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BAS YUNHI PYAAR HO GAYA ______________________________________

This is for RagSan-SwaLak fans……..



#1 SWARA: A over-protective older sister. She loves her younger sister Ragini a lot. Ragini is basically all her world is about. Her concern, her thoughts everywhere it is just Raginis’ rule.
For her it is always Raginis’ wish that comes first, than her wishes. Though sometimes, Ragini fails to see her love. Her characteristics comprises of a compassion,love,kindness and courage.

#2 RAGINI: She is the only support system of Swara. Sometimes, she does love Swara while other times she is quite jealous. Despite getting all the love from her dadi, Ragini feels Swara is more lucky as nobody bosses around Swara like how her dadi bosses around her. As an individual, she too is kind and soft natured. She is way too feminine and an expert in all household chores.

#3 PAVITRA: Ragini is the apple of her eyes. She detests Swara, not only because Swara is an illegitimate child but also because she was from a different state, born into the family of her bitter enemy. Unwillingly but she is forced to adopt Swara after the death of Shekhar and Sharmistha. And since then Swara became the Indian ‘CinderElla’.

(((Background: After Shekhar and Sharmistha passes away, Pavitra is forced to adopt Swara. Swara is treated more like a servant than like a daughter in the household. Swara manages to get herself educated in the government school under scholarship, which irks Pavitra. Scoring the highest marks, Swara gets to study in the Delhi University in her favourite subject ‘Physics’. Pavitra feared that Swaras’ excessive talents may hamper Raginis’ future so she decides to pay off for Raginis’ seat in ‘Chemistry’ under Delhi University. Swara and Ragini were more like friends than sisters. Ragini does NOT know Swara is her sister, as Pavitra had prevented her from knowing so.
Pavitra had pampered Ragini way too much. She was brought up like a princess and her schooling was done from the top costliest private institute. Pavitra trains Ragini in everything, so that Ragini remains incomparable.)))


#1 LAKSH/LUCKY: He is the cool dude of today’s generation and was brought up in London. His father’s terminal illness lead them to travel back to India, after which he joins Delhi University to take his honorary degree in ‘Physics’.

#2 SANSKAAR: He is very humble and sober person. He lived away from his family because of a juvenile case. Sanskaar has a dark past,which will be revealed later. He is brought back into his home by his aunt (Laksh’s mother). But later he left the household to stay in the hostel as he got hostel sick. He earns his chance to study in ‘Physics’ under Delhi University,joining the university under an alias — Sanskaar Oberoi.

Rest of the characters will be introduced as the story progresses.

Hope you all will love the characters and enjoy the story as well..

Love you all,

With exams on.. Episodes will be having late updates…sorry for the inconvenience.. 🙁

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  1. Interesting dr post soon

  2. Y always Swara suffers….. I know m not great fan of Sawara than Ragini…. But also feel bad whn any girl humilates…….. Y Ragini jealous….. Some some become biggest possession….. So plz never humilates her and never possessiveness become so big that thay both suffers in the fire………….
    Update is awesome….. Mind blowing…….. But feeling bad for SwarAgini……… Hate Dadi…. All dadis are same……lot of Hate towards Dadi…?????……
    Come soon..??????????….

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    Awesome intro
    Waiting for the 1st episode

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  6. Superb…tnx for swalak..loved you pkz post soon…waiting for swalak scrnes

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