Barrister Babu New Era Episode-15: Saudamini and Batuk joins hand for revenge.

The episode starts with Anirudh saying, “Gandhiji; one day, our Hindustan will become Aazad Hindustan (Independent India)..”

Gandhiji looks above at the open sky and says, “Yes, I hope that the day comes very soon.”

Breaking the silence of auditorium, Principal Sir says, “Arrey Anirudh and Bondita!!!  You both trapped Gandhiji in your words na?  Let him do some rest, he must be very tired.”


Gandhiji :  “No nooo Principal Sir.  I’m not at all tired.  And, I’ll take rest only after our Hindustan gets independence.”

Anirudh :  “That’s really a very great thought Gandhiji!”

Bondita :  “Gandhiji, only the greatestttt people like you can have such a great thinking!!”

Gandhiji smiles.

The peon offers some snacks to Gandhiji.  But Gandhiji refuses by saying, “No no noo, I don’t need all this.  I was just passing by Tulsipur and I saw this school. Then, I recalled that I had came in this school before as well, so I thought to visit here again.  And, I’ll have to leave now.  Because, I have an important meeting with the Viceroy of Bengal.”

All the staff members of the school bid goodbye to Gandhiji.

Before leaving; Gandhiji says to Anirudh and Bondita, “May God bless you both! You both have done sooooo muchhhh for this society.  Always keep breaking the societal chain like this only….”

Anirudh and Bondita together say, “Yes, of course Gandhiji.  We’ll try our level best!!  And, we will always walk only on your path of principles.”

Gandhiji is leaving from the school.  Raghupati Raaghav Raja Ram plays…

On the other side, Saudamini is shocked and bewildered after seeing someone’s face!!!!  Saudamini’s face turns pale.  She stammers, “Y…. Yy….. Youu…… Youuuuuuuuu?????!!!!!!!!   A…. Ani…  Aniiiiiiiiii……….  Anirudhhhhh…????????!!!! Youuuu hereeeee???”

The person who is standing in front of Saudamini is actually Batuk, but Saudamini thinks him to be Anirudh.  Batuk gives a psycho-like laugh and says, “Sau… Saudamini didi!!!!!!  Youuu here????  When did you came out of imprisonment??  Where do you live now???  And how’re you??”

Saudamini gets astonished when Batuk calls him didi.  She angrily says, “Anirudh, when did I became your didi haan????  We became apart, our relation broke, I had to go in jail, you Roy Choudharys humiliated me;  does it mean that I became your didi???”

Batuk :  “Arrey didi, I’m not Anirudh. Anirudh Dada is my Big D.  I am Batuk, BRC, Batuk Roy Choudhary!”

Saudamini puts both her hands on her waist and asks, “Do you consider me to be a fool or what??  Do you think that I’m such a blind and forgetful person that I can’t recognise my love????  I very well know that you are my Anirudh.  Don’t try to act oversmart in front of Saudamini.”

After hearing this, Batuk bites his lips.  Batuk :  “Ok okay okayyy…  Let me show you my id.”

Batuk shows his id to Saudamini.  Saudamini gets surprised to see that Anirudh and Batuk look exactly same!!

Meanwhile, at the school’s auditorium :-

Anirudh says to Bondita, “Bondita, I’m having some important work in the court today.  So, I’ll get late.  You go home, our babies are alone na.”

Bondita nods saying, “Yes Pati babu, I’m going.”

Anirudh and Bondita come out of the school.  Anirudh goes towards the court and Bondita is heading towards Roy Choudhary Haveli.

In the mean time, at Roy Choudhary Haveli :-

Tapur, Tupur and Thakuma are standing and discussing about something.  Somnath is passing by.  He stops hearing their conversation.

Tapur :  “Thakuma, Bondita didi is not here.  How will I go then?”

Tupur :  “Yeah Thakuma, Tapur can’t go there alone.  You’ll have to go with her.”

Thakuma :  “But beta, I’m having a very verryyy important work;  so I can’t come.”

Somnath, who is hearing everything;  he says, “What happened Thakuma?  Is there any way in which I can help you all??”

Tupur :  “Somnath Dada, Tapur had to go to Mukhiya ji’s Haveli for delivering some Ayurvedic medicines.  Mukhiya ji’s daughter is very sick.  She needs those medicines as soon as possible.  But, Tapur can’t go there alone.  And even I can’t go with her for her security.  Because you know na, how those villagers had kidnapped my innocent Tapur???  What if they do it again?  Bondita is not at home, otherwise Tapur would’ve gone with Bondita.  And, Thakuma is also having a very important work.  Sooo, how will Tapur go now??”

Somnath smilingly says, “Don’t worry Tupur Boudi.  I’m going to my hospital, Mukhiya ji’s Haveli lies on the way only.  I’ll drop Tapur there.  And, when Tapur’s work will get completed;  I’ll again drop her at our Haveli.  You don’t need to take any stress,  Tapur will remain completely safe.”

Tupur :  “But Somnath Dada, how can Tapur go with you?”

Somnath :  “Why Boudi??  Don’t you have even this much faith in me???”

Tupur :  “No no Dada, it’s not like that.  I was saying that if you’ll go with Tapur, then you might get late for your hospital na.”

Somnath :  “Ohhhh… not at all Boudi.  I’m very early today, I won’t get late.  But, I’ll surely get late if you will keep on talking.”

Tupur says, “Oops!  Sorry Dada.  You should leave now.”   Then, Tupur turns to Tapur and says, “Tapur, go with Somnath Dada and please take care.”

Tapur nods.  Somnath and Tapur come to the Motor-Car.  Tapur tries to climb in the car, but she couldn’t.  Somnath holds Tapur’s hand and he helps Tapur sit in the car.  Tapur sits on the back seat while Somnath sits on the front seat.  Somnath starts the Motor-Gaadi.

On the other side, Bondita is hurriedly walking on the road  by taking large paces.  A mother’s concern for her children is clearly visible on Bondita’s face.

All of a sudden, someone covers Bondita’s face from behind with a black cloth.  Bondita screams “Aaaahhhhh…” But the kidnapper presses Bondita’s mouth very hard so that she isn’t able to utter anything.

Bondita gets kidnapped.

Meanwhile; Saudamini asks to Batuk, “Are you, areee youuuu, arrreeeeeee youuuuuu reaaalllllllyyyyyy Batuk???  That Golu-Molu Batuk who used to called me Boudi?”

Batuk :  “Yes yes, I’m that Batuk only.  That Batuk who used to imitate your Issshhhhhhh…”

Saudamini covers her face with both her hands as if she’s shy and says, “Issssshhhhhhhhhhhh….”

Batuk :  “Btw Saudamini didi, how’re you doing?  And where do you live now??”

Saudamini angrily replies, “Batukkkkkk, I’m doing really bad…  I am always finding some way for taking revenge from that Bondita;  but unfortunately, I never got any way to make that Bondita low.  I’m living with my Mithun Kaka and his daughter Mishti right now.  I’ve returned from imprisonment this year only.  You know, I haven’t slept peacefully even for a single day in all these years..  I…. I’ll never ever spare that Bondita because of whom my life became a hell…”   Saying this, Saudamini closes her fists and grits her teeth in anger.

Batuk gives a devil smile and says, “Perfect!”

Saudamini :  “What perfect??”

Batuk :  “Saudamini didi, same is the situation with me.  I also want to take revenge from that Bondita.  She made my entire family, even my Big D against me..  I’ll never spare her….”

Saudamini confusingly asks, “Whaaaattttttt????  When did you became against her?  You always used to stand by her, you always used to support her, right??”

Batuk :  “blo*dy Hell Support…  Me, and standing by her?  My foot…..  You don’t know didi, soooooo many things happened with us after you left.”

Then, Batuk narrates to Saudamini all the incidents that had happened with Roy Choudharys after she left.

Saudamini shockingly says, “Ohhhh myyyyyy godddddddd….  All this happened in my absence??? And… Aaaannnddddd……  Anirudh & Bondita became Ma-Baba????!!!!! Uuhhhhhhhhh….”

Saudamini becomes a huge fireball  by fuming with anger.

In the mean time, Somnath and Tapur are heading towards Mukhiya ji’s Haveli in the Motor-Gaadi.  Suddenly, Somnath takes a turn and Tapur feels a jerk.  Tapur closes her eyes and screams, “Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh…”

Somnath stops the car and asks Tapur, “What happened Tapur?  Are you alright??”

Tapur says in a frightened tone, “No no noo nooooo, I’m not fine.  I’m feeling very scared in this Motor-Gaadi.  I’m feeling in each and every moment that I’ll fall down.  I can’t travel from this Motor-Gaadi anymore..”

Somnath laughs after hearing Tapur’s words.  But, the very next moment, Somnath stops by looking at angryTapur.

Tapur makes a sad face and says, “You’re really bad.  Here, my life is going away and you are laughing???”

Somnath holds his ears with both his hands and says, “Sorry sorrryyyy Dr. Tapur.  Kindly forgive this stupid Dr. Somnath..”

But Tapur turns her face away from Somnath.

After a while;  Somnath says, “Tapur, do one thing. You come and sit beside me.  Then you won’t feel scared.  And Tapur, you’ll never fall from this Motor-Gaadi.  So, you don’t need to be scared.  Now, if you’re still feeling scared; then please come and sit with me.”

At first, Tapur refuses.  But after realising that she isn’t left with any other option, Tapur comes on the front seat and she sits beside Somnath.  Somnath asks, “Are you okay now??”  Tapur nods.  Somnath resumes driving.

At Chakraborty Haveli :-

Mishti is crying in her room by recalling her mother.  Mishti looks at the sky through the window and says in a very emotional voice, “Ma, you wanted me to change the society’s mindset na?  I’m trying my level best to do it.  But… Buttttt….. Baba never understands me.  He has again fixed my marriage with a old womaniser.  He again wants to sell me.  I’m trying to explain him that I am not any object which can be sold.  But as you know, he doesn’t understand anything..  Only you can help me now.”  Mishti joins her hands by looking up and says with teary eyes, “Please show me the correct path.  Please please please please help me Maaaaa…”

At the other side, rage is flowing☄☄ through Saudamini like lava.  Saudamini is looking like an evil witch who has lost her magic wand because of someone.  She is drowning in the ocean of molten anger.. Saudamini isn’t able to bear the fact that Anirudh and Bondita are sooo close to each other.

Batuk says, “Saudamini didi, if we both unite;  then we can defeat that devil Bondita!!!!  Yesss.. Haan, hara sakte hain hum use…”

Saudamini :  “What do you mean Batuk??”

Batuk :  “Look Saudamini didi; you also hate Bondita and I also hate Bondita.  Sooo, if we combine our hatred;  then it will become double hatred.  And that blo*dy Hell Bondita will die by burning in the fire of our hatred..  Mar jaayegi woh Bondita….”

Saudamini laughs like an ogress and says, “Yeah, she’ll die and she’ll never come to know how she died…”

Batuk forwards his right hand towards Saudamini and asks, “Soo Saudamini didi, are you ready to make Bondita’s life a hell together with me????”

Saudamini joins hands with Batuk and says, “Yes Batuk, I’m ready!!!”

Both Saudamini and Batuk shake hands with each other  while saying, “Now, we will together take revenge from that Bondita.”  Saudamini and Batuk laugh like monsters.

Meanwhile, Bondita is brought to a dark place.  Someone pushes Bondita from behind.  Bondita falls on the ground.  All of a sudden, Bondita sees a man coming towards her.  She isn’t able to see the man clearly as it is very dark.

The man comes near Bondita and says, “Hahahahaaaaa…  How easily you got trapped..You were thinking to change this society, right?  Now let me see how you complete your mission.”

Bondita says in a bold voice, “First of all tell me who are you?  And why have you kidnapped me??  Well, I know that you’re a criminal, because only criminals hide their face like you are hiding.  Still, I want to know your good-name and your reason for kidnapping me.”

The man laughslike a demon and says, “Hmmmmmm…  You’re really very smart!!   For your kind information, my good-name is Arun.  By the by, people consider that Arunima as my daughter.  But you know what? I consider that girl as a garbage.  And, garbage should remain in dustbin only. That’s why, I tried sending her to hell many times, but she always got saved. So, I decided to marry her off for getting some money.  But you did a very big mistake by taking her responsibility and you’ll have to pay for it.”

Bondita shouts, “Shut up you man!!! How dare you consider a girl as garbage?? I… I……..”

But before Bondita could complete, Arun interrupts her by shouting, “Heyyyyy youuu girl!!!!!  Shut your mouth..  Never ever try to raise your irritating voice in front of me.  Btw, you’ve already committed a grave mistake by taking Arunima to your home and admitting her in school;  I just want you to correct your mistake.  All you need to do is, handover that ominous girl to me and I won’t do anything to you or your family.”

Bondita screams, “Neverrrrrr everrrrrrr…. Forget that I’ll handover the innocent Arunima in devil hands like yours.”

Arun :  “Then you also forget that you’re having two kids.”

Bondita gets scared after hearing about her kids.  Bondita asks, “Wha… Whaatttttt will you do with my kids???  Listen, you.. youuu won’t do anything to my kids, okay….”

Arun :  “Heheheeee..Yes, I won’t do anything to your kids.  But for that, you’ll have to handover Arunima to me. And you don’t have much time for this. If you don’t bring Arunima to me at 12 am tonight, then I’ll make your kids sleep forever.  I’ll send your Anirban and Anindita to hell in place of Arunima, got it???”

Before Bondita could say something; Arun says, “And yeah, I know that you’re very smart. But your smartness won’t work here.  Aaaaannnnddddd; if you tried to tell this to anyone, then your kids will be killed.  All my men will keep an eye on you in each and every second till tonight.  So, you can’t show your oversmartness..”

Bondita gets tensed and thinks, “Heyy Dugga Ma!  What’s this dilemma??  How can I sacrifice an innocent child’s life for the sake of my own children???”

The episode ends. 

Update Credit: Khushi(a)Barbie.


Bondita takes Arunima to Arun at midnight by hiding from everyone. Bondita says to Arun, “See, I’ve brought Arunima.  Now, please spare my children.”

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    6) Tomorrow_is gonna be a sad and useless day like today__________
    7) I’m terribly afraid of___LIFE __________
    8) If I had one crore___i’ll pay every hospital 1 lakh to let parents stay with their kids in the ICU when they are close to death and wityh rest of the money i’ll buy many many many quran for the kids of madrasa__________
    9) I love___nothing,no one,not even myself_____________
    10) My life is full of____Sadness,sadness,sadness_________.

    3 number- i get annoyed when pple tell me to eat something more than 5 times bcz i dont eat much if i think i need to eat to live i eat but beside that i never eat unnecessary so its annoying when i dont wanna eat i dont wanna if you want to then u should eat why are you eating my mind!?*(this line was not meaned to you all 😂)*

    1. Sis, your third point is just soooo relatable 😂😁… Loved your fifth point 😃… Number 8 is really thoughtful of you 😇… First point; yes most are toxic friends 🙃
      As for 9 and 10… Why so much negativity, dear sis?😉

    2. actually i have been so much suffering from my childhood so automatically my life is full of sadness and i dont know why but id ont love anything anyone i dont even want anything 🙃

    3. Life may be having suffering and sadness… But you know what… Life is like a mirror. You keep up your hopes, so life will reflect back goodness to you😇. And I know that my sis has a beautiful heart ❣️. Therefore, life can never ever be unfair to her😉☺️💕

    4. Absolutely true @Hermi sis!💯💯💯

    5. Same situation is with me too @Afreen sis. In fact, to be very honest, my situation is even worse than you.🙃🙃🙃
      But sis, if you let sadness overcome you, then you’ll lose your remaining life too😊.
      You just don’t need to think about the past; past went in the past😉.
      You also don’t need to think about the future; because you obviously don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future😛.
      You just jusstttt need to think about your present.
      You need to think about the current second in which you’re alive.
      And you’ve to make your current second the bessssttttt… That’s it…..
      Aanndddd, will you get any happiness if you keep on thinking repeatedly that your life is full of sadness??
      No right?
      Soooo please please please please don’t say or think like this…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
      You’re very lucky, this life is very fair to you.
      You’ve a roof on your head, you’re getting good food and proper education.
      Think about those people who don’t even get the basic needs of life..
      Aren’t you luckier than those people?????
      You must be grateful to your life dear.
      And talking about difficulties & challenges, they are always there in each and every person’s life.
      No one is left.
      Many many mannyyyyyy people in this world are suffering from much more sadness and depression than you, and I’m also one among them.
      My dear sis, your condition is much better than those.
      So, feel lucky that you’re in better condition than many people; and enjoy your life to the fullest; no matter whatever comes in the way.😘😘😘😘😘

    6. thank you for you good wishes💕

    7. OOOOOHHH MYYYY GODDDD…. Afreen sis!!!!😱
      You broke a rule!…
      Sisters don’t say thank you… You are given one last chance to rectify your mistake 😤😠… No more chances after that. You will be directly sentenced to BB Comments Section jail🙃. Umrakaid ki sazaa for you😶.

  16. Sakeenah

    Vanakkam kutumpam 👋👋👋..

    1. Vanakkam Saki akka 😃

    2. Vanakkam akka🙏🏻

    3. Sakeenah

      How are you Barbs 😊😊.

    4. Super Saki diduu!😎😎😎
      What about you??

    5. Sakeenah

      Epadi Irrukinga hermi sis 😊😊😊😊.

    6. I’m fine Didi 🥰… _____… I don’t know Tamil of I am fine 😅😜

    7. Naan nalla OR
      Naan nalla irruken
      @Hermi sis🤗

    8. Sakeenah

      Am great Barbs….. How was your exams today?

    9. It was of Vera level ophkors didu😁😁

    10. Sakeenah

      Even I am learning Tamil sis 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…… Am missing my teacher so much 🙃🙃🙃🙃.

    11. Sakeenah

      Ok ok ok thats Fantabulous Barbs😜😜😜..

    12. 😘😘😘😘

  17. Answers to the questions of Hermi sis –
    1) My heart❤ and My mind🧠
    2) To do something in my life for which everyone will remember me even after I leave this world. To bring a good change in the world. To make everyone happy😁/To bring a beautiful smile😊 on every person’s face.
    3) When someone forces me to do something which I don’t want/like to do.
    4) Old evil practices and bad customs are still prevalent in this world🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️?
    Why humans differentiate among humans only?
    5) I think of doing something great and living my day to the fullest as if it’s my last day.
    6) Is completely unpredictable. Leave tomorrow, even the next second is totally unpredictable. Anything can happen🙂.
    7) Insects🐞🦗🐜🦂🕷 AND Letting something wrong happen with anyone.
    8) I’ll use it for helping the needy people of the world. I’ll use it for some good purpose.
    9) My soul😇.
    10) Challenges which I try my level best to overcome😎😎😎.

    1. Great answers, Barbie sis 🥰… Your thoughts and views are filled with positivity and hopes✨✨✨… Your thoughts are great. And so are your actions and you 😇😌. Love your answer 😍

    2. I’m soooo happy that you liked it Hermi sis!☺☺☺
      _______ a lottttttt my dearesttttt sissss!!😘😘😘😘💓💓💓💓

  18. Sakeenah

    Hermi sis answer to your questions…

    1) Saleema.
    2) I wish for my mom to be with me till I grow old.
    3) when hungry.
    4) people spreading negativity.
    5) I love going to my mom to kiss her good morning.
    6) I believe tomorrow will be a better day.
    7) am terribly afraid of losing someone close to me.
    8) definitely giving it to my mom.
    9) my mummy dearest.
    10) experience..

    1. I love how your mother features in most of your answers 💖❤️🥰… 2) 7) 8) 9) apply on me too😁😇…. Love your answers Didi… Classic choices ✨✨✨

    2. even i was afraid of losing someone close but that happened💔 🙂

    3. 🙃🙃🙃… The pain of losing someone dear never ever subsides. Just like wounds may heal, but leave scars, the misery remains forever…
      But, sis, Those who love us, never really leave us. They are within us and beside us at every step of life❣️😇

    4. Perfectly said Hermi sis!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    5. Sakeenah

      Thanku Hermi baby for loving my answer 😘😘😘😘😘..

    6. 💕☺️

    7. Sakeenah

      Oh BB FAN even I lost 4 important people thats why am afraid of losing someone again…

    8. Sakeenah

      Well said Hermi sis 👏👏👏👏👏👏..

    9. yes hermi di you are right i still cry when those days flashbacks in my mind i still cant blv it sometimes i said alot to allah but i dont know i couldn’t hold that person in this world with my dua thats why i always pray no one should lose anyone they love more than themself bcz i know how it feels

    10. what!! it must be so heartbreaking sakeenah di everyone says to move on but thats not so easy actually thats not at possible cz that was a person not furniture which broke and you can get new 🙁

    11. Sakeenah

      Afreen dear just keep praying for their souls to rest in peace and for Al’Jannatul Firdaus to be their final home 🤗🤗🤗🤗.

    12. yes di🤗

    13. Sakeenah

      Afreen sis I know is heartbreaking and hard to move on but slowly u will learn just keep praying for them dear..

  19. Ohhhhhh…🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊💧💧💧💧🌊🌊🌊
    So sad to hear about that @Afreen sis and @Saki di..💧💧💧💧🌊🌊🌊🌊
    I pray that their souls rest in peace🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💫💫💫🤲🏻🤲🏻🤲🏻

    1. Sakeenah

      Amin Barbs ………… U so much for your prayers 🙏.

    2. amin❤️❤️

    1) My best friend… is my mother❣️
    2) I wish… people could get into their heads, the importance of being kind and positive minded😌
    3) I get annoyed when… someone doesn’t respect other people’s opinions 🙃
    4) I don’t understand why… people always want more and more and more 😕
    5) When I wake up in the morning… I close my eyes and try to go to sleep again and when I can’t sleep, I remember God and start my day😁☺️
    6) Tomorrow… is a new beginning 😉
    7) I’m terribly afraid of… losing my loved ones💗
    8) If I had one crore… I would spend it wisely, according to the situations, in a way that benefits everyone 😇
    9) I love… my God, my family and my friends 💞✨✨✨
    10) My life is full of… twists and turns😁😉

    1. Super answers sis!👌🏻👌🏻
      2) 3) 4) 6) 7) 8) and 9) apply on me too😉.

    2. Glad you liked the answers 💖

    3. 🤗❤

    4. Oops!🤭🤭🤭🤭
      It’s not 9), it’s ***10).

    5. 😉😁

  21. Dear siblings… I have the idea of a multi-chaptered story in my mind… But I really don’t know how to proceed with it😅… So… I would loooooveee suggestions 😁

    1. By suggestions, I mean advice on how I can share it with y’all 😉😅

    2. You write in whatever way you want sis😁.
      I’m sure we all will surely love it..😍😍😍, no matter how you write….

    3. Very eagerly waiting..😎😎😎😎

    4. 😇So sweeeeeeett of you ☺️

    5. _______ youu..😘😘😘

    6. thats great hermi sis!!

    7. 😁☺️

  22. Barbie sis… Can you please tell me how you create those blog pages… If I could do that, then I’ll share the link after writing each chapter 😍😜

    1. Sis, go to
      Then sign in with your google account.
      After that, you’ll have to choose your blog address, the title of your blog and your display name.
      That’s it, you’re done😉😜.
      Then, you can write and publish your own blog posts..🤗🤗🤗🤗

    2. I’m superrrr excited!!🤩🤩🤩

    3. I’ll try sharing the first chapter by tomorrow 😊

    4. 😍😍😍😍

    5. _____ ___ soooooo muucchhh, dearest sister of mine 😇😍🥰

    6. It’s my pleasure sis😘😘

  23. To afreen sis, pls sis don’t be sad thinking your past and always remember that u r a great person and great person’s future also be a good one…🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗.
    I have a suggestion for u that always remember this also that:

    1. _______ di i’ll keep your suggestion in my heart❤️

    2. Your advice is absolutely accurate and true 💫✨💯💯.

    3. Sakeenah

      Lovely advice Aakriti di ❤❤❤❤..

    4. Verithanam advice Aakru didu!😎😎🔥🔥🔥

  24. HEY GUYS ,,,
    I have a question for all of you!

    tell me,Which thing you hate the mostttt and why?

  25. i edited a video first time with my laptop i always edit vdos with phone i thought lets try it with laptop i want to show that to all of you but how??

    1. Don’t know sis🙃… Even I only know how images are shared 😬. Don’t know about videos. Although I would absolutely loooooveeeeee to see your edited videos ☺️😃.

    2. Even I desperately want to see it sis, but don’t know how to share..😕😕😕

  26. Answering Afreen sis’s question:-
    Actually there are uncountable things that disappoint me; many things that disgust me; several that anger me and some that I hate. To be honest, I don’t like to hate things. Even among people, I don’t hate anyone. I just strongly dislike people😌. One of the things I hate most, is when people demean or belittle others and don’t respect their opinions 🙃🙃🙃. I absolutely hate that 😬. I strongly oppose when someone disrespects any human being by comparing them to others or demeaning them or not respecting their wishes, choices, perspectives and opinions and also when people insult or belittle any animal. I can never tolerate the mistreatment and disrespect of any creature 😶. Because, my belief is, that God is omnipresent and he resides everywhere and in everything. Who are we humans to judge people or decide any other human or creature’s fate. Even law can’t decide anyone’s fate. It can only try to subdue people’s wrongdoings… So, who are we to judge people’s views or decide the fate of any creature… So, that’s what I hate most🙃😶

    1. Loved your answer my dear Hermi sis♥️

    2. 😇💗

  27. Attendance please 😎:

    1. present teacher😇

    2. Hi dear student!!!😁

    3. hello!! ki koro??

    4. ANTHE syllabus revision shesh kore… Amar priyo bandhu/bon der sange dekha korchhi😁😜..

    5. Hi Padma Didi ❤️💕

    6. khub valo hermi bonu

  28. Kritisha Sengupta

    Barbie thank you for bringing notice to me, actually, I really feel bad, if you sissys can please ask that person whether she wrote this.

    1. kriti di i just commented on that blog asking her “you wrote it??🤨”
      dont worry hope she’ll answer

    2. Yes Kriti di, I’ve commented in her blog.
      We all know that our author babu Kriti didi has written it, and she can’t deny this fact.😊😊

  29. I have a story and ask you all a tricky question 😉I don’t know how it is but wanted to tell. Hope you all like it😇


    One day teacher teaches to the students about frog experiment.She takes a big bowl 🥣having some quantity of water kept in a stove puts a frog in that water with low flame after getting little heat frog jumps slowly to get out the water. Teacher increase the 🔥flame. water gains temperature🌡️more and more frog tries hard to get out the bowl finally it dies and flows on water. Now,teacher ask the students why frog didn’t come out even though it has capacity to come out? All students give wrong❌ answers to the teacher.
    Now answer me why the frog🐸 didn’t come out 🤔🤔I give time upto tomorrow. Think and say I am waiting for all my sisters answers. Think logically you find out the answer. 😇😇😇😇I will see who gives correct answer.

    1. okkk,, so if teacher put the frog in warm water it would get a danger alert and as the teacher put the water on a boil so its normal it will take 1-2 mins to boil so till then the frog didn’t got any danger alert and finally when water boiled it touched its death andd i am not done yet there’s a thing called POT and BIG BOWL if the teacher throw the frog in a pot it can easily jump out but as its a big bowl when the water came to a boil before the frog could get out it will die

    2. Sis, frog is a Poikilotherm. So, it was changing its body temperature according to that of the boiling water.
      Then, there was a point when the frog couldn’t maintain it’s body temperature according to the water; at that moment the frog realised that it can’t bear the high temperature.
      But it was already too late so the frog died..🙃🙃🙃🙃

    3. It applies to our real life also😉.
      There are times in our lives when we’ve to adjust ourselves according to the situation just like a Poikilotherm adjusts itself according to the environmental temperature.
      But there are many times in our lives where we must take appropriate action before it’s too late.😁😁😁😁

    4. Truer words have never been spoken…😇💯💯💯

    5. ❤💖❤

    6. This is the first thing that came into my mind and that’s the only reason I could think of 😅. This is absolutely right and logical.
      But sis… There it’s written that the frog tried hard to come out. But it died. That means the frog did try to come out, while alive…. But who am I contradict a perfectly logical and fine theory.😛😅

    7. Yeah Hermi sis..😂😂😂😂

    8. OMG such a thoughtful answer hermi sis!

    9. That’s Barbie sis’s answer 😅😁😛

    10. sorry i am not getting anything happening here! 🙂

  30. My phone about to die I will come back after some time 😇

    1. Ok chelli😅😅

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