Battle Scars…- RiAnsh Chapter 21 ‘ A heartbreak?’

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A tear escaped Riddhima’s eyes and the same words rang her ears again and again.
There she was, thinking to propose Vansh and he, his actions could tell what he wants to say.

“Say it clear Vansh… I feel suffocated” Riddhima said throwing away the fork in her hand.

Yes, they were on their date. But things changed soon after.

“Riddhima…I…was..I heard Ma talking about our marriage.” Vansh said, fidgeting his fingers.

“Hmm..even the date is fixed for soon. Ma was saying to get engaged next week or so.” Riddhima said emotionless.

“No..I mean..What? Really? She didn’t even ask me about it.” Vansh said nearly choking on his food.

“Vansh let’s play a game. You will answer my questions in yes or no. Ok?” Riddhima asked and he nodded.

“Do you love me?”


“So can I take that as a grant that you have thought about our marriage?”


“Are you ever going to marry me Vansh?”

The utter silence, was making her go more and more crazy. WHY WAS HE SILENT!

Frustrated. Angered. Saddened. Depreciated. Heartbroken. Breathless.

She was, she felt all! She stood up with the chair making noise, a tear escaped her eyes. She could see it, deep pain, in his eyes that he wasn’t conveying. He hung his down, because he felt something he didn’t want to tell.

Riddhima pushed away the table in anger, and there she sat, on Vansh’s lap. Cupping his face she made him look at her, and he, broke down. Very badly, but she just ruffled his hairs, let him cry.

“You strong from inside Riddhima. I am not…I am not..” Vansh snuggled keeping his head on her shoulder.

Riddhima chuckled and cupped his face leaning close to his ear.

“There is nothing wrong in choosing country over me! Even I would do that na. It’s not bad! It’s good! You have joined RAW and it’s nothing bad”  She very slowly whispered, and he hugged her tightly.

“Buddhu! Why are you crying? Listen. Nothing like that will happen whatever you are thinking. Ok?” Riddhima said wiping his tears. “You scared me to death”

Vansh hugged her more tight, Riddhima too hugged him back. Still sitting on his lap.

“Ahem Ahem”

Riddhima stood up immediately to look who was it. Vansh too turned to see, Vyom.

Vansh stood up to smack his face but Riddhima stopped him holding his hand and nodded in no. Vansh scrunched his eyebrows and Riddhima blinked in affirmation.

“2 minutes please” Vyom said, again.

“And if it is the elaboration of the same previous thing, I am not interested.” Riddhima said, sitting on her place.

Uhm…please? That’s all I can say” Vyom said with a non chalant face.

“Leave or I will gift a beautiful blue mark under your eye” Vansh growled angrily.

“Mr. Raigir. For the nth time, its a no and always a big NO.” Riddhima said.

“Fine! You can’t shout on Vyom Raigir. But let me tell you …you won’t live happily ever.” Vyom said and Riddhima chuckled.

“Like as if I am. Get lost” Riddhima said pulling Vansh back to the table. But Vansh, who was very angry for the happenings pulled her taking her to the car while she giggled on his arms.

“Am I a lightweight that you picked me up so easily?” Riddhima asked and he nodded in no, and she patted his arms.

“We are going for shopping now.” Vansh said starting the car.

“No Vansh. Let’s go back to the hotel.Riddhima exclaimed earning a frown from Vansh.

“And why so?” Vansh asked her seeing a smile on her face.

” Your hand needs a little rest”  Riddhima said pointing the plaster on his hands.

“You need a lille lest” Vansh mocked her and she laughed seeing him making weird faces, and Vansh was busy adoring her laughing.

There came a distract. Riddhima’s phone rang between her laughing session. She picked it up immediately taking a deep breath.

“Yes bhai?” Riddhima said picking the call.. her smile turned into a frown.

“Relax bhai! I am with Vansh. Yes we are returning back to hotel. Ok..Yes bhai don’t worry I am driving..yeah..ok” she declined the call as soos as she can.

“What was he saying?” Vansh asked her.

“Nothing he was asking where I am and when I am returning.” Riddhima said clutching the keys and drove the car ahead.

“He is the best brother I have ever known” Vansh complimented “and I have his best sister with me right now”

Riddhima gave a wide smile and chuckled at his flirtness. Soon they reached hotel, continuing their flirting session with each other. Rishi was standing and the entry waiting for both of them and smiled seeing Riddhima happy after a long time.

“Bhai! You should have told me you will be waiting for us.” Riddhima scolded him.

“I know I know. I saw how free you were.” Rishi said eyeing Vansh, sarcastically.

BhaiiiRiddhima whinned seeing him angry again.

“No. Not this time. And you (to Vansh) come with me right now. (To Riddhima) have some rest.” Rishi said moving in the dining area of the hotel followed by Vansh, who passed her a wink seeing her frown.

Riddhima glared at him walking back to her room, jumped on the bed closing her eyes.


As soon as they sat in the car, Riddhima felt changes in Vansh’s behaviour. She tried to talk to him while he was keeping himself silent, not saying anything to her about what she has planned for their marriage.

“Riddhima..I.. don’t want to” Vansh said to her.

“Have you gone mad?” Riddhima nearly shouted on him, parking the car aside.

“I don’t want to Riddhima… can’t we be like this always?” Vansh also screamed back.

“No Vansh! I can’t stay like this my whole life! Why don’t you understand how I feel!?” Riddhima held back her tears, she was definitely not going to try.

She drove the car harshly to the restaurant, and both of them sat silently eating their food.

Flashback ends

Riddhima left a chuckle, and left towards the washroom to change but a strange feeling stopped her, someone was here… She could see from the mirror. He raised her hand to hit her….

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