Barrister Babu New Era Episode-21:Anindita’s Quality Time

The episode starts with Sampoorna and Binoy alighting from their Motor-Car.  They get amazed by looking at the front scenario.  The entire city is clad in greenery with the beautiful trees, which gives a soothing sensation to the eyes.  The chirping and tweeting of birds is giving immense pleasure to everyone’s ears.  The city is soooo bewitching, captivating, admirable and enticing!!!  Sampoorna and Binoy are left in awe!!

By looking at the scenery, the child inside Sampoorna becomes active.  Sampoorna starts clapping👏🏻 and jumping in joy like a small kid.  Binoy smiles by seeing the childish antics of his wife.

Sampoorna :  “Darjeeling is really reallllyyyyy soo soooooo sooooooooo beautiful city!!   Thanks a lottttttt for bringing me here, Binoy ji.”

After hearing his name in Sampoorna’s voice for the first time, Binoy gets ecstatic and emotional.  Binoy says, “Sam…. Sampoorna…  Youuu…..  You called my name??!!   You don’t know how much happy I felt!   It feels like jannat(heaven)  when you call my name!!!”   Sampoorna blushes profusely   After pausing for a moment; Binoy continues, “Btw Sampoorna, this place isn’t Darjeeling.”

Sampoorna :  “Not Darjeeling??  Means????   Where have you brought me?”

Binoy :  “Arrey Sampoorna, this place is Singla Bazaar.  We’ll have to go to Darjeeling with the Shingamari ropeway.  It will be a lot of fun while sitting in that ropeway!!!!”

Sampoorna smiles.

Meanwhile, in Roy Choudhary Haveli :-

Bondita has got ready for going to the court.  She’s just stepping out of Roy Choudhary Haveli when Anirudh says, “Stop Bondita!!  You can’t go to the court….”

Bondita :  “Bu… but why Pati babu???”

Anirudh :  “I said na, you won’t go, means you won’t go.”

Bondita :  “But Pati babu, there must be some reason na;  why I can’t go to the court??”

Anirudh keeps his hand on his forehead and says, “Offffoooooooo Bondita….  Barrister Babu Bondita Roy Choudhary, don’t you remember?  The court is closed today.  Judge Sahab is having an important meeting with the Viceroy General, that’s why the court is closed.  So, you don’t need to go there today.”

Bondita bites her tongue after realising her mistake.  She says, “Sorry Pati babu, I had completely forgotten about this.  Thank you for making me remember.”  Anirudh says in Roopa’s voice, “Your Roopa Rani is always there to help you Bondita Malkin.”   Bondita giggles.

After a while,  Anirudh tightly hugs Bondita from behind.  Bondita pushes Anirudh aside.  She gets astonished and says with red cheeks, “What are you doing Pati babu???”  Bondita looks here and there👀 while whispering, “If anyone sees us then?”   Anirudh says, “No one will see us Bondita.  You know what??  Today, only we both are there in this hugeeee Roy Choudhary Haveli!!”

Bondita :  “Whaattttt???   How Pati babu?  Where’s everyone??”

Anirudh :  “They all went out of the house for some or the other work.  Aaaaa….  Kaka went to hospital, Thakuma went to meet her friend, Tupur went to school with Tapur, Sumati ma went……..”

Bondita interrupts, “What did you say Pati babu??   Kakasasurji went to hospital???!!!   What happened to Kakasasurji?   I’m also going.  Nothing will happen to Kakasasurji till his Bondita bahu is alive.”   Saying this, Bondita starts leaving out of Roy Choudhary Haveli with a concern on her face for her Kakasasurji.  Anirudh stops Bondita by saying, “Arrreyyyy Bondita!!  Nothing has happened to Kaka.  And Kaka hasn’t gone to hospital.  Uhhh…. ohhhh…  I’m very sorry…..  I did some mistake while saying my statement.  The correct statement is –  Kaka has gone out for some work of Jamindaari, he’ll return after two days.  Thakuma and Tapur have gone for an appointment with Baghchi babu.  Sumati ma has gone to meet her best friend alongwith Tupur. Sumati ma’s best friend has recently became a grandmother, so Ma has gone to see the baby.  Som has gone to his hospital.  Shashwati and other kids have gone to the school.   Soooooo, now the only people who’re left in Roy Choudhary Haveli are Anirudh, Bondita, Anirban and Anindita.  You know what Bondita?  I was very eagerly waiting for such a day to come in our life when we’ll be alone, when we’ll enjoy each and every second of our life with each other.  And finally finalllllyyyyyy the day came!!!  I’m really reallllyyyyy soo soooooo sooooooooo happppyyyyy!!!!”

Bondita :  “My Darling Pati babu, you forgot Bhari babu and Kalyani didi.  They’re still there in our Haveli.”

Anirudh :  “So what?  Do you think that I get afraid of anyone??  Not at all….”

Bondita :  “Ok, okay Pati babu.  But Pati babu, I didn’t understand how can everyone leave without telling me anything???”

Anirudh :  “Ohhhhh….  Bonditaaaa…  Ummmmmm……  You were busy in daily chores na, that’s why they didn’t disturb you.”

Bondita feels wierd.

Anirudh thinks in his mind, “Actually Bondita, I wanted to give you a surprise today.  That’s why I didn’t tell you that all our family members are going out.”

Anirudh is about to lift Bondita in his arms when the silence of the Roy Choudhary Haveli is broken by the crying sound of two babies.  Anirudh and Bondita rush to their room to find Anirban and Anindita are crying very badlyyyyy…  Anirudh lifts Anindita and Bondita takes Anirban in her arms.

Anirudh :  “Ohhhooooo Bacchon.. You both spoiled our beautiful moment, huhhhhh…”

After experiencing the warm, soothing and loving touch of their parents, Anirban and Anindita get solace and they stop crying.  Bondita sits on the sofa and lays Anirban in her lap.  When Bondita brings Anirban close to her face, Anirban smiles and chuckles while rubbing his nose against Bondita’s nose.  Bondita also feels exhilaration and pleasure at this playful gesture of her little child.  Bondita talks, laughs and plays with Anirban.  Although, Anirban isn’t understanding his mother’s language;  but still he’s smiling, giggling and making facial expressions to show that he loves playing with his mum.

Anirudh, on the other hand, lies on the bed.  He lays Anindita on his chest. (Anindita’s tummy is on Anirudh’s chest)  Anindita is trying to lift her head for playing with her Baba, but her neck’s muscles aren’t so developed to bear the weight of her head;  so Anindita isn’t able to lift her head.  Still, she’s trying really hard to get up;  she has clenched Anirudh’s shirt very tightly with her tiny fists.   Seeing Anindita’s desperate efforts, Anirudh keeps his one hand on her nape (he’s still holding her with his another hand)  and carefully brings her close to his face.  Now, the angelic Anindita is sooooo elated that she starts giggling and throwing her fists in air.   Anindita tries to cup Anirudh’s face, but her hands👐🏻 are too tiny to do so.  So, Anindita rubs her nose against Anirudh’s nose.   Then, all of a sudden, a housefly sits on Anirudh’s forehead.   Anindita gives a cold and angry look to the housefly.   So, in an attempt to hit the housefly, Anindita lands a hard slap on Anirudh’s face.  But unfortunately, the housefly flies away and Anindita pierces her finger in Anirudh’s left eye by mistake.  Anirudh presses his left eye with his palm and shrieks in pain, “Aaaahhhhh…”  Anindita makes a sad face after realising that she hitted her Baba unknowingly.   Bondita turns to Anirudh and runs to him.  Bondita keeps Anirban in his cradle and starts blowing on Anirudh’s left eye.  Anirudh gets a bit relieved.

Bondita :  “Pati babu, are you okay?”

Anirudh :  “Yes Bondita, I’m fine.”

Bondita sweetly scolds Anindita by saying, “You naughty girl..  Why did you hit your Baba???  I won’t talk with you for hurting my Pati babu.”   The poor innocent Anindita makes a frightened face.   Anirudh says to Bondita, “Arrey Bondita, please don’t scold the little child.  She didn’t hurt me intentionally.  Actually, she was trying to save me from a housefly.”   And, Anirudh narrates everything to Bondita.   Bondita immediately apologies to Anindita by holding both her ears and saying, “My dear baby, pease forgive your Ma.  I didn’t know that you were trying to hit that housefly.  Won’t you forgive your silly mumma??  She won’t do it again, shotttttiiiiii…”

Anindita gives a wide and toothless smile indicating that she has forgiven her mum.  Bondita takes Anindita in her arms and kisses her.  Anindita lovingly touches Bondita’s cheeks with both her hands.   Bondita gently pinches Anindita’s little nose.   Anirudh smiles seeing the Mother-Daughter bond.

Then, Anirudh and Bondita start laughing and playing with their twins.  Itti si hansi itti si khushi plays…

In the mean time, Sampoorna and Binoy go near the Shingamari ropeway.  It’s a cable car which is the only medium of transport to reach Darjeeling from Singla Bazaar.

When Samnoy are about to board in that trolley-like car, Sampoorna steps back.  Her fear is quite evident from her perspiring face.  Binoy smilingly says, “Why are you getting scared Sampoorna??  I assure, nothing will happen to you till I’m there.  No need to be scared;  trust me, it will be a great experience.”   Binoy forwards his hand towards Sampoorna.  Unwillingly, Sampoorna holds Binoy’s hand.  Binoy makes Sampoorna sit in the cable car, then he sits beside her.  Other tourists also sit in the car.

Sampoorna is already hugging Binoy tightly out of fear.  As the cable car starts to move on the ropeway, Sampoorna tightens her grip on Binoy.  Sampoorna’s eyes are tightly shut,  her heart is racing.   Now, the car’s speed is increasing slowly;  and Sampoorna is feeling as if the entire earth is performing a break-dance and she would fall down any moment.  Binoy caresses Sampoorna and says, “Sampoorna, please don’t get afraid.  Just open your eyes and see through the window.  You’ll feel as if you’re in heaven.”   At first, Sampoorna denies;  but on Binoy’s persuasion, she slowly opens her eyes.   She’s shivering, but she looks down through the cable-car’s window.  What Sampoorna sees, leaves her awestruck!!!   The scenic beauty of the place is soooo mesmerising!  The panoramic view of the valleys and the snow-capped mountains is enough to blow anyone’s mind!!   And, the sprawling lush green tea garden is acting like icing on the cake.  Sampoorna gets so engrossed in relishing the thrilling tour that she forgets about all her fear.  Binoy gets ecstatic by seeing his wife.  He clicks photos of the wonderful scenario.  The cable-car is now moving swiftly on the ropeway giving a soothing vibe to its passengers.  After a ride of few minutes, the cable-car slows down and finally stops.  All the tourists including Samnoy get down from the car.

Binoy :  “So Sampoorna, how did you feel in the ropeway ride???”

Sampoorna :  “Waaahhhhhhh Binoy Ji….  It was really reallllyyyyy the best travelling experience I ever had.  It was a breath-taking but an enchanting experience!!   I loved it a lottttttt….”

Binoy :  “Glad to know this!  Many more pleasing experiences are awaiting us.  Let’s enter in the Darjeeling city.”

Samnoy are in Darjeeling town now.  First, Samnoy go to Mahakal temple.

Samnoy pray at the shrine of Mahakal cave for the peace and prosperity of their family.  All the devotees of the temple chant, “Mahakal Baba ki jai..”  When everyone is about to leave the temple, a monkey comes and sits near Sampoorna’s feet.

Sampoorna gets startled; she tries to shoo away the monkey, but the adamant monkey isn’t going.  Binoy proudly says, “See Sampoorna, monkeys also know that my wife is a goddess who who has sacrificed her dreams, desires and happiness for the sake of her family.”   Sampoorna widens her eyes after hearing this.   Then, Sampoorna gives two bananas to the monkey who’s sitting near her feet;  and the monkey runs away.  Samnoy laugh.

After that, Samnoy go to visit Rock Gardens.  The garden is in its ethereal beauty!!   It’s an artificial rocky garden enriched with flora, waterfalls and bridges.

The rock garden is offering a beautiful view of a hill stream cascading over rocks along the slope of the garden.

Sampoorna delightfully says, “Binoy Ji, this garden is also called Barbotey garden, right?  I had heard it from one of my friends.”   Binoy replies, “Yes Sampoorna, you’re right.”

The cool breeze blowing in the Barbotey garden is capable of relieving even the mostttt depressed and stressed person.

The alluring & soothing sound of the waterfall cascading down from the hills amidst the lush green scenery and innumerable species of beautiful flowers & ornamental plants in the Rock Garden are bound to take Samnoy’s breath away.

Sampoorna spreads her arms and starts twirling in the cold air.  Binoy clicks her pictures with a camera.

Then, Samnoy spend some quality time in each other’s embrace.  They perform a slow romantic dance in the romantic atmosphere of Barbotey rock garden while Hawayein song plays…

Meanwhile, in Anirudh and Bondita’s room :-

Anirban and Anindita have slept after playing with their parents.

Anirudh :  “Look Bondita, our babies have slept now.  So, what’s next?  Will their Baba get some quality time to spend with their Ma???”

Bondita :  “Is this something to be asked??”

Anirudh :  “Bondita, I was thinking to make this day as beautiful and memorable as we can.”

Before Bondita could say something, Anirudh and Bondita notice that their babies are showing some facial expressions in their sleep.  Anirban is smiling as if he has got all of his favourite toys;  while Anindita is licking her lips as if she’s eating her favourite food.

Anirudh :  “See Bondita Roy Choudhary, your daughter is much bigger foodie than you.  She’s eating even in her dreams.”

Bondita :  “So what??  What problem do you have?”

Anirudh :  “Ummmmmm….  Nothing, I was just saying.”

After a while;  Bondita grumpily says, “Pati babu, today I don’t have any work.  Your Bondita is really very bored.  Do something to change her mood.”  Anirudh thinks for some time and then he goes out of Anidita’s room.   Bondita gets tensed thinking what if she offended her Pati babu?   Bondita is about to go behind Anirudh when Anirudh enters the room.

Bondita :  “Uhhh..  Pati babu, I’m sooo sorry if I said something wrong.  I was just…..”

Anirudh cuts Bondita off by saying, “Arrey no Bondita.  My Bondita can never say anything wrong.  Look, what I’ve brought.”

Anirudh shows a chessboard to Bondita.  Bondita exclaims, “Wowwwww Pati babu!!!  We’ll play Shatranj??  I’m soo soooooo sooooooooo excited!!!!”

Anirudh :  “Yep Bondita, we’ll play Shatranj.”

Anirudh and Bondita set the chessboard and arrange all the chess pieces.

Bondita takes the white colour and Anirudh takes the black colour.  They start playing.  After playing for a few minutes, Bondita captures Anirudh’s king with her queen.  The smart Bondita wins the game while the innocent Anirudh loses.   Bondita merrily claps while saying, “Yayyyyy I won Pati babu,  I won!!!!”

Anirudh :  “Okay, let’s play again.”

Anirudh and Bondita play the next round.  Again Bondita wins.  In the third round also, Bondita wins.

Bondita :  “What’s this Pati babu??  You’re continuously losing.”

Anirudh :  “That’s because I loveeee losing from my Bondita.”

Bondita chuckles.

During the mean time, Sampoorna and Binoy are sitting on a rock by holding each other’s hand.  Sampoorna has rested her head on Binoy’s shoulder.   Samnoy are enjoying the scintillating sun of the crisp summer day.   All of a sudden;  an ice-cream vendor passes by shouting, “Kulfi lelo, kulfi…  Garmi ke mausam mein thandi-thandi kulfiiii..  (Buy Kulfi… Cool-cool kulfi in summer season)   Take Malai Kulfi for soothing your burning throats.  All flavours are available – Mango flavour, Strawberry flavour, Vanilla flavour, Kesar(Saffron) flavour, Baadam(Almond) flavour, Pineappleflavour, Raspberry flavour, Rose flavour and Coconut flavour.  One kulfi for 10 paise and three kulfis for 20 paise.  Lelo, lelo, kulfi lelo….”   Sampoorna asks Binoy to buy a kulfi for her.  Binoy buys three kulfis, two for Sampoorna and one for himself.

Samnoy are relishing the delicious taste and flavour of the cool matka kulfis.  Suddenly;  Binoy recalls something and says, “Arrey Sampoorna!!  I’ve a surprise for you!”   Sampoorna excitedly asks, “What surprise Binoy Ji?”

Binoy :  “Mmmmmmm….  But, you won’t get it now.  I’ll show it to you in the evening.   Because; before that, I’ve to tour many places with my darling wife.  Sampoorna, now it’s time for a boat ride;  come on, let’s go.”   Sampoorna blushes till her cheeks get burned  after hearing the word ‘Darling’ from her husband for the very first time.

Binoy takes Sampoorna at the bank of Teesta river by holding her hand.   The river is babbling and rippling creating a pleasant melody.  The Teesta river is emerald-green= in colour because of the blue-green algae  present in it.

The drops of water in the river are dazzling and sparkling in the bright sunlight, so it seems as if pearl-like water droplets are embedded in the emerald-like river.

Many sailors are sitting on the river bank with their boats.   Samnoy sit in one of the boats.  The sailor starts rowing the boat.   The boat ride is so serene and full of tranquillity.  It’s offering a satisfying vibe to everyone.  Sampoorna’s long, silky and shiny hairs are waving in the air while she’s enjoying the pleasant ride by closing her eyes.  Binoy captures photos of this beautiful moment in his camera.   Suddenly;  Sampoorna opens her eyes and she notices something in Binoy’s hand.  Out of curiosity, Sampoorna asks, “What’s this Binoy Ji?  It seems like a kitaab(book).”   Binoy replies, “Yes Sampoorna Darling, it’s a book.  To be more specific, it’s a romantic novel named ‘Pride and Prejudice’.  It’s an English novel written by Jane Austen.”    Again Darling!!!  The poor and innocent Sampoorna is dead now.  Still, after coming to her senses;  Sampoorna says, “If it’s a book, then there must be lovely stories in it??  Binoy Ji, will you please tell me this story?  I don’t know reading na, that’s why.”

Binoy :  “Why not Sampoorna???  I would love to narrate that story to you!!”

Then, Binoy reads the novel and narrates its story to Sampoorna.

Sampoorna is enthusiastically listening and enjoying the beautiful & romantic story; while Samnoy’s boat is drifting in the Teesta river.   Sang tere paaniyon sa behta rahoon plays…

Meanwhile; at some place, Tupur and Sumati are standing.  Sumati says to Tupur, “Tupur beta, as my best friend has recently became a grandmother.  So, I’ve to buy something for her grandson before going to her home.  You stay here only, I’m coming soon.”   Tupur says, “Okay Sumati kaki, you can go.  I’ll stay here only.”  Sumati leaves.

Tupur moves her sight here and there randomly.  The place where she’s standing seems to be a jail.  All of a sudden;  a man screeches, “Aaaahhhhh…”    Then, another man says, “Please be careful.  Slowly, slowly; yes, keep it there.  Okay, fine.  You may go now.”  Tupur says to herself, “I don’t know why but the second voice seemed to be very familiar.  Ummm… Mmmmm….. No no noooo, this.. this can’t be…..”    Tupur looks in the direction of the voice to see that Chandrachur is helping the other prisoners in carrying heavy sacks on their shoulders.  He’s also helping some old prisoners in cleaning the jail and carrying water from a nearby well.  Tupur’s heart melts for a second after seeing the scenario, but the very next moment, she recalls all the bad deeds of Chandrachur and her eyes start burning in the molten lava of anger.

Tupur turns away from Chandrachur so that he doesn’t see her.  But her bad luck, Chandrachud passes by the nearby well and he catches a glimpse of Tupur.  At first, Chandrachud thinks it might be some other woman because he knew that his Tupur will never come to meet him.  But after looking at Tupur for the tenth time, and pinching his arm for the fifteenth time;  Chandrachur realises that the woman is none other than his Tupur!!!   Chandrachur screams in extreme joy, “Tuu….  Tupurrrrrrrr…….  My Tupurrrr, youu.. you came here???”

Tupur’s heart starts to beat faster and fassterrrrr and faaaasterrrrrrrr by hearing Chandrachud’s voice after 2 long years.  Still, she doesn’t turn her face towards Chandrachud.

Chandrachur :  “Tupur, won’t you show your angelic face to your devotee??  Just for once, please Tupur…”

But Tupur doesn’t say anything, neither she turns her face towards Chandrachur.  Chandrachur says, “Okay Tupur, if you don’t want to show me your face, then it’s ok.  If you don’t want to see my face, then also it’s completely okay.  But, but you can’t stop me from worshipping you.  You’re my goddess and I’m your devotee.  I know I’ve done infinite crimes in my life, and I also know that I won’t be able to regret for all my sins till seven births;  still I’m very sincerely remorsing and repenting for my evil deeds by performing good deeds.  And I’ll always alwayssss try my level best to help the needy and bring an appealing smile on their faces.”  After pausing for a moment, Chandrachur continues, “Tupur, I’ve harrassed you, tortured you, caged you, hurted you and harmed you in endless ways.  I don’t have any words to ask forgiveness from you.  But still, if… if possible then, please, please forgive me.”   Saying this, Chandrachur bends down and touches Tupur’s feet.  Tupur is immediately taken aback at this gesture of Chandrachud.  Tupur thinks in her mind, “I’ll never ever forgive a man who killed my parents, who ignited the fire of enmity between Tulsipur & Krishnanagar, who kept an evil eye on my cousin, who wanted to marry another woman in spite of having a wife and.. and who tried to molest my sister.”  But without saying anything, Tupur starts moving away from the place.  Tears are rolling down Chandrachur’s face. Chandrachud’s vision has became blurry because his eyes are brimmed with tears.    Hamari adhuri kahaani plays…  While going away, a solitary tear trickles down Tupur’s cheek.

After a while;  Sumati returns from the shop.  Tupur wipes her face and says, “Let’s go Sumati kaki.”   Sumati nods.  Tupur and Sumati leave while Chandrachur keeps staring at Tupur’s retreating figure aimlessly.  Chandrachur is looking like a lifeless statue.

Till then, Anirudh and Bondita are tired after playing Shatranj.

Anirudh :  “Bondita, let me bring coffee… oops.. no… noo…. kaapi for our refreshment.”

Bondita :  “Uhhhh…..  Why will you trouble yourself Pati babu???   I’ll go and bring it.”

Anirudh :  “Please take some rest na Bondita.  Daily, you only bring it, right?  So, can’t you give one chance to your Pati babu today??”

Bondita :  “But Pati babu, if…”

Anirudh :  “No if and no but.  You very well know that Anirudh Roy Choudhary does that only what he likes.  Soo, I’m going.”

Bondita isn’t left with anything to say.

Anirudh goes in the kitchen for bringing coffee.

In the kitchen :-

Bihari and Kalyani are making food.  Anirudh enters the kitchen.  Bihari asks, “What happened Chote Malik?  Do you need something???  Please tell, I’ll give you.”

Anirudh :  “No no Bihari, no need of that.  I can manage it on my own.”

Bihari :  “Ok Malik, as you wish.  But if you need any kind of help, then tell us.”

Anirudh :  “Sure Bihari.”

Anirudh takes out two mugs of coffee.  He adds coffee powder in the mugs.  When Anirudh is about to add milk in the mugs, Kalyani screams very loudly in pain.  Anirudh turns to see that the vessel filled with hot water has fallen on Kalyani’s foot.  Although, Kalyani has got a very minor burn;  but Anirudh gets very concerned for her.   Anirudh hurriedly rushes out and comes with a first aid box.  He tries to keep Kalyani’s burned foot under cold water.  But as he touches her foot, Kalyani moves back and says, “What are you doing Malik??  Please don’t put this sin on our head.  You’re our Malik, we’re your Naukers;  you can’t touch our feet.”   But Anirudh Roy Choudhary, the man who doesn’t listen to anyone except his heart;  he forcefully takes Kalyani’s foot and keeps it in running cold water.  Kalyani feels relieved, but she feels sooooo embarrassed that her Malik touched her foot.  Bihari scolds Kalyani, “Heyyy!  Don’t you have any shame??  Didn’t you feel like chopping off your foot when Chote-Malik touched it?  Couldn’t you bear that little pain???  Why did you scream soo loudly??”   Anirudh angrily shouts, “Bihariiiiiii…   How can you use such language for a woman??”

Bihari :  “I’m sorry Chote-Malik, but I couldn’t control myself.”

Anirudh :  “Then learn to control yourself Bihari.  And, no one should feel any shame or embarrassment while helping each other.   I AM NOT YOUR MALIK.  YOU ARE NOT MY SERVANTS.   We all are humans, only humans, just humans, nothing else.  And as a human, it’s our duty to help each other when needed.  Understood?”

Bihari bows down and nods his head.

Then, Anirudh bandages Kalyani’s scalded foot with a sterile cloth.  Kalyani’s pain lessens to a huge extent because of the cloth’s warmth.

Before leaving, Anirudh says, “Bihari and Kalyani;  today, you both won’t live in the kitchen, you’ll live in the guests’ room.  And yes, you both won’t make any food today.  I’m saying this for your own good.  It’s very cold today, so you can’t sleep on the kitchen’s floor.  Also, Kalyani needs rest so she can’t make food.   And if you tried to go against me, then no one will be worse than me;  got it=??”    Then Anirudh turns to Bihari and says, “Bihari, take Kalyani to the guest-room.  And please take care of her.”   Bihari says, “Ji Chote-Malik.”

After a few seconds, Bihari is standing still.  Anirudh loses his temper and shouts, “Don’t you hear or what Bihari???  Are you watching my face by standing here??  Don’t you understand Hindi?  I said go to the guest-room with Kalyani…”  Bihari gets scared and says, “Yes yes Chote-Malik.  I’m going.”    And Bihari immediately runs to the guests’ room with Kalyani.

Anirudh keeps his hand on his forehead and shakes his head.   Then, Anirudh realises that he had came to the kitchen for preparing coffee.  He immediately pours warm milk and a little sugar in the two coffee mugs.  Anirudh stirs the mugs with a spoon🥄.   He lifts up those mugs in his hands and goes towards Anidita’s room.

In Anirudh and Bondita’s room :-

Bondita is sitting in a bored posture by keeping her right hand on her right cheek.  She says to herself, “Ohhhoooo… Pati babu went to prepare coffee or to bring coffee powder from the factory???   Does it take this much time for making two cups of coffee??”   Just then, Anirudh enters in the room holding two mugs of coffee.

Anirudh :  “Tadaaa….  Here are two cups of coffee for my Bondita and her Pati babu.”

Bondita :  “Pati babu, why did you take so much time for preparing just two mugs of coffee??”

Anirudh :  “Uhhhhhh…. ohhhhh Bonditaa… that……”

Bondita :  “What happened Pati babu?  Why do you look worried??”

Anirudh tells Bondita about Kalyani’s burn.  Bondita quickly gets up and starts heading towards the guest-room.  But Anirudh stops her saying, “Arrey Bondita, she’s resting right now.  Please don’t disturb her.  She’s fine now.  I’ve bandaged her burn.”

Bondita :  “Hushhhhh…  Soo glad to know that she’s fine now.”

Anirudh :  “Barrister babu Bondita; I think we should drink our coffee, otherwise it will get cold.”

Bondita :  “Oh yeah Pati babu.”

Anirudh and Bondita drink their coffees.

Bondita :  “Yummmmmm….   It’s soooo tasty Pati babu.  And it’s reaalllyyyy veryy verrryyy sweet, just like you.”

Anirudh smiles and blushes.

After finishing the coffee, Anirudh says, “Bondita, I think we should dance a bit for a mood change;  what do you say???”

Bondita :  “OMGGGGG Pati babu, shotttttttiiiiiiii?????   I would loveeeee to dance with you!!!!”

Anirudh :  “Hmmmmm….  Pyaar ki unn galiyon ki sair tujhe mere siwa aur koi nahi karayega Mithi Chhuri.  (Sweet knife,  no one will make you travel those lanes of love except of me.)”

Bondita :  “Aiyyoappa, aap bhi na.  Mere ko baaton mein uljha ke rakh di.  Mai jaati hai, mereko ek tandoori kaam hai.  (Aiyyoappa, you also na.  You made me engrossed in your conversation.  I had a very tandoori work to do.)”

Anirudh :  “Hein???  Tandoori??   (What???  Tandoori??)”

Bondita :  “Haan, tandoori kaam;  bahut tandoori kaam.  (Yes, tandoori work;  very tandoori work.)”

Anirudh :  “Ohhh… it’s jaroori(important), not tandoori.”

Bondita :  “Sahi boli.”

Anirudh :  “Bola.”

Bondita :  “Haa haan, wahi wahi.”

Anirudh and Bondita burst into laughter after this funny conversation.

After that, Anirudh takes Bondita in an empty room and they start performing a couple dance.  Both of them have got so engrossed in each other while dancing that they aren’t aware of anything in their surroundings.  Tu jo mila toh ho gaya main kaabil plays…

In the mean time,  Samnoy have finished their joyful boat-ride.  Suddenly, a thought strikes Sampoorna’s mind and she says, “Binoy Ji, you had came to Darjeeling for some work na?  And you completely forgot about that??  You should’ve completed it first.”

Binoy :  “Arreyyy no Sampoorna…  Nothing in this universe is more important for me than you.  So, first I’ll live some beautiful moments with my Sampoorna Darling;  and then only I’ll complete my work.  Now, you don’t need to say anything.   As I has promised, I’ve a surprise for you.   Come with me, I’ll show you.”

Binoy holds Sampoorna’s hand and takes her to some place.  They reach a building.  On the building’s gate, a banner is hung which reads, ‘Elim Melody Academy’.  Binoy says, “Look over there Sampoorna.”  As Sampoorna doesn’t know reading, she asks Binoy, “What’s written over there Binoy Ji?  Which place is this??”

Binoy :  “Sampoorna, it’s written ‘Elim Melody Academy’ on the banner.  It’s the besstttttttt music-academy in the entire Bengal.  I know that music has always been your passion;  and it’s your dream to learn music.  So, I’ll enrol you in this music-academy.  I know that you’ll love learning music in this excellent academy.”

Binoy had expected Sampoorna to be ecstatic after hearing this;  but to Binoy’s shock, Sampoorna presses her ears with both her palms and screams, “Noooooooooooooo….  Neverrrrr everrrrrrrr say this………..”

In the mean time,  Anirudh and Bondita are playing the piano  after dancing their hearts out.  Bondita isn’t able to play the piano, so Anirudh teaches her by keeping his fingers on Bondita’s fingers.  Bondita feels elated.   Then, Anirudh says, “Bondita, you practice for some time.  I’m coming.”   Bondita nods and starts moving her fingers on the piano.

Anirudh goes to the kitchen and says to himself, “Today, Kalyani will take rest and Bihari will look after her.  Also, I can’t trouble Bondita by telling her to cook food.  So, I’ll only have to cook today’s food.  Come on Anirudh, start your work; you’re today’s cook babu👨🏻‍🍳.”

Anirudh wears an apron and he starts with cutting the vegetables.  While chopping the veggies, Anirudh hurts his finger with the sharp knife by mistake.  He feels a lottttttt of pain,  still he continues his work without any complaints.  After cutting vegetables, Anirudh keeps a pressure cooker on the chulha(stove).  He lights the stove with a matchstick and blows in it with a pipe.  He coughs due to the smoke, still he continues to prepare the food.  Anirudh puts all the vegetables in the cooker and closes its lid.  Till the veggies are getting cooked, Anirudh is kneading the dough for luchis.

The cooker whistles, Anirudh holds it with cloth and keeps it down from the stove. Then, he makes a sphere out of the dough.  He tries to flatten the sphere into the shape of a luchi.  But unfortunately, the luchi turns out to be in the shape of India’s map.  But Anirudh Roy Choudhary is very smart.  He keeps a bowl on the dough which is looking like India’s map;  and he cuts out a perfect round luchi.  Anirudh proudly says to himself, “Waahhhh Barrister Babu Anirudh Roy Choudhary, you’re really very verryyy smart!!!!  Well done, Bravo!”

After that, the cook babu Anirudh Roy Choudhary bakes the luchiyan with a lottttttt of loveeeee…  When cooking is done, Anirudh removes his apron and serves the food in a thaali(plate).  He takes the food plate to Bondita.

Bondita isn’t able to focus on playing piano now, because her empty stomach is growling with hunger.  Anirudh comes there and says, “What happened my Bondita?  Feeling hungry??”

Bondita :  “Noo Pati babu…..  Ummmmm…. I mean yes, I’m feeling toooooo much hungry Pati babu.”

Anirudh says while handing over the food plate to Bondita, “Here Bondita.  Uuuuhhhhh Bonditaaaaa….  I’ve made the food.  I know it’s very bad, and so disgusting in taste; but else what could I do?  I had only told Bihari and Kalyani not to prepare food.  And, I couldn’t even trouble you for telling such things.  Soo, I tried to make it.  I’m reaaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy verrryyyyyy sorrrrryyyyy if it’s too unpleasant in taste.”

Bondita :  “Pati babu, how will I know its taste without eating it?  So please let me eat first, then only I’ll know how it is.”

Before eating, Bondita feeds the first bite of the food to Anirudh.  Then, she puts a morsel of the food in her mouth.  After swallowing the morsel, Bondita looks at Anirudh with widened eyes  and says, “Ohhh my god Pati babu!!!  How did you make this??  I really didn’t like it…”   Anirudh gulps a lump of air and says, “I know Bondita, please forgive me.”

Bondita :  “Arrey Pati babu, I loved it a lottttttt; shotttttiiiiii….”

Anirudh smiles.

Bondita :  “Bondita’s Pati babu is the bestessttttttt in everything.  Today, I got to see an amazing chef babu in him.  He’s really a Multi-talented babu!!!”

Anirudh :  “Achha Bondita??  Is this really not bad?”

Bondita :  “Not at all Pati babu.  It’s sooooo tasty, yummyyyy…”

Anirudh :  “Ok then, I’ll serve this food to Bihari and Kalyani too.”

Anirudh goes and serves food to Bihari and Kalyani.  They love the food a lot.

When Anirudh returns to Bondita, Anidita together feed the food to each other from the same plate.  They smile while enjoying the food.

On the other side;  Sampoorna shouts, “I don’t want to learn any music.  I’ll never join any music-academy.”

Binoy :  “But why Sampoorna Darling???  What happened?  What’s wrong in this??”

But instead of answering Binoy’s question, Sampoorna hugs him very tightly.  Sampoorna is sobbing with teary eyes.  Binoy caresses her in his embrace.  While sobbing, Sampoorna says, “I don’t want to lose you Shashwati’s Baba.  I never want this to happen, even in my dreams.  That’s why I’m saying, I… I don’t want to learn any kind of music.”   Sampoorna cries and trembles while recalling how Saurabh wanted her to learn music.  And the day when he was going to Calcutta for enrolling her name in a music-academy,  the same day poor Saurabh had left this world.

On other side, Anirudh and Bondita sit for doing painting.  Anirudh paints a picture of Krishna Ji while Bondita paints Radha.  Then, Anirudh and Bondita place their paintings together.


Bondita :  “Wow Pati babu!!  Our Radha-Krishna’s Jodi is looking soooo beautiful!!!”

Anirudh :  “Yes Bondita, just like the lovely Jodi of Bondita and Anirudh.”

Bondita shies.

All of a sudden, some mischief pops up in Bondita’s head.  She starts painting Anirudh’s face with a paintbrush.  Anirudh gets startled and says, “Whaa… What are you doing Bondita??”  Bondita giggles and says, “Yaaayyyyyy…. I painted your face Pati babu.  Now you’re looking like a circus’ clown.  Heheheheeee..”

Anirudh angrily goes to see his face in the mirror.  But, to Anirudh’s surprise, there’s not even a single sign of paint on his face!!!   Then, Anirudh looks at the paintbrush in Bondita’s hand;  the brush is completely clean.   Bondita starts laughing loudly  because she successfully pranked her Pati babu.

Anirudh smirks at Bondita and starts stroking her face with another clean paintbrush.   Now, both Anirudh and Bondita are making strokes on each other’s face with clean paintbrushes(without any paint).   They’re laughing while doing so.

Meanwhile; Binoy says to Sampoorna, “But why Sampoorna???  Why you don’t want to learn music?  And….  And I didn’t get your statement.  What’s the relation between learning music and losing me??”

Sampoorna :  “I don’t know anything.  I just don’t want to learn music, that’s it…”

Binoy :  “Ok ok Sampoorna.  But first of all, please stop crying.  I can’t see tears in my Darling’s eyes.   So, please please please please don’t cry.  Plzzzzzzzzzzz smile a bit….”

Sampoorna gives a momentary smile, her eyes are still filled with tears.  Binoy wipes Sampoorna’s tears.  Both of them smile while looking into each other’s eye.

The episode ends. 


Mishti gets shocked after reading a book.

Other side;  Sampoorna pleads to Binoy, “No no no Shashwati’s Baba.  Please please don’t send me to hostel.  I can’t live without you.”

Update Credit:Khushi(a)Barbie.

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