and she was open, she fastly opened her blindfold and legs and rushed towards the metal door. She peeped outside through the small frame which was transparent.

Riddhima felt her head sweating very much so she sat near the door to calm her breaths. Her hands travelled between her hairs as she tried to remember what exactly happened.

Gathering some energy, she stood up banging the door loudly. There was no one to listen to it. Riddhima pulled the door, pushed it, kicked it, everything she could do to break it. But nothing seemed to work.
She looked towards the door and gasped seeing print of blood hands, she looked at her hands which were full of her own blood…

Her head was paining, she looked everywhere and found something big poster covered with a cloth. She pulled down the cloth and tore a piece of it, carefully bandaging her head.

“Is somebody here?”

Riddhima’s shout echoed all over with no response from anywhere. She looked back to see that big thing, which was actually a portrait.


There were ticks in everything leaving Women, and Couple.

“So..he wants to for..this..award? Means Vyom has brought me here..”

Riddhima mumbled to herself, and kicked the portrait down, her eyes roamed all over, and she found a metal plough lying in the corner. Taking the plough, she banged it on the door.

It made a screech sound, the the metal door was bent in between. She kept hitting at the same place until there was a big hole in it. Riddhima moved her hands out of the hole and opened the latch of the door. Her hand was still stuck and the door opened resulting in scratching Riddhima’s hand.

She hissed and took her hand out and ran outwards to look for an exit. Soon, she was out to a source of light but for her denial, it was a lavish banquet.

“Hi Riddhima!”Β 

Riddhima knew who it was, she closed her eyes and sighed. Fisting her hands she went towards Vyom and directly gave him a punch on his nose.


Vyom was not ready for this, he thought she would cry and ask to leave her, but, she is Riddhima.

As he landed on the floor, Riddhima kept her broken heel on his chest and pulled her hairs.

“You thought I will beg you for leave me? Pardon Vyom Raigir. Not even in your dreams.” Riddhima spat angrily and took his phone out of his pocket.

Vyom stood up back as soon as she left him, but with a smirk.

“That’s what I want. A super duper, angry wife.” Vyom said happily.

Riddhima sighed nodding in no, she dialed Vansh but Vyom snatched the phone from her hands, and declined it.

“You really want to get beaten by a girl? Wouldn’t it affect your position, your awards?” Riddhima said sarcastically.

“So you know… That’s nice. Now, agree for 6 months, or be caged for Lifetime.” Vyom said tapping the table.

“Your death” Riddhima said with a smirk.

“Well…that means you will like to be my widow. That’s nice.” Vyom said…

And here it goes, one more tight punch along with a kick on his stomach.

“Respect! Vyom Raigir. You know what? If you wouldn’t have been Angre’s friend you would have been lying on your deathbed.” Riddhima spat kicking him again.

Angry by getting beaten by a woman, Vyom stood up angrily and pushed her, Riddhima stabled herself and took of her shoes.
Riddhima punched him non stop, until he pulled her by her hairs and she winced at his sudden action, he slapped her as she fell.

“You bast*rd” Riddhima roared angrily, she too pulled him by his hairs and pushed him on the floor and kicked him non stop.

Vyom kept wincing but caught hold of her foot and made her fall down again, Riddhima still kept beating him.

Vyom’s forehead was bleeding, nose was bleeding, side of the eyes were blue, and Riddhima was still hitting him.

All of a sudden, Vansh came running and picked her up from backside and she kept kicking her legs in the air, knowing him by his touch.

“Leave me Vansh I will kill this man! Ugh!! Vansh leave me he will not be alive today…!” Riddhima shouted and Vansh chuckled, moreover giggled.

Putting her into the car and locking it so she doesn’t go out, he sat in the car looking at the prints of the ropes on her hand and her cheeks having faint red marks of the slap.


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